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10 Best Video Zoom Editor

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jul 28, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Video content has become one of the most versatile methods of spreading information as well as entertainment to the audience. Whether it's commercial or personal use, one would require video editing software to process the videos they want to be exported. One such function of video editing applications is to zoom in and pan videos for the users.

Often the users are required to produce a cropped section of the video as a final output for their projects. Sometimes the Zoom effect is used as a way of focusing on a particular subject by filmmakers. But the abundance of different video editing applications seems very overwhelming for users. In this article, we are going to discuss the best available zoom video editor application and how to zoom in video editing using those applications.

1. Filmora

The first application on the list of best zoom video editors is Filmora and it is very popular amongst users due to its fast and variable effect options. And when we are talking about zooming in a video editor, the users are allowed to zoom to their preferred part of the video screen and the editor supports 4K resolutions too. This means that if your imported video is in the highest quality settings, there won't be any loss in the quality of the exported project.

After you have used the zoom-in effect in the Filmora video editor, you can pan with the help of your mouse to highlight specific areas of the video. There is also support for video stabilization and multi-layer editing to boost the quality of output video. And these tools help in making the final output video smoother and clearer.

Free Download
Free Download

Here is a quick guide about how you can use it:

  • First, open the Filmora application and then import the video you want to edit for your project. After that, you will see a timeline of the video you are working on.
  • Select the video timeline where you want to zoom and click on the ""Pan and Zoom"" function that is available as option 4 in the top right corner of your screen.
  • There you can zoom in and out of the screen as per your preference and you can also pan from left to right or vice versa using your mouse. After that save the project and export it to your device.

2. VLC Media Player

Another popular zoom video editor that is available on multiple operating systems is the VLC media player. It is a standard media player that supports variable video formats but for advanced users, this application can turn into a video editing application. There are different frame rate supports as well as support for 4K resolution videos to produce crisp and clear output videos.

In the video zoom-in effect available inside the application, the users are available with choices to select a particular section of the screen to pan and zoom. This feature helps filmmakers with the ability to focus on specific subjects without much complication. And the pan effect provides a suitable transition from one frame to another with smooth and high-quality video output. Here is how you can use the zoom-in effect in the VLC media player:

  • First, open the VLC media player and import the video you want to edit. Now on the top of your screen, you will be able to see the tools section.
  • From the tools section navigate to ""effects and filters"" or you can use the ""Ctrl+E"" keys to directly access the effect.
  • Now click on the ""Video Effects"" tab and choose the ""Interactive Zoom"" checkbox. Then use the zoom-in video editor and save the project when you are done.

3. Openshot

If you are looking for a zoom out photo editor that helps you with your video editing needs but can also on cross-platforms such as Linux, Mac, or Windows, then Openshot is the best available choice. It has the support for most available audio, video, and image formats. And with this video zoom editor app, you can use its powerful curve-based interface for keyframe animations.

When working with zoom and pan effects in your video, you are allowed to add as many layers as you wish. This application also lets you resize and scale your videos as per your requirements. Another feature that sets it apart is the desktop integration support that allows users to drag and drop the timelines where they want to add effects. Here is how you can zoom in on videos in the Openshot interface:

  • First, select the clip that you want to apply the zoom effect and go to ""Video settings"". From there select ""Distort=Yes"" and change the height or width as per your requirements.
  • Then set the ""End of the clip"" and if you wish to animate between them, then you can set the beginning height or width with a smaller number.
  • Then apply the changes and export your video to the device.

4. Windows Movie Maker

One of the oldest video editors that have the feature for video editing zoom-in effect as well as video panning is the Windows Movie maker. Developed by the Microsoft team, this movie maker application has been through many important updates including the support for 1080p resolution videos and multi-layer video editing. The application is very compact and easy to use. The application also has the option for split-screen videos and support for exporting projects in multiple video formats.

The most imprint characteristic that sets this zoom video editor apart from other applications is its simple user interface. Almost any person with a little computer knowledge can use its design interface to import and zoom the section of the video they want. These are the steps you can follow to use zoom in video effect in Windows Movie Maker:

  • First import the videos you want to edit and then click on the ""Motion"" tab available between the ""Transitions"" and ""Music"" tabs.
  • Then select the timeline of the video where you want to add the effect and then right-click to select ""Motion (Zoom and Pan)"".
  • After that use the interactive effect interface to zoom in on videos and export them to your device.

5. VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC is another popular video editing application that is completely free to download and use. This application supports most of the available video or audio formats and codecs and it also has a feature for variable settings for output videos. And zoom and pan effects in this video editor are very smooth and clear.

The powerful chroma key can also be used with the zoom effect to add movie magic to subjects in the video or can be integrated with green screens. And since it supports high-resolution videos, the output projects produced with this video editor have very clean and amazing quality even after using crop tools and zoom effects. Here are the steps you can follow to use the VSDC editor:

  • After importing the video that you want to edit, take your mouse cursor to the point on the timeline where you want to add a zoom effect.
  • Navigate to ""Video Effects"" click on the ""Transformations"" tab and then select ""Crop"". Then drag the borderline of the layer created on the timeline to the left to the point up to where you want to add the zoom effect.
  • Then click on the ""Apply Effect"" option and save the video.

