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How to overlay photos on computer (desktop & online)

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jul 29, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Often you may want to create your poster or a collage of photos, but at the same time, you want to do this without having to learn to use photo-retouching tools very complex, such as those provided by software such as Adobe Photoshop. And then, online programs could become very useful to overlay and merge images in a desktop version, without you having to download anything. Curious to discover these programs?

In this article
    1. Online Image Editor
    2. LunaPic
    3. IMGonline
    4. PicMonkey
    5. Phixr
    1. Wondershare Filmora
    2. FotoJet
    3. Photofunny
  1. Remove Background from an Image Online - Wondershare PixCut

Part 1. 5 ways to overlay photos online

1. Online Image Editor

Online Image Editor is a free online tool that makes the image overlay operation easy to do. Moreover, this website does not put any limit on the number of images or photos to be superimposed, even if the only way to do it is to overlap them one at a time, and not altogether. In practice, Online Image Editor works literally in layers, with the next image that overlaps with the previous one, and so on. To underline the fact that the images should not necessarily be superimposed, but also juxtaposed to one another on the same background, or rotated, or with various background effects such as shadows.

online image editor
  • The user interface is simple and friendly with numerous editing features
  • Images can be crafted in an excellent manner
  • Optimum and consistent performance is assured
  • Fotor offers a one-tap enhancement tool that spontaneously touches up normal images
  • Many distractive ads keep showing up
  • Special image editing background is required
  • Effects cannot be tweaked with Fotor
  • The font sizes cannot be changed in an independent manner
  • In the free version, many features and functionalities have been disabled

2. LunaPic

LunaPic is another free site to superimpose images online. As in the previous case, you can overlay multiple photos, but only one by one, using tools such as transparency control, the various effects of shade, and course the rotation. In addition, you can upload photos not only from your PC but also from social networks like Facebook or simply from Google Images. The main flaw, of Online Image Editor, is the impossibility of canceling the overlap of the first images: you can only delete the last one you added.

  • A great collection of features and editing tools are made available
  • The in-built collage maker has made the editor highly popular
  • Several fun features have been included
  • The user interface is intuitive
  • Unique designs can be created simply by dragging and dropping
  • The inbuilt collage maker offers ease of use
  • Bold fonts, mesmerizing background colors, and a host of original layouts included
  • Many nagging ads would keep popping up and would distract you
  • You cannot create your photo collage
  • Eraser tool is not included
  • Several of the listed features come for a price tag

3. IMGonline

IMGonline is a free platform very useful to superimpose images: while presenting the same limitations as previous sites, this platform has the merit of maintaining much of the quality of the photos, even in the case of PNG files. Also on this site, there are various transparency and shadow effects and, despite having the same defects as the others, it is more immediate and quicker to use.

  • You can carry out resizing or cropping of your images with ease
  • The package comes accompanied by a special collection of seasonal filters
  • Many pro features, touchups, frames, stickers, and alluring effects are included
  • It does not have an in-built library from where images can be chosen for learning editing
  • Other special effects and font types, more than what is available, can be included
  • The primary website of Ribbet lacks definitive or distinguishing features

4. PicMonkey

Even PicMonkey is an online editor that performs its duty, and it does so with simplicity and by following the standards of the other sites seen in our list. One of its major strengths is the drag & drop option and the ability to resize images simply by clicking with the mouse cursor on the corners. But the real gem of PicMonkey is another: unlike its competitors, this site will allow you to edit any image already overlaid, if you have not already merged. Finally, being an editor, you can also edit images with various effects.

  • Many artistic elements that are cool and easy to use are available
  • The output file's size can be customized
  • Images can be opened from or saved to different storage media with relative ease
  • You would find it extremely difficult to work on pictures greater than one at a time
  • Ads keep flashing which distracts and affects productivity
  • You can avail it for a lesser duration of 7 days only in trial mode

5. Phixr

Phixr is an excellent alternative to the sites seen previously: unlike the others, it allows you to upload multiple images in one shot, but you can't overlay them at the same time. As usual, you can change the transparency level, the shadows, the size, and the rotation. Unfortunately, every action you do will be irreversible, so this could bring you a lot of frustration: for this reason, our advice is to use it especially if you need to quickly overlay multiple images, without paying too much attention to the result.

