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Best Backgrounds for Live Streaming

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 15, 22, updated Apr 26, 24

Today's article will be very informative for those who want to choose the best background for their live streams. As we all know, the first thing a viewer sees when entering a live stream is the background. Therefore, picking a suitable background for these is extremely important.

Moreover, an attractive and suitable background also helps you to make your live stream environment the best. So now the question that may arise in your mind is how you guys choose the best background for your live stream and make their environment outstanding. Let us answer this question sincerely in the following.

In this article
  1. 4 tips to help you choose a live-streaming background
    1. Freepik
    2. Pngtree
    4. Pixabay
    5. XSplit VCam
  2. Bonus Tips: How to create your own animated live stream background?
  3. FAQs about Live Stream Backgrounds

Part I. 4 tips to help you choose a live-streaming background

1. Pure color background

You can choose any clean and solid color wall, curtain, or wallpaper as a background for your live stream. But make sure that it is neat enough and has a broad field of vision. Moreover, there is no exposure to it.

It will be best to choose one that can easily match any color. But remember, do not use pure white backgrounds as they are too reflective, which is not suitable for the vision of your stream as it affects the highlight of the streamer and the products very much.

pure color background

2. Neatly organized shelves

Another way is to choose well-organized and clean shelves as a background. For example, you can set a bookshelf as your background if you have to join some live business meetings or academic sessions.

Even if you are a seller showcasing his products during a live stream, you can select this type of background by placing the products you will introduce on any clean shelf. It will help you to make the viewer experience much better.

neatly organized shelves

3. The real scene with warm decoration

The realistic scenes with warm decorations can also be a beautiful background for your streams. They make your relationship with the viewers much more friendly and familiar. In other words, they give your stream a natural look, which fascinates the viewers very much.

One thing you guys should never forget is that you have to decorate the scene according to your stream category and characteristics. But not too many decorations are needed as it is much better if it looks natural.

the real scene with warm decoration

4. Virtual backgrounds

This is the best option for gamers and technology streamers. Using this feature, you can change your background anytime with any beautiful wallpaper or image you want. They can give your viewers a better visual appearance and a trustful impression. That is why live streams are also very important for large businesses.

Also, there are two kinds of virtual backgrounds. The first is a static image in which you can directly upload the wallpaper you want. The second option is the green screen, which is preferable to the latter. Because it allows you to use much more appealing and awesome backgrounds in your stream, as well as more accurate image matting.

virtual backgrounds

Part II. 5 tools to inspire your ideas of live streaming background

1. Freepik

freepik live streaming background

Freepik is an online graphics providing platform having its production as well. Using this platform, you can get almost all graphic materials, including images, illustrations, vectors, etc. Here you can also get the static backgrounds for your live streams very quickly, as they are available in a large variety.

2. Pngtree

pngtree live streaming background

Pngtree is also an online platform where you will get png images, vectors, backgrounds, etc. It is another option to get the best static live-stream backgrounds in any size and niche, as it also has a great variety of these.


pixabay live streaming background is one of the best platforms from where you can get 2D and 3D animated video loops. You can use these loops as animated backgrounds for your live streams to fascinate the interests of your viewers.

4. Pixabay

pixabay live streaming background

Pixabay is an online website to get stock-free media like photos, videos, illustrations, etc., which you can also use to get high-resolution animated backgrounds for your streams, as it has a large variety of animated video loops.

5. XSplit VCam

xsplit live streaming background

Another option is to use any webcam background-changing software like XSplit VCam. It allows you to change, remove or blur your webcam's background with or without a green screen. Using this software, you can easily change the background of your live streams while streaming.

Bonus Tips: How to create your own animated live stream background?

Now, even after these background ideas, if you are still unable to find a background of your choice. Then let us give you some bonus tips. That is how you can create animated backgrounds for your stream using Wondershare Filmora.

It is a powerful video editing software that allows you to edit your videos quickly and professionally, including many great features like keyframing, motion tracking, audio ducking, color correction, etc. To create your own animated live stream background using it, you can follow the steps described in the video below.

FAQs about Live Stream Backgrounds

1. What is live stream background?

A live stream background is a place that appears behind you during streaming. It can be real as well as virtual also. Choosing an excellent live-streaming background is essential for a good live stream.

2. How to pick a live stream background?

You can pick a background for your live stream by choosing one according to your characteristics and your stream's features. If you want a realistic background, make it as natural as possible, and if you want a virtual background, make it as attractive as possible.


So, in the end, today's article concludes that all the background ideas discussed here are the best, and you can quickly get the best backgrounds for your streams with their help. However, if you are still unable to do so, then you can create your animated background using Wondershare Filmora. We hope you guys have found it helpful.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Apr 26, 24
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