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Ultimate Guide to Convert SRT to TXT in Minutes

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 09, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

“Hi, I just downloaded the SRT subtitles file of a video, but I want to convert it to text. Is there any way I can convert SRT to TXT?”

Several techniques can always come in handy when the need to convert SRT to TXT occurs. Perhaps you're looking to convert SRT to TXT to make the SRT file accessible for editing or just for other reasons. Regardless of why you need to convert SRT to TXT, the good news is it's possible to convert SRT to TXT.

In today’s post, we would walk you through all possible methods to convert SRT to TXT seamlessly even without having technical knowledge.

In this article
    1. Solution 1: Convert SRT to TXT with Online Tool
    2. Stepwise Guide to Convert SRT to TXT with Online Tool
    3. Solution 2: Convert SRT to TXT with Desktop Converter
    4. Stepwise Guide to Convert SRT to TXT with Desktop Converter (Aeigsub)
    1. Solution 1: Convert .srt to .txt with Timestamps Using Tool Slick
    2. Solution 2: Convert .srt to .txt with Timestamps by Opening File in Different Application
  1. How to Edit SRT file before converting to Txt File

Part 1: How to Extract Text from SRT Subtitles Without Timestamps

Are you looking to convert SRT to TXT without timestamps? This is the exact solution for you. All you need is either an online tool or a desktop converter, and here, we would introduce you to the most reliable online cool and desktop converter to convert SRT to TXT without compromising the quality of your SRT file.

Solution 1: Convert SRT to TXT with Online Tool


ebbyco online converter is one of the few reliable online tools that do SRT to TXT conversion efficiently. It's a free online converter that supports the conversion of SRT to TXT, and its simple interface makes it easy to use by any user including non-tech savvy.

  • Share converted files to social media platforms
  • It's easy to operate
  • It doesn't require download or installation of software
  • Requires stable internet connection
  • It's not reliable for batch conversion of SRT to TXT

2. Happy Scribe

happy scribe online converter

Another effective online tool for converting .srt to .txt is Happy Scribe. It’s a transcription and Subtitle online tool that facilitates conversion of SRT to TXT on Windows or Mac without software installation. Besides, with this online tool, you cannot just convert SRT to TXT but also edit SRT and add SRT to video files within a few clicks.

  • It doesn’t require installation of third-party software
  • It can be used on and device, be it phone or PCs
  • Users don’t require technical knowledge to navigate around the interface of the tool
  • You have to create an account to be able to use the online tool
  • Your internet connection must be stable for the tool to work smoothly
  • It’s not 100% free

3. Rev

rev online converter

Rev is an online tool used by lots of users to perform different types of subtitles operations like adding subtitles to videos, editing, audio trimming, converting, and doing lots more. The online tool is very efficient for converting SRT to TXT and a variety of subtitle formats including VTT, TTML, SCC, and many other popular formats.

  • It's easy to operate
  • It's 100% free to use
  • It's quick for converting subtitle files into different formats
  • It relies on a stable internet connection to function properly
  • Output quality sometimes is poor

Now you're familiar with online tools you can utilize to convert SRT to TXT, let’s learn the steps to convert SRT to TXT online.

Stepwise Guide to Convert SRT to TXT with Online Tool

We are here to take as an example showing you how to use an online tool to make srt-to-txt conversion.

Step1 Open SRT to TXT converter

Step2 Use the ‘Browse’ button to choose the SRT file that you want to convert.

Step3 Select the output format as ‘TXT’.

select output format as txt

Step4 Hit the ‘Convert’ button to convert SRT to TXT. This will take only a few minutes. Afterward, you can upload the converted file to your device or share it on social media platforms.

Solution 2: Convert SRT to TXT with Desktop Converter

Another reliable way to convert SRT to TXT is by using desktop converters like Aegisub, Subtitle Edit, or Subtitle Workshop. Here, we've outlined different desktop converters that performs SRT to TXT conversion work efficiently.

1. Aegisub

aeigsub desktop converter

Aegisub is a free Windows/Mac SRT to TXT converter tool that allows users to not just convert SRT to TXT, but also create and edit subtitles for video files. This solution is effective for anyone, especially those converting for learning use, as it'll be good for the long run.

  • It's supported on all PCs be it Mac, Windows, or Linux
  • It has a good display soundtrack
  • It does not show subtitle reading speed
  • The tool doesn't space subtitles automatically

2. Subtitle Edit

Subtitle Edit is another excellent converter for desktops used by lots of folks for synchronizing subtitles into videos, and it's supported on only Windows computers.

