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How to Use Zoom to Stream Facebook Live

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jul 19, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Zoom has become the most popular platform for online meetings and conferences. You can conduct interviews with popular personalities and organize online events. If you want your Facebook friends to watch your Zoom meeting live, you can connect Zoom on Facebook Live so that everyone can watch your interaction on Zoom in real-time.

If you have a Facebook page with a sizeable follower count and you post videos there regularly, you can post your Zoom session on Facebook Live. Your followers will love to watch your live videos on Zoom and such live sessions always get tractions. But you need to know how to connect Zoom on Facebook portal so that you can show your Zoom meeting on Facebook Live instantly.

In this article
  1. Enable Share of Video in Zoom
  2. Set up Zoom Call
  3. Set Up Facebook
  4. Start using Zoom on Facebook

Part 1. Enable Share of Video in Zoom

Under normal circumstances, sharing Zoom video on Facebook or any online platform is disabled. Therefore, your first step should be to enable share of video in Zoom to Facebook Live. Thereafter, you can start Zoom meeting and broadcast the session on Facebook Live so that everyone can watch it. Here are the steps on how to enable Zoom stream to Facebook Live.

Step1Open your web browser and visit the web portal of Zoom.

Step2Log into your Zoom account and click on My Account option.

Step3From the left menu, click on Settings option.

Step4Under Meeting tab, go to In Meeting (Advanced) option.

zoom in meeting advanced

Step5Locate “Allow livestreaming of meetings” and turn on Facebook option. Finally, click on Save Changes button.

Part 2. Set up Zoom Call

If you plan to stream your Zoom meeting on Facebook, it is better to schedule the meeting beforehand. Most importantly, make sure that you are the meeting host so that you can stream it live on Facebook. If someone else is organizing the meeting and you are made the host, make sure both of you have enabled share of video in Zoom. Here are the steps to set up Zoom call to get started.

Step1Sign into Zoom web portal and click on Meetings.

Step2Click on Schedule a Meeting and select the options as applicable.

schedule a meeting on zoom

Step3Click on Save to finish it off.

save schedule meeting setting

Step4When it is time to start the meeting, go to Meetings> Upcoming> and click on Start button against the scheduled meeting you want to begin.

start upcoming meeting zoom

Step5Once the meeting starts as per schedule and you are the host of the meeting, click on three-dot More icon at the bottom.

Step6From the different options, click on Live on Facebook option.

zoom live on facebook

Part 3. Set Up Facebook

By now you have started the Zoom meeting as per schedule and you have enabled Zoom session to share on Facebook Live. It is time to set up Facebook so that you can stream your Zoom meeting on your Facebook account perfectly. Here are the steps to follow in order to photo zoom for Facebook.

Step1When you click on Live on Facebook on Zoom, a pop-up will appear on your screen under the title “Go Live on Facebook”.

Step2You have to select where you want to share the live Zoom meeting on your Facebook account. It could be directly on your Timeline, any Group, any Event or your Page.

share on your timeline facebook

Step3Click on Next button and you will see a pop-up showing Zoom connecting to Facebook Live.

Part 4. Start using Zoom on Facebook

You have established the connection between Zoom and Facebook by now. It is time to stream Zoom meeting on Facebook Live. Once you do that, you can continue your Zoom meeting, and your meeting will be seen by your Facebook friends and followers. Viewers can write their comments, and you can read them instantly as well as later when you have time. Here are the steps to stream Zoom on Facebook Live.

Step1Once Zoom and Facebook connection is established, you will be asked to provide a title and a description.

There are several other useful options available such as change audience settings and content category, and much more. Select them as per your requirements.

Step2Finally, click on Go Live button. Thereafter, your Zoom meeting will be live on Facebook.

go live facebook option

Step3When you are done with your meeting, click on Red End button on Zoom to stop Zoom meeting as well as its broadcast on Facebook Live.


It is very usual these days to stream Zoom meeting on Facebook so that everyone can view it live. Connecting Zoom to Facebook is slightly complicated and we have simplified the steps so that you can stream Zoom meeting on Facebook conveniently. You need to active Facebook option on Zoom, schedule a meeting, start the meeting and connect with Facebook. Thereafter, Go live on Facebook and stop the meeting when you are done to disconnect Zoom and Facebook.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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