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15 Best Cine LUTs for Gopro Action Cam

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison Originally published May 18, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Nowadays, the LUTs are designed for the footage captured on specific camera types. In this article, you will learn about the GoPro LUTs that target the recordings from the GoPro action camera. The LUTs are built with unique settings to enhance the media files captured from the GoPro camera.

These video effects enhance the overall outlook of the videos and reveal every detail in the content optimally. Moreover, the LUTs are compatible on any platform hassle-free to apply them to relevant recordings using sophisticated video editors. In the below discussion, you will find exclusive collections of LUTs for GoPro camera captures. Choose the ones that match your needs without distorting the original content.

GoPro LUTs
GoPro LUTs
In this article
  1. Brief introduction of GoPro action cam
  2. Why we need to use LUTs for Images/videos shot by GoPro
  3. 15 Best Cine LUTS for Gopro

Brief introduction of GoPro action cam

Do you know about the GoPro action camera, and how is it different from another DSLR camera?

The GoPro camera is from an American Native company. Nick Woodman is the mastermind for this camera design. The best feature is its shape and size and its compact nature enables you to carry it anywhere you travel. Use this camera to capture your adventurous journey and make a click event when you surf on water bodies. This camera model is waterproof and precisely clicks the actionable moments in no time.

The unique feature of this camera is that the image or video records with the utmost clarity even if you are not in the still position when you make the clicks. The mounting options are admirable and give you ample ways to place the camera anywhere.

GoPro LUTs
GoPro Action Cam

Why we need to use LUTs for Images/videos shot by GoPro

There is a need for additional effects to enhance the underlying beauty in the photos or images. You require some triggers to uplift the hidden flavors in the captured content. When you make clicks on the GoPro camera, while capturing the actionable moments, the GoPro LUTs increase the clarity of every detail in the existing content. These LUTs work on the image or video parameters and ensure they are in optimal values to increase the visibility of the content.

Quickly view the different type of exclusive GoPro LUTs that develops unique effects on the captured content.

15 Best Cine LUTS for Gopro

Every LUT is unique and gives amazing video effects on the screen. They are compatible with most video editors, and it is enough if you download them and apply them hassle-free.

1. GoPro LUTs

Price: $4.99

It is an exclusive LUTs that brings you the best effects on the captured content. The optimal values of brightness, saturation, hue and contrast are assigned, and there are controls to adjust the color gradients concerning the content.

GoPro LUTs
GoPro LUTs

2. GoPro Hero LUT

Price: $6

In this GoPro Hero LUTs, you can add special effects to the video track by working on every move in the file to retain the clarity parameters. This edit makes the objects in the photo or video precisely visible. The unwanted details hide to avoid distortions and noise in the media files.

GoPro Hero LUTs
GoPro Hero LUTs

3. Action day

Price: Free

It is high time to add some flavors to the expressions you make during the clicks. Enhance the emotions on the media files using these LUTs. It increases the visibility of your joy in the image or video and conveys a better message to the viewers.

GoPro LUTs - Action Day
Action Day

4. Shadow Tone

Price: Free

The shadow tone LUTs offers a unique touch to the existing content. It works on the brightness and color gradients to enhance the overall looks of the captured media files.

GoPro LUTs - Shadow Tone
Shadow Tone

5. Aura

Price: Free

In this Aura, spiritual effects are visible on the photo and video objects. It gives you realistic views and brings scenic outcomes on your casual clicks.

GoPro LUTs - Aura

6. Contrast

Price: Free

Here the contrast attributes are adjusted in pace with the recorded content. The clarity of the images and videos is retained to increase visibility.

GoPro LUTs - Contrast

7. Soft Purple

Price: Free

Special attention is given to the purple shades in the footage. The color grading is performed focusing on the purple color. You will obtain a unique result using this LUT.

GoPro LUTs - Soft Purple

8. High Tide

Price: Free

Even the blurred content in the image or video boosts the clarity using these video effects. It removes the unwanted distractions in the footage by fading it out and enhancing the overall looks of the recordings.

GoPro LUTs - High Tide
High Tide

9. Night Vision

Price: Free

Like the Night mode in your PCs that convert your photos or videos sensitive to your eyes. In the same tone, the Night-vision modifies the contrast and brightness values to obtain a soft texture of the original content. With the help of these Night Vision LUTs, you can enjoy smooth and soft color textures on your videos or photos.

GoPro LUTs - Night Vision
Night Vision

10. Purple Tint

Price: Free

In this LUT, milder shadow effects are implemented to bring out the best in the content. Here, you can find exact color-matched with the source to get real photos and videos. The visibility of the road surface seems to be more realistic in the below click after applying this Purple Tint LUT.

GoPro LUTs - Purple Tint
Purple Tint

11. Cold Shadows

Price: Free

The brightness of the background and the image elements is increased to optimal levels to improve the visibility parameters. The footage will be more clear using this video effect.

GoPro LUTs - Cold Shadows
Cold Shadows

12. Cinematic

Price: Free

If you want to convert the content as film-like footage, then switch to this filter. In this video effect, every detail in the content is focused and adds more clarity overall. Many film lovers opt for this filter to create an impressive impact on the whole timeline. In the below photo, you can witness the differences between the flower's clarity and its visibility. The essence of nature is revealed in this cinematic LUTs effects on the footage.

GoPro LUTs - Cinematic

13. Soft Beige

Price: Free

It is a color grading LUTs, where the beige shades are applied soft and mild on the recordings. The photos and videos displaying this beige color look unique when applied to this filter effect. The footage gets a different beige touch and appears good. In the below footage, you can find the beige impact on the edited photo. The background and the image element contain the beige shade in an optimal value that increases the clarity of the content.

GoPro LUTs - Soft Beige
Soft Beige

14. Tinted Shades

Price: Free

Here special care is given to the contrast values, and the video effects are overwhelming if the footage is captured in long shots. The photos and videos look great and offer stunning outcomes when applied with these tinted shades. Shadowy effects are witnessed in this LUTs effect.

GoPro LUTs - Tinted Shades
Tinted Shades

15. Retro Matte

Price: Free

Here the combination of two features is feasible with this filter effect. The matte and retro attributes impact the footage. Further, it converts the recordings to a retro pattern and ensures every element has a matte finish. This LUT serves for dual purpose, and you can enjoy these two effects in a single LUT pack.

GoPro LUTs - Retro Matte
Retro Matte
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Thus, the above discussion gave you some idea about the GoPro LUTs. You must be clear about the GoPro action cameras and their related usage in detail. After the recordings, you need special video effects to increase the visibility of the image elements.

Use the above discussed GoPro LUTs to enhance the overall look. Connect with the perfect LUTs to create better footage for your needs. Stay tuned to this article to discover the best ways to edit the recorded GoPro content using the correct video effects. Select a reliable sophisticated video editor interface to make necessary changes to the footage.

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison Mar 27, 24
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