The tool is not only limited to converting SRT to TXT but can also be used to make modifications on video subtitles. Besides, it supports a multilingual captions editor, making it a great option to edit subtitles in different languages.

subtitle edit
  • It supports auto-translation via Google Translate
  • Support subtitle creation, syncing, editing, etc
  • Convert SRT to TXT concisely
  • It's compatible with only a few media players

3. Subtitle Workshop

subtitle workshop

Subtitle Workshop is an ideal desktop software that is efficient for converting, creating, and editing subtitle files in different formats without stress. The software comes with an integrated video player that allows customizable subtitles preview, and it has a clean user interface that makes navigation smooth and concise.

  • Support over 60 different types of subtitle formats
  • Allows customization of shortcuts
  • Easily edit SRT subtitle text, color tags, check spellings, and do lots more
  • It can be quite confusing to use for newbies

Stepwise Guide to Convert SRT to TXT with Desktop Converter (Aeigsub)

The concrete steps to .srt to .txt format conversion using a converter on desktop are basically similar for different software. The following guide we present Aegisub as an example for you to refer.

Step1 Open the Aegisub desktop converter on your computer. Then, navigate to File menu and select Open Subtitles to upload the SRT file that you want to convert.

Step2 Edit the SRT file using the available editing tools if needed.

edit srt file

Afterward, click “File” > select Export Subtitles, choose a filter, and select encoding options that suit your requirements.

Step3 Finally, click the “Export” button and select “Text” as the output format, then click on Save to complete the action. After that, press the Export button and choose Plain Text as the output format.

Part 2: How to convert .srt to txt with Timestamps

Now that we know the steps to convert .srt to .txt without timestamp, let's proceed to learn how to convert SRT to TXT together with its timestamp. To perform this kind of operation, an online tool like Toolslick can come in handy to perform the operation.

Solution 1: Convert .srt to .txt with Timestamps Using Tool Slick

Also, some tools come to help here. All you just have to do is to follow the steps below to complete the action.

Step1 Visit Tool Slick website and use the “Upload” button to add the SRT file. You can also copy and paste the content of the SRT file.

visit tool slick website

Step2 Click the “Convert” button to begin the SRT to TXT conversion.

click on convert button

Step3 Once the conversion is complete, download the file output or just copy and paste the text to a word file on your PC.

Solution 2: Convert .srt to .txt with Timestamps by Opening File in Different Application

However, if you are concerned that an online site might give you a virus on your computer, you can convert SRT files to TXT with timestamps by opening the file in a different application on your PC. By doing this, your SRT subtitle timestamp won't be compromised, and you don’t need to use any third-party tools to help.

The process of using this method to convert SRT to TXT with timestamps is explained below;

Step1 Open ‘File Explorer’ on your PC and locate the SRT file that you want to convert to TXT.

Step2 Right-click on the ‘SRT’ file and select ‘Open file in a different application from the pop-up list, then select ‘Notepad’.

select notepad

Step3 The SRT file will be opened in Notepad. Afterward, save it as .txt format on your PC to complete the operation.

save srt file as txt format

Part 3: How to Edit SRT file before converting to Txt File

Most people's intention to convert SRT to TXT is to edit the SRT subtitle. But do you know you can edit SRT files without having to convert to TXT? All you need is the Wondershare Filmora software.

Available on Mac & Windows computers, Filmora is an advanced but simple-to-use software that allows editing of subtitle files without hassles. It's fast, efficient, and doesn't compromise file quality. Plus, it supports a plethora of tools that can not only come in handy for editing SRT but for also creating SRT with video and doing lots more.

With Filmora, you can edit different aspects of your SRT file ranging from time code to changing subtitles, and performing many other operations including advanced editing. All you need is just a few clicks!

Free Download
Free Download

Step1 Download the Wondershare Filmora software and start the program on your PC.

Step2 Drag-n-drop the SRT file to the software interface or Click on Import and upload the SRT file that you want to edit from your PC.

drag and drop srt file

Step3 Drag-n-drop SRT file in the timeline > Right-click the SRT subtitle and select “Advanced Edit”.

select advanced edit

Step4 Now edit the SRT file according to your requirements, including fonts, color, shadow, etc.

edit srt file according to requirements

Step5 After the editing is completed, right-click on the SRT file in the Timeline, then click ‘Export Subtitle File’ and save the file to a preferred location.

right click on srt file

Final Words

To convert .srt to .txt is not difficult. Honestly, it's something even a tech illiterate can do without hassles. Just as explained I. the article above, you can convert SRT to TXT with timestamp or without timestamp using an online converter or desktop converter.

Regardless of what SRT to TXT conversion method you intend to use, all you just need is to follow the steps outlined correctly. However, if you're looking to edit your SRT file without converting SRT to TXT, the best and most trustworthy tool to help you carry out such a task is Wondershare Filmora.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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