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How to Listen to Podcasts on Your iPhone

Marion Dubois
Marion Dubois Originally published Apr 14, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Are podcasts more captivating to you than written editorials? Or do you want to listen to spoken discussions about your odd interests? With a top-notch podcast app, your iPhone is itself a fantastic podcast tool.

Continue reading this article until the end for more information about choosing the best podcasting app for your iPhone and also how to start a podcast on Spotify. Let's get started with a guide on searching, downloading, and listening to podcasts on iPhone.

In this article
  1. How To Find, Listen to and Download Podcasts on the iPhone?
  2. How To Listen to Podcasts on iPhone Without Using Data
  3. Why Can't I Play a Podcast on My iPhone?
  4. Alternative Podcast Apps You Can Use on iPhone
  5. Hot FAQs on Listening to a Podcast on iPhone

How To Find, Listen to and Download Podcasts on the iPhone?

While podcasts are an excellent method to learn about topics that interest you, data show that 48% of people who don't listen to podcasts don't know how to. We've assembled a guide to help you search, listen to, and download podcasts on your iPhone.

On your iPhone, open the Apple Podcasts app. Download it if you don't already have it. After launching the application, look for the "Browse" button on the toolbar at the bottom. You may find out what's hot or featured across several categories. Another option to find a podcast is to type its name into the "search" section.

search and browse option in apple podcast app

When the results appear, tap on your chosen item to view more details. A summary of the podcast's topic, ratings, genre, and other information is included in the additional details. The most recent episode of that podcast should be the one that appears at the top. Earlier episodes can be listened to by scrolling down and selecting the one you want to hear.

You can choose to subscribe or unfollow the podcast you're listening to. By subscribing to a podcast, you can stay updated on new content and forthcoming episodes.

unfollow option in apple podcast app

You can use the following controls while playing podcasts in the Apple podcast app.

Controls Description
Play Play
Pause Pause
Jump back 15 seconds Jump back 15 seconds
Jump forward 30 seconds Jump forward 30 seconds
Choose playback speed for podcasts Choose playback speed for podcasts
Stream podcast audio to other devices Stream podcast audio to other devices
Choose more actions regarding the podcast episode Choose more actions regarding the podcast episode
Set a timer to stop playing Podcasts Set a timer to stop playing Podcasts

How To Listen to Podcasts on iPhone Without Using Data

To listen to podcasts on your iPhone without using data you have to download the episode beforehand. To download the podcast episode, you can follow the guide below.

  1. Tap the three-dot menu icon, choose "Download," and then choose the podcast episode you want to download.
  2. A downward-pointing arrow icon will show up under the episode title after the download is completed.
  3. Downloaded podcast episodes will show up in the "Downloads" section of the Library when you're not connected to data.
download podcasts on iphone

Why Can't I Play a Podcast on My iPhone?

If your iPhone is not playing podcasts, there's usually a problem with downloading or syncing the podcast with other devices.

There are several reasons why this process can be interrupted or unavailable. For example, an unstable Internet connection or any issue with the podcast servers. Another reason for the podcast not playing could be a bug or a misconfiguration of the podcast app. The Apple Podcasts app doesn't provide many error warnings. It is uncommon and can be challenging to debug.

Fixes for Apple Podcast App Issues

To fix the Apple podcast app not playing issues, you should follow these steps according to the problem that is causing errors in playing podcasts.

  1. On your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, check the volume. Make sure the volume isn't muted and is loud enough.
  2. Relaunch the Apple Podcasts app. You can swipe up and close an app while multitasking on an iPhone or iPad. Mac users can quit the application by right-clicking on the dock icon and choosing Quit. When you reopen the app, try hearing the podcast once more.
  3. Ensure the appropriate audio output is chosen.
  4. Redownload the podcast after erasing it from your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. When downloaded, files can sometimes become corrupt.
  5. Verify the quality of your Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.
  6. Restart your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Giving your device a new start may resolve a persistent glitch or connection issue.

Alternative Podcast Apps You Can Use on iPhone

Apple podcasts are one of many ways to listen to podcasts on your iPhone. Here are some alternatives podcasts apps you can use on your iPhone to listen to podcasts.


Spotify is the ideal option for audiophiles because of its features and enormous music and podcast library. If commercials don't bother you, you can use it for free; however, if you want more features and access, you can upgrade to Spotify Premium.