6. Movavi Video Editor

Most of the video editors that are available on the internet these days come with a lot of features. But what makes Movavi video editor different from the rest of the applications is the fact that it has the option to automatically create videos with keyframe animation support. And even if you are working with 4k resolution videos, the exporting process is really fast.

The video zoom and panning option in this application is really easy to use and is smooth. The cutting-edge algorithms used in Movavi video editor help in AI zoom options which automatically scale the scenes that are zoomed or cropped in videos. And the stabilization option produces a cinematic video when the effects are applied. Here is how you can use Movavi to create stunning videos:

  • First import the video you desire to edit and select the timeline where you want to add the zoom effect.
  • Then open the ""More Tools"" section from the interface and click the ""Pan and Zoom"" section. After that select the ""zoom"" icon and drag the video duration for which you want to apply the zoom effect.
  • Then after saving the keyframes, select the frame rate and resolution and export the video.

7. Flexclip

Another great video editing application that is available for free to its users is Flexclip. And it has options such as adding music, voiceovers, adding watermarks, and texts to the video. But the smooth interface that enables users to easily trim, crop, and export video is what makes this application incredible. When you are working with high-definition videos and you are using the zoom effect on the videos, you won't be facing any loss in the quality of the output video.

The application also has efficient algorithms that help the users with stabilizing the zoom video as well as maintaining the aspect ratio the same. If you want to use this application to use zoom or pan effect on your video clips, then here is how you can do it:

  • First, upload your videos to the application interface in the highest quality and click on the timeline option.
  • Then split your videos into more than three sections or clips with the ""cut"" tool. Then select the ""Zoom"" tool available on the menu and drag the slider from the right to scale up the right video size.
  • Then end the cursor at the position where you want to add the effect. Now save the Jump Cut zoom effect and export your video.

8. Lightworks

If you are looking for a video editor that has premium features like pro media format support or super-efficient file handling capability, then Lightworks is the best available choice. It also supports the availability of a flexible timeline and a dozen of trimming and proxy-editing tools that can make any video like a movie. Another feature that is appreciated by users is the advanced background processing and custom sequence of output formats that come in very handy while editing.

The VFX tab available in the interface lets users edit their videos in multiple ways. For zoom and pan effects in this application, there is a dedicated toolbar for cropping and zoom effects which can be accessed very easily. To use the Lightworks editor:

  • After importing the video and selecting the timeline, click the ""I"" button to set the in time and ""o"" at the end of the duration where you want the out time.
  • Then go to the tool section and select the ""VFX"" tab and then click on the ""DVE Effects"" to add a DVE clip to your video.
  • Then select the DVE clip under the ""Scale"" option, and then zoom the video. Pan to the left or the right as per your requirement and then save the settings and export the video in desired quality.

9. Clideo

Clideo is one of the free video editing platforms that are simple and robust. The platform allows its users to edit video files along with GIFs and images through an interactive user interface. There are plenty of video editing tools that are available on this online platform and they all are free to use. The support for HD videos in the latest updates allows users to crop and trim videos without the loss of quality.

This online platform doesn't need to be installed on your device and you can easily use the effects such as zoom and pan for multiple videos. The option to save the videos in multiple formats and qualities is also another benefit of using this platform. Here is how you can use the Clideo editor to zoom video:

  • First, import a clip from any cloud storage and then choose an aspect ratio for the video. Then extend the grid on the interface to select the required portion of the video to zoom in or zoom out.
  • Then select the custom aspect ratio for the outpoint on the timeline and select ""Custom Aspect Ratio"" to adjust the height and width of the outpoint.
  • Then save the settings and download the video or share it to your cloud storage.

10. Camtasia

This modern and compact video editor has over 75 modern effects along with effects like motion blur. And the customizable media clips on Camtasia make it a favorite video editor amongst users. But what sets it apart is its support for 4K video clips in both import and output in different formats. And this high-quality video handling function helps in applying a perfect and smooth trimming, cropping, or zooming effect without losing the quality of the video.

For zoom-in effect in this video editor, the users are available with a dedicated tool section which is very easy to use. Along with the simple Jump in and Jump out zoom effect, the users are also allowed to pan around the screen. Using the following steps, you will be able to use zoom in video editor of Camtasia:

  • Import the video and drag the play head to an in point on the timeline. Then click on the ""Animation"" tab in the interface and select the ""Zoom-n-pan"" option.
  • Now move and change the size of the zoom box to set the zoom effect and drag the arrow on the timeline up to an out point. Now scale the whole project to fit and save the file.
  • Then click on the Export option and share the file to your device folders.


In many situations, we are needed to zoom edit the videos and this is where such video editing applications come in handy. The article discussed some of the best video editors that are available in the market for panning and zooming on any video. We also highlighted the steps you will need to follow to zoom in video editor for each application and find it suitable for your use.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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