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Best 10 Websites for Premium-Quality Vector Stock Images in 2024

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Feb 09, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Regular images like those in JPG or PNG formats are prevalent when discussing digital images. However, you will see pixelated imagery when you zoom in, making it look rougher and lousy. That is a significant issue when dealing with graphical artwork or logos- a clear and crisp look is essential.

This is where vector images come in handy, a type of graphical image format that utilizes points, curves, and lines instead of a group of pixels to form the image structure. That works better for digital logos and graphic art, although slightly complex to edit.

If you want to find free vector stock images, several websites offer a rich library of these options, including other functions like editing vector images. Here is a list of the best ones you should consider seriously.

vector image example from vecteezy
In this article
  1. Part I. 10 Top Websites with Free Stock Vector Images
    1. iStock
    2. Behance
    3. Adobe Stock
    4. Vecteezy
    5. Vectorportal
    6. Flaticon
    7. VectorStock
    8. Icon8 Illustrations
    9. Vexels
    10. 123FreeVectors
  2. Part II. What are the types of Vector Graphic Files?
  3. Part III. Reasons to Turn to Filmora for Editing Videos and Adding Graphic Images

Part I. 10 Top Websites with Free Stock Vector Images

Multiple free vectors websites are currently active. You can access them to get hold of a comprehensive library of usable and high-quality vector images. Here are 10 of the best resources you should check out for variety and quality regarding vector stock images.

1. iStock

When it comes to free vectors websites, iStock is easily one of the top options to try out. There are countless types of images available on this site, based on variations based on the type of design. You can directly search for the style you want and get various available options.

The quality of the images is top-notch, though you need to upgrade to paid plans for non-watermarked options.

istock vector image

Cost: Credit pack starting at USD 4.17 per credit, Annual image plan- USD 13.31 per month, Monthly image plan- USD 20.57 per month

  • Users can edit the high-quality vector images available here.
  • Use the AI-powered searching ability to look for optimized options.
  • Get access to exclusive images and videos.
  • There are regulation-based limitations to how many edits you can make to images.
  • Around 10 images are available only in the free trial version.

2. Behance

Illustrators or artists in different fields offer their creations as free vector stock on this site. You can access the site and easily search for files of your interest on this website based on the style you are looking for. Different options are available for various types of images, including illustrations by graphical experts for personal and commercial use.

behance stock vector image

Cost: Free

  • You can search by sector of business or design style.
  • Directly type a keyword and get multiple options.
  • High-quality images in different formats.
  • Only registered users can access and download files.
  • The download process takes multiple steps.

3. Adobe Stock

If you are interested in getting vector images for free, Adobe Stock is a good choice that offers quality choices. However, you can avail of these options for free by downloading 10 options only during the trial period. Then, you must upgrade to a paid plan and get varying options for graphical illustrations and logos. Plus, you will get advanced editing support if you have an Adobe account or other Adobe editing products.

adobe stock vector image

Cost: Credit packs start at USD 48.26 for 5 credits; subscription plans start at USD 28.96 per month

  • Easily search for the type of images you want to download.
  • Choose the type of stock media file to search.
  • Select the Free tab directly to get access to various such options.
  • Only 10 free images are available at first.
  • The cost of credit packs and subscriptions is high.

4. Vecteezy

In terms of high-quality royalty-free vectors, Vecteezy is one of the best options to try. There are varying types of high-quality graphics and logos that you will get on this site as options for your personal usage. You can also opt for collections of similar styles and search precisely for the type of image you are going to use.

vecteezy stock vector image

Cost: Free, Monthly- USD 7, Yearly- USD 4.50

  • Many free resources are available to use.
  • You can search as per image type.
  • High-quality imagery and illustrations.
  • Only Pro users get editor access features.
  • Free users do not get full commercial rights.

5. Vectorportal

Another suitable site for high-grade free stock vector images is Vectorportal. Quickly put in the keyword for the type of content you want or search for options through the categorized sections. Choose directly for files under the top 100 options or recently added to the roster.

vectorportal stock vector image

Cost: Free

  • Directly search the Top 100 illustrations easily.
  • Browse your options through categories.
  • Users can use the designs for commercial reasons.
  • Sports or celebrity-based images require permission to use and then distribute across platforms.
  • Attribution is compulsory for all images here.

6. Flaticon

If you are looking for a site for dynamic icons and stickers in vector image format, Flaticon is the one for you. You can find a massive library of icons for free on this website. Moreover, if you plan to use customized icons specifically for your interface, you will also get those options.

Besides these, dynamic stickers are available to choose from that you can apply to your projects in different manners, platforms, and apps. Animated icons are also available to choose from.

flaticon stock vector image

Cost: Free, Monthly- USD 10.27, Yearly pack- USD 7.71 per month

  • Wide range of free icons, regular and those for an interface.
  • Search by type of options you want, e.g., business or food.
  • It has CSS styling functionality, making editing easy without downloading extra tools.
  • Free users only get 3 collections and no priority support.
  • You have to upgrade to the premium plan to access the complete list of 8.4 million+ stickers and icons in EPS, SVG, Base64, and PSD formats.

7. VectorStock

VectorStock is another excellent website to trust if you want unique and precise stock images in different vector image formats. You can search for VectorStock free images directly and get access to the best or latest options in different styles. Later, upgrade to the premium subscription plans or credit packs.

The quality of the images is grade-A here. This is because top artists make them with well-honed visual art knowledge.

vectorstock stock vector image

Cost: Per-Paid Credits- USD 1 per image, Pay-Per Image- USD 14.99 for each time, Subscription- 55 cents per image.