  • Advanced range of image editing tools is available under one roof
  • Stellar performance can be achieved through different complexity levels
  • The interface is interactive and easy to work around
  • Offers editing features available in advanced software versions
  • Sometimes, special image editing background is needed to work with
  • The images can be resized using complex function
  • Downloads have to be periodically done in an extensive manner

Part 2. Best 3 programs for overlaying photos

1. Wondershare Filmora

To find powerful image or video overlay software, Filmora Video Editor will be your choice. This is an all-in-one video editor with a simple interface. So, whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can easily create a perfect video. This overlay photo editor offers plenty of overlay templates, including old, vintage photo overlays, as well as cute ones. Those overlays can be suitable for any picture you have.

This picture overlay app for PC also provides plenty of editing tools, no matter videos, or photos. You can drag and drop all the video and photo materials to the timeline, and edit them freely, such as rotate, cut, or crop them. In addition to those essential editing tools, it also offers many advanced tools, like the Green Screen editing tool.

Free Download
Free Download
wondershare filmora
  • Interface is intuitive and easy to navigate through
  • Many basic and advanced tools are included
  • Numerous collage layouts that are simple and original are included
  • You can preview results automatically when doing image edits
  • Edited images can be downloaded and shared
  • Cannot be saved as a separate image format
  • You need to purchase a license to export the version without watermark
  • Customized collage layout cannot be created

2. FotoJet

FotoJet is an online overlay editor that you can use this tool to overlay pictures online with ease and fun. This app provides various overlay styles, such as grunge, cute, montage, vintage overlay, old picture overlay, etc. You can add these pic overlays and make your pictures perfect and funny. And this software also provides kinds of free overlays to decorate your photos, and you need to launch this website and click some buttons to create a fantastic overlay picture.

  • Allow adding an overlay to pictures
  • Provide graphic design
  • Support plenty of picture editing tools
  • Some functions and effects need to pay for use
  • Need to according to an accord at first

3. Photofunny

Photofunny is a free online photo editor in which you can create fun effects and montages, photo frames, and more. This app provides a lot of photo edit functions that you can make for your picture. Especially the overlay function, using this function, you can easily blend two images onto one photo and add other effects, such as frames, stickers, and filters, to your photos.

  • Capable of adding an overlay to pictures
  • Offer collage photos function
  • Support online montages photos
  • Do not support overlay effects
  • Have too many ads

Remove Background from an Image Online - Wondershare PixCut

If you're looking for a quick way to remove the background, using an online background remover will be the right way to go. Wondershare PixCut is a dedicated background removing tool that'll help remove background from images online for free. It utilizes a smart-AI feature that automatically detects and deletes the background without affecting any foreground details.

Whether you're working on a portrait or an image with multiple subjects, PixCut will ensure to detect the edges precisely and only remove the background area. The tool supports multiple file formats, including JPG, JPEG, and PNG, which means you can upload any image and remove its background within seconds. Once the background is removed, you can easily save the transparent PNG version of the picture on your computer.

if you also don't want to go through too much hassle and need a quick solution to remove the background of an image, here's the detailed step-by-step process of using Wondershare PixCut to get the job done.

Step1Upload the picture file or its URL

Open any web browser on your PC and go to Wondershare PixCut. Click “Upload Image” to add the picture whose background you want to remove. You can also add a picture from the cloud by directly pasting its URL.

upload the picture file or url
Step2Wait for PixCut to finish removing the background

Once the picture gets uploaded, PixCut will automatically start detecting and removing the background. Don't worry. This will be a quick process, and it'll hardly take a few seconds to complete.

finish removing the background
Step3Download the HD image without background

After the process completes, you'll see the transparent image on the right side of the screen. Now, click “Download Free” or “Download HD” to save the picture on your PC. Keep in mind that if you choose the latter, you'll have to spend “One Credit” for every picture.

download the hd image


There are many overlay templates and styles to choose from in the above software and overlay downloading websites. They are also great stream overlay makers to help you create an advanced and awesome scene or overlay for free.

Free Download
Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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