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Best 15 Random Chat Apps With Strangers

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Thanks to the internet and digitalization, making new friends and talking to strangers has become very easy and accessible for everyone with a suitable internet connection. You can easily find a wide range of random chat app platforms that can help you talk with people worldwide with a few simple clicks. Due to the abundance of such platforms, it has become very difficult to keep your data secure and avoid harming your privacy. While deciding which app to choose, it is important to consider this thing. In this article, we will list down the 15 best random chat apps that ensure and value your privacy.

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How To Keep Safe While Talking to Strangers?

1、Protect Your Personal Information: Avoid sharing personal details such as your real name, address, phone number, or any financial information. Be cautious about revealing too much about your daily routine or family members.

2、Stay Anonymous: Use platforms that allow you to chat without disclosing your identity. Choose a username that doesn't give away personal details and be wary of sharing photos or videos that could be used to identify you.

3、Use Secure and Reputable Platforms: Choose chat platforms that are well-known for their safety features and community guidelines. Look for sites that offer moderation and the ability to report and block users who behave inappropriately.

4、Trust Your Instincts: If you feel uncomfortable or suspect that something isn't right about the person you're chatting with, trust your instincts. It's better to end the conversation than to put yourself at risk.

5、Be Careful with Meeting in Person: If you decide to meet someone you've met online, choose a public place and inform a friend or family member of your plans. Never agree to meet in a secluded or private location.

6、Keep Conversations within the Platform: Avoid moving conversations to other messaging apps or platforms where you might have less control and fewer safety features.

7、Use Privacy Settings: Take advantage of any privacy settings offered by the platform. Adjust settings to control who can see your profile or contact you.

Best Apps to chat with strangers


chatrandom poster

Chatrandom is a pioneering online platform designed to connect individuals through live video chat with strangers from across the globe. Launched in 2011, it stands out as a popular choice among users seeking to engage in video chatting, flirting, dating, or simply making new friends. The platform offers a seamless and enjoyable experience, facilitating instant connections among millions of users each month. Chatrandom is characterized by its ease of use, offering a straightforward way for you to meet and interact through video chat.


  • Gender Filters: Choose to chat with males, females, couples, or transgender individuals.
  • Geographic Filters: Limit your interactions to users from specific countries or regions.
  • Anonymity Options: Use augmented reality masks to maintain privacy during chats.
  • Chat Formats: Engage in video or text chats, with the option to disable webcam or microphone.
  • Language Translation: Automatic translation of text messages to bridge language barriers.

Platform: Android, iOS

Price:Chatrandom offers both free and subscription-based services, with Chatrandom Plus subscriptions available at $6.99 USD/week and $19.99 USD/month. Prices and subscription details may vary based on location and are subject to change.



tiny chat poster

Tinychat is a multifaceted online platform that merges the functionalities of instant messaging, voice, and video chat, making it a versatile tool for digital communication. Launched in 2009 and owned by PeerStream, it provides you the unique opportunity to create and participate in virtual chat rooms based around various topics and interests. This web-based service is compatible with HTML5 browsers and offers standalone applications for both Android and iOS devices, allowing for a broad accessibility. Tinychat stands out by supporting up to 12 video and audio feeds in each room, fostering a dynamic and engaging user experience.


  • Combines instant messaging, voice, and video chat in a single platform.
  • Allows users to create their own virtual chat rooms on any topic.
  • Supports up to 12 video and audio feeds per chat room for a lively interaction.
  • Compatible with HTML5 browsers and available as standalone apps for Android and iOS.
  • Owned by PeerStream, ensuring a stable and innovative service framework.

Platform: Web

Price:Free to use, with premium features and virtual goods available for an additional cost.



coomeet poster

CooMeet is a premium online video chat service designed primarily for you to connect all around the world through webcam interactions. It distinguishes itself from other chat services by its emphasis on creating a safe, moderated environment where interactions are closely monitored to ensure a high-quality experience. This platform aims to facilitate casual conversations, friendships, and potentially finding a soulmate, leveraging the power of video chat to make personal connections.


  • Over 9 million users globally, offering a wide user base for diverse interactions.
  • The platform uses smart matching algorithms to connect users with similar interests and preferences, enhancing the likelihood of meaningful exchanges.
  • Provides a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for users of all technical skill levels to navigate and use the service effectively.
  • Emphasizes high-quality video and sound, with stringent moderation to maintain an environment free from bots and fakes.

