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Answers to Questions Related to Filmora

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Dec 27, 22, updated Jul 22, 24

The success of a content creator depends on how he responds to the audience. A content creator should be able to answer all the questions asked in the comment section related to his content.

You Ask, We Answer is a series in which we answer the questions asked in the YouTube comment section. We’ve now gathered many of your questions. So, let us get started and answer your valuable and exciting question without further delay.

In this article
  1. Question 1: Text editing
  2. Question 2: Video editing skills
  3. Question 3: Audio quality improvement
  4. Question 4: About Filmora settings
  5. Question 5: Filmora purchase

Question 1: Text editing

can you add animated text for amv filmora

In Filmora, you do have texts that can be animated. It has more than 5,000+ text presets to spice up your video. You can head to the “Titles” tab, and put “3D text” into the searching section. Many stunning text presets will be shown.

Free Download
Free Download
titles from wondershare filmora

And you can also customize titles on your own. So, let us go ahead and show you how to do it.

Step1 Launch Wondershare Filmora on your Windows PC or Mac.

launch wondershare filmora

Step2 Select one text title from the “Titles” tab, and drag-n-drop the text title onto the timeline.

drag text to timeline

Step3 Double-click it. In the text editor and then click animation.

click on animation

Step4 Here you can choose a bunch of preset animations for your texts.

choose any preset animation

Another fantastic addition to Filmora is 3D plug-ins. You can also use NewBlue FX, which includes titler pro. These allow you to create your own text animation, even in 3D.

Question 2: Video editing skills

questions from audience

The best way to make a string disappear in your video is masking. Here is how you can use this feature to remove something from your clip. Follow the steps explained below.

Step1 Record the footage

First, record your shot from a slightly lower angle if the string is tied from above. Ensure the object to which the string is tied is not visible in the footage.

record your clip from a slightly lower angle

Remove the object and string from the shot and record the background for about 10 seconds.

record empty background
Step2 Video editing

Now, launch the video editing software Wondershare Filmora. Drag and drop your empty background clip on the first video track.

import clip with empty background

Now drag the other clip with the object and string on the second video track.

import clip with the object

Trim the clip to the duration of your choice. Double-click on your top clip, and then under the video tab, go into the mask and select or draw the mask shape you want.

choose and select the mask

Move the mask around until the string is in the mask box.

move the mask

Then in the mask tab, click on the invert mask option. You can play around with these tabs to clean up the mask to refine the shot.

clean up the mask

Now, play around with these tabs to clean up the mask to refine the shot. Finally, play your edited clip and see if it looks good.

play your edited clip

Export the clips to your computer.

export clip

Question 3: Audio quality improvement

questions from the audience

First of all, you need to purchase a good mic. A good mic can enhance the quality of your audio and make it much more transparent. But sometimes there is too much background noise, and you cannot control it. So I will show you how to reduce background noise step by step using Wondershare Filmora.

Steps for reducing background noise

Step1 Launch Wonderhsare Filmora and import your clip into it.

launch filmora and import clip

Step2 Double-click the clip you want to denoise. And click the audio at the top.

click audio at the top

Step3 Now select the denoise button and choose between weak, medium, and strong intensity to remove background noises.

select denoise button

You can also use the equalizer to remove background noises and improve your audio manually. The steps you have to follow are given below.

  • Follow the same steps as explained above till step 3.
  • Choose the customize option.
choose the customise option

The first three dials of the equalizer usually control the bass, and these dials are mainly used to remove any background noise. The dials in the middle control the mid-tones. Finally, the last dials control the high pitch sounds.

first three dials

Step4 Start moving dials up and down and find the right balance for your clip.

find the right balance for your clip

Step5 Find the spot where your clip sounds the best and relisten to your clip.

find the best spot and relisten

Step6 Export your clip, and you will notice a major difference in the audio quality after editing.

export clip

Question 4: About Filmora settings

questions from audience

It is a great question. You might have noticed a crown icon next to some features in Filmora. It is for specific editing features accessible to users only with a Filmora license.

These features include 4K video export, keyframing, speed ramping, and many more. Purchase a Filmora license from their official website and enjoy these beautiful features.

Question 5: Filmora purchase

will next versions of filmora be valid on the lifetime license

If you bought Filmora 9 lifetime license years ago, you can upgrade to Filmora X and use the same license. However, since Filmora X, there is no lifetime license anymore. Instead, a perpetual license is made for a specific version of Filmora. It includes minor updates continually with payment of a single fee, but for major upgrades, like Filmora 11 to Filmora 12, there will be an additional fee. Therefore, the answer is no.

Final Words

We are done with our questions. I tried to answer every question in the best possible way. However, we are asked many questions and cannot answer all of them. So, we chose the most frequently asked questions.

We hope you have found the answer to your question. If you still have any queries, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Jul 22, 24
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