You can search by both podcast and episode to make it easier to discover something new. You can create your shareable playlists to always have your favorite songs available.

Offline listening allows you to continue listening even if your Internet connection is lost. Spotify may be accessed on a tablet, phone, or computer, depending on your membership.

user interface of spotify


  • It is compatible with your Apple Watch to give you easier access on the go.
  • Video Podcasts are also available.
  • You can listen to offline podcasts even if you don't have an internet connection.


Castro has a distinctive strategy regarding subscription management. You can queue or archive a show as new episodes are received. You may configure your favorite shows to queue automatically, so you never miss them.

You can send any episode to your Apple Watch via Castro, and the watch will play it independently. You can stream it without using the iPhone if your Apple Watch has LTE. You have access to the majority of features in the free version. A plus edition with an annual subscription is also available; it has more features and regular upgrades. Overall, Castro's user interface is easy to use and well-executed.

user interface of castro


  • You can import MP3 files via iCloud Drive to your device.
  • The paid version unlocks additional features like trim silence in podcasts and enhanced voices.
  • Castro also offers night mode and custom app icons.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is a straightforward yet versatile podcast tool. It provides customized podcast suggestion lists to make finding new podcasts and episodes simple. You can easily manage your favorite podcasts and access a limitless library of recent and archived episodes, making it easier than ever to find what you're looking for.

There are other features to make viewing more accessible, such as the ability to adjust between a dark and light background and various viewing modes, including Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture. With the option to play between 0.5 and 3x, creating a playback queue to capture all your favorite moments is simple.

user interface of pocket casts


  • It is compatible with Android Auto and Apple Car Play.
  • It can automatically Trim silence to avoid extra elongation of the podcast.
  • Variable speed playback offers listening to podcasts at your comfortable playback speed.


Overcast is widespread due to its focus on detail and efficiency. Although the app is free, a premium edition is available for a small annual cost. Overcast is a media streaming service that prioritizes user preferences over business objectives.

With just one or two clicks, you can quickly and easily download your favorite podcasts and listen to them whenever you need to.

Smart playlists, voice boost, and the search engine are the three fundamental components that make Overcast user-focused. These elements also aid users in finding additional podcasts.

user interface of overcast


  • With Overcast's Smart Playlists function, the most recent episode of the shows you select is downloaded and added directly to the queue of your personalized playlists.
  • You can curate an audio library that updates itself with the help of an eye-catching color scheme and icon collection.
  • Voice Boost keeps the volume constant while separating the discourse from the surrounding noise.


Stitcher has been updated for the web, iOS, and Android platforms. It now features improved user control and navigation and a more streamlined look. You may enlist shows into your customized categories, view recently downloaded episodes alongside unfinished ones, and access all of your favorite podcasts in one place with My Podcasts.

You can arrange episodes by date or use filters to display only downloaded, unplayed, or liked episodes of a particular podcast. You can choose which show episodes should be downloaded automatically and how many episodes you wish to store on your device. You may also adjust the playback speed using the slider control.

user interface of stitcher


  • You can control the playback speed of podcasts using the slider control.
  • You may select shows you want to download directly on your device
  • Customized categories according to date and other filters.

Hot FAQs on Listening to a Podcast on iPhone

These are some commonly asked questions about podcasts on the iPhone.

1.Why does the Apple Podcasts app take so long to load?

Ensure you have a reliable internet connection if you have issues or delays downloading shows via the Apple Podcasts App. Streaming music or video apps should be closed along with other programs utilizing a lot of data.

2.What causes the Apple Podcasts app to drain the battery so quickly?

You may use more battery if you stream all of your episodes through the app due to the ongoing requirement for an online connection. To save data and battery, consider downloading podcasts.

3.Can we listen to podcasts without Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can listen to podcasts offline without Wi-Fi. To listen to podcasts without Wi-Fi, Find the podcast by searching for it and downloading it on a good data connection.

Final Words

The majority of listeners of podcasts will agree that podcasts mostly outperform reading. These apps mentioned above are highly recommended, regardless of whether you currently listen to podcasts or are just starting. For podcasts, music, and audiobooks, Spotify is our top recommendation.

Marion Dubois
Marion Dubois Mar 27, 24
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