  • Free paid credits for per image download are cost-effective.
  • Wide range of vector image choices.
  • Users get editorial and standard access to all plans.
  • Only per-per-image users can offer exclusive buyouts.
  • Subscription issues do not get expanded licenses.

8. Icon8 Illustrations

If you are looking for high-quality vector image free options, Icon8 Illustrations offers many options for users to try out. However, what sets it apart from most other sites currently is the stock of character-based icons that you will find in this library.

You can choose between multiple pre-set icons with one or more animated characters. Users utilize these for logos or on any other platform where they will need to use vector stock photos free options.

icon9 illustrations stock vector image

Cost: Free, Single illustration- USD 9, Full Set- USD 29, Subscription- USD 13

  • Different types of icons with animated characters.
  • Categorized options for easier searching.
  • You can request illustrations.
  • Users have to deal with backlinks and attributes as free users.
  • Free plan users will get low-resolution graphical illustrations.

9. Vexels

If you are looking for a website where you will find different types of illustrative pieces for printing on merchandise, Vexels is a suitable option. There are different styles of graphic arts and motifs that you can access and order for printing on objects like t-shirts.

Moreover, users can also apply for customized illustrations on this site and use the logo maker tool to create personalized logos.

vexels stock vector image

Cost: Merch- USD 16.50/month, Merch Plus- USD 27.99/month, Merch License- USD 39, Merch Lifetime Lite- USD 550, Merch Lifetime Plus- USD 1500

  • Graphic prints on different items like T-shirts.
  • Use the logo maker tool to create customized brand logos.
  • Users can make at least 100 downloads per month with the lowest plan.
  • Regular Merch plan users can only get 2 design requests per month.
  • The best benefits for packs are catered towards businesses than individual users.

10. 123FreeVectors

In the name of high-quality vector stock images, 123FreeVectors is another suitable source. Various types of vector images in different formats like SVG and AI, are available on this website for people to search for and download.

The process of browsing and downloading the files is not complex either. However, upgrading to any paid plan here is the best choice for premium-quality options.

123freevectors stock vector image

Cost: Free; Premium plans start at USD 29 for 7 days.

  • Multiple stylish options are available for free.
  • You can search by type easily.
  • Choose to search for options in the premium and free categories directly.
  • The download process can take some time to complete.
  • You cannot make unlimited downloads with the free version.

Part II. What are the types of Vector Graphic Files?

You can use the websites mentioned in the list here to search for various vector images and get successful results. However, the need for vector images sometimes depends on their primary use to people, like printing or web design. There are specific formats for vector stock images that you should consider carefully to download the suitable graphical file for your project.

  • .ai (Adobe Illustrator)- The AI file type mainly works for Adobe Illustrator users and is an option to replace old-school EPS files. Adobe apps can access and showcase these files in the best quality compared to other programs.
  • .eps (Encapsulated PostScript)- The EPS or Encapsulated PostScript files are older vector image types for more extensive format-based printing. The text is easier to resize and enlarge in this lossless format with zero quality defects. It is commonly used in professional printing projects, like billboards and posters in the physical format and icons and logos in digital format. This is not compatible with other raster image formats.
  • PDF (Portable Document Format)- The PDF file type relates to portable digital documents that are the standard option for forms, documents, and graphics. Note that this file extension type works with both raster and vector images- i.e., you can apply both images into a PDF file. In terms of usage, this format is best for getting high-quality uniform documental file prints.
  • .svg (Scalable Vector Graphics)- SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics is the conventional vector file format that web designers focus on. It has universal open standard support, works on different browsers, and appears smooth and crisp during displays on differently-sized screens. The SVG files are mainly used for web-based file transfers.

Part III. Reasons to Turn to Filmora for Editing Videos and Adding Graphic Images

When watching videos online, have you seen cases where the main person is talking and another reaction clip or picture flashes in the middle, emphasizing what they just said?

Indeed, adding images to videos is a great tool to highlight or emphasize points and create an engaging and appealing video. So, many people use high-calibre resources like the ones mentioned in this list for stock pictures. If you want to get great graphic images directly while editing videos, Wondershare Filmora is the right software to opt for.

Free Download
Free Download

Users can get high-quality graphic images through the Stock Media tab in this software. It is connected to different free stock image providers like Pexels. Easily access these resources through the editor, choose your preferred images, and apply them to your edited video project. You can add previously saved options from Downloads (ones you downloaded from Filmora) and Favorites.

Types of Images:

You can access sites like Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay directly through Filmora Stock Media. These sites offer royalty-free stock photos and videos in different image formats.

How to use Filmora Stock Media to enter graphic images into videos?

Step1 Launch Filmora after downloading it onto your PC/Mac device.

Step2 Click on Create New Project > Click here to import media. Insert the video from your device.

insert the video

Step3 Click on the Stock Media tab at the top toolbar. Choose one of the options given for stock media resources, like Pixabay/Pexels/Unsplash/Giphy.

click on the stock media tab

Step4 Click on the tabs for different file types as per the resources. Get high-resolution images under Unsplash, videos and images (4K/1080p) under Pixabay, stickers/GIFs under Giphy, and high-quality photos and videos under Pexels.

Step5 Browse your options and click the download icon for the image.

browse your options

Step6 Drag the stock image to the point in your video you will insert it and drop it in the editor timeline.

drag the stock image to the video

Step7 Click on Export after completing all other edits and follow the given customizations for the file before the final export.

If you want to know more about the best way to use stock media, click on this video.


There are multiple resources available online for high-quality vector image choices. Many offer free stock images, while others require payment for premium-level or customized options. After browsing the options, choose the one you prefer and use a high-quality video editor like Filmora to make further changes.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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