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Full Guide to Adobe Cloud Storage and Best Alternatives [2024]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 29, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

With your Creative Cloud account, your cloud storage can synchronize your files, folders, Creative Cloud Libraries, and assets across your connected devices. You will upload all files currently accessible inside your Creative Cloud Files folder to the Creative Cloud website at the appropriate time. Similarly, uploading a file to the Creative Cloud website's Synced files area or a mobile app will synchronize that file to the Creative Cloud Files folder on your computer's desktop.

Adobe creative cloud storage is the best option for remote workers who need to exchange data with co-workers. However, many cloud storage providers offer a free trial and various affordable and pricey tiers. Here is a guide on Adobe cloud storage and how it helps save device space.

adobe creative cloud
In this article
  1. Introduction to Adobe Cloud Storage
  2. How to use Adobe Creative Cloud
    1. Wondershare Drive
    2. Vimeo
    3. iDrive
  3. FAQs

Part 1: Introduction to Adobe Cloud Storage

The Adobe Creative Cloud, sometimes called Adobe CC or the Adobe Cloud, is a vast array of Adobe desktop programs and mobile apps gathered under one roof. Adobe CC can be purchased and kept up to date with a monthly subscription service. A membership to Adobe CC comes with more than 20 fully functional products.

Teams working remotely or in an office can efficiently collaborate on creative projects thanks to Abode Cloud Storage. For photography, design, video, UX, the web, and other areas, Adobe Creative Cloud storage services give users access to more than 30 desktop and mobile apps and services. Integrating their favorite productivity applications will streamline workflows and keep teams fully in sync, no matter the scale of the project. By keeping creative assets in Creative Cloud Libraries, teams can maintain brand consistency while maintaining processes' efficiency.

adobe creative cloud


  • The subscription plan covers 20 creative apps.
  • Unleash the creative and collaborative potential.
  • You can produce shareable pictures, movies, and other content with Adobe Express and Photoshop Express.
  • Create social media posts using the suggested fonts and colors, schedule, and share them.
  • Adjust designs for various screens
  • Access to 100GB of cloud storage.

Adobe Cloud Storage Pricing Plan for 1TB per user:

For Individual:

  • All Apps: US$34,49/month

For Business:

  • All Apps: US$91,99/month
  • Single US$39,09/month

Part 2: How to use Adobe Creative Cloud

To use Adobe creative cloud storage, you must sign in and explore the other features embedded in this app.

Step1 Launch Adobe Cloud.

Download and Install Adobe creative cloud on your desktop from the Creative Cloud website.

Step2 Login to Adobe Account.

Use your email ID and password to log in at Use your Facebook, Google, or Apple account to sign in if you created your Adobe account using one of your social accounts. Make sure to log in with the account you used to register.

sign in
Step3 Manage the Account.

You may check and manage your account information after logging in.

manage account
Step4 Open Apps You Need.

Launch the desktop software for Creative Cloud. Then choose the icon on the macOS menu bar or the Windows taskbar.

Scroll to the desired app in the Apps menu.

adobe creative cloud

There you go. You can use your Adobe storage app now.

Part 3: Best Alternatives to Adobe Creative Cloud

If you cannot access Adobe creative cloud or you can’t afford Adobe cloud storage pricing, you can go ahead to make do with the alternatives listed below.

1. Wondershare Drive

wondershare drive

Wondershare Drive is an excellent alternative to Adobe cloud storage for writers and content producers. Photos, videos, files, and other contents can be stored and shared without the risk of device restriction. The most important feature allows you to edit videos by uploading the project created in Filmora to Wondershare Drive.


  • Store and share files or folders on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.
  • Access to files is secure and encrypted.
  • The storage process is simple with one click.
pricing plan

Pricing Plan:

Gold Member $4.99/Month for 20GB

Platinum Member $9.99/Month for 100GB

Diamond Member $19.99/Month for 1 TB

2. Vimeo


Easily view, upload, and share videos on the video-sharing website Vimeo.

Users can choose between using Vimeo's free service or a variety of premium options designed to give organizations more control over how their movies are shown online. Vimeo members can use various creative tools for free to edit videos, add music, and access content with a Creative Commons license. Additionally, Vimeo offers users a video school where they may learn how to produce videos better for long-term financial or personal advantage.


  • It provides easy management and storage of video files.
  • Support teamwork and post-production for workflow.
  • Commercialization and marketing.
  • Excellent live streaming.
wondershare drive

Pricing Plan for 2TB bandwidth/month:

Starter $12/Month

Standard $35/Month

Advanced $55/Month

Enterprise – customizable plan



iDrive is another superb Adobe storage alternative advertised as an online backup service compared to cloud storage because its goal is to keep your information secure rather than make it accessible and shareable. Despite this, it still supports strong syncing, and some of the collaboration features that cloud storage providers provide. Like Dropbox, it employs quick block-level synchronization to continuously sync all of your files across an infinite number of devices, including network drives. Additionally, it maintains up to 30 earlier versions of each file indefinitely, letting you access older work if necessary.


  • Easily backup up a physical drive
  • Encryption from end to end
  • Provides different options for transferring files
  • Easily sync folders
idrive price plan

Pricing Plan:

Mini $3.71/1st year for 100 GB

Personal $59.62/1st year for 5TB

Team $74.62/1st year for 5 TB and 5 computers/5 users

Business $74.62/1st year for 250GB, unlimited users.

Part 4: Conclusion and FAQ

1. Is Adobe Creative Cloud free to use?

Adobe Creative Cloud storage includes free beginning versions of Adobe Fresco, Premiere Rush, and XD subscription, along with the Adobe Express plan and mobile apps. You can add Single App plans anytime or sign up for the Creative Cloud All Apps plan.

2. What is Creative Cloud used for?

Adobe Creative Cloud helps you bring your creative projects to life in photography, graphic design, video editing, UX design, sketching & painting, social media, and more.

3. What is the Creative Cloud All Apps plan?

More than 20 creative apps, including Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, InDesign, and Audition, are a part of the Creative Cloud All Apps subscription plan.

4. Do you need an internet connection to use Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app?

No. However, your computer must have the software to use the desktop apps in Adobe Creative Cloud storage, such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Consequently, you can utilize them without a constant Internet connection.

The initial installation and licensing of your apps both require an Internet connection. Every 30 days, the desktop programs attempt to verify your software licenses.

5. Can I put my Adobe application on a different computer?

You can install your Adobe cloud storage software on multiple computers and sign in (activate) on two of them but use it on only one device at a time with your license.


In short, cloud storage is an online safe place to store and share files remotely. With Adobe cloud storage, one can easily achieve a good workflow between team members and remote workers. This exceptional Adobe cloud storage pricing is affordable and gives users access to 100GB of storage space with support for up to 20 creative apps. Besides, you can try out any of the alternatives listed, like Wondershare Drive, as a cheaper but the best alternative. So, test your creativity on creative apps with Adobe storage and others and ensure your content is safe.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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