Platform: Desktop, Android, iOS

Price:CooMeet offers free access with limited features and a premium subscription starting from $9.99 per month. The premium account unlocks several features like unlimited video chats, priority support, and access to exclusive content.



OmeTV is a video chat app that connects you with strangers from all around the globe, offering an exciting platform to meet new people, make friends, and have engaging conversations. The app emphasizes real human connections, ensuring that you interact only with genuine users. It stands apart from other random chat services with its commitment to authenticity and a vibrant social network where you can keep in touch with new friends.


  • Connects only with real people, eliminating fake profiles.
  • Completely free to use with no subscription or "diamonds" required.
  • Offers a social network to stay connected with friends and people you meet.
  • Provides an ad-free experience, ensuring uninterrupted conversations.
  • Independent from Omegle, offering a unique and continuously improving platform since its launch in 2015.
  • Focuses on simplicity and essential features from advancements in video streaming and social networking.

Platform: Android, iOS

Price:Free, with optional OmeTV Plus subscription plans for enhanced features such as ad-free experience, priority matching, and expanded filters. Subscription prices are as follows: One Month for $9.99, Three Months for $24.99, and Six Months for $39.99.



omega poster

Omega is an engaging live video chat app that facilitates instant random video chats with strangers, making it effortless to forge new friendships anonymously across the globe. With its diverse features, Omega stands out as a prime alternative for connecting with people, irrespective of their location or interests. It ensures a seamless way to engage in 1-on-1 conversations, providing a platform for genuine interactions through video and text chats.


  • Facilitates random video chats with strangers, offering a thrilling way to meet new people.
  • Private 1-on-1 chat rooms allow for open and personal conversations.
  • The text chat feature is enhanced with cute gifts and stickers, deepening connections with new friends.
  • Users can explore and interact with new and popular members of the Omega community, ensuring fresh and engaging experiences.
  • Implements gender and language filters for more tailored chat experiences.
  • A safe and welcoming community, with efforts to ensure user privacy and security through moderation.
  • The app is ad-free, emphasizing a pleasant user experience.

Platform: Android, Web

Price:Basic features are available for free, while advanced features and premium subscriptions require payment for access.




MeetMe is an Android and iOS app that allows you to connect to different people throughout the world in no time. With a wide range of active users, it is one of the best random chat apps you can find on the internet. It lets you create your profile and interests, and the rest is up to MeetMe to get you connected with the people of your interest and choice without any difficulty. You can also add a bio to your profile to help people understand you in a better way.


  • Best talk with stranger apps for Android and iOS
  • Interact with people all around the world
  • 150 million monthly active users
  • Create a profile to get connected with people of your interest

Platform: Android, iOS




joingy poster

Joingy is an engaging and innovative platform that offers you a unique way to connect with strangers globally through text and video chat, without the need for registration or personal information. It emphasizes privacy and anonymity, making it a safe space for casual conversations and meaningful connections. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, catering to a wide range of interests and fostering a diverse community of users from various backgrounds.


  • Privacy: Offers anonymous chats, protecting user identity.
  • Multiple Chat Modes: Supports text and video chats.
  • Interest Matching: Connects users with similar interests for relevant conversations.
  • Global Community: Users from various backgrounds and cultures.
  • Easy Access: No signup required for immediate chat access.
  • Mobile Friendly: Optimized for smooth mobile use.

Platform: Web

Price:Free, with an optional premium version for an ad-free experience and added features.



chatspin poster

Chatspin is a dynamic platform designed to connect people from around the world through random video chats. Emphasizing ease of use and a host of engaging features like face masks, gender and country filters, and private chat options, Chatspin fosters an environment where you can make new friends, find dates, or simply engage in casual conversations. The service is accessible and free to start, offering a straightforward way for individuals to experience meaningful connections, regardless of geographical barriers.


  • Random video chat with users worldwide
  • Private chat options for more personal conversations.
  • Quick and easy access to start chatting with a broad user base
  • Safety features and tips to ensure a protected online chat experience, including A/I face masks for anonymity.

Platform: Android, iOS

Price:Free with optional Chatspin Plus subscriptions available at $6.99 USD/week and $19.99 USD/month. Subscription prices can vary based on location and are subject to change.



camsurf poster

Camsurf is a random video chat app that connects users with people from around the globe. It's built on the principle of offering an easy-to-use, fun, and free platform for you to engage in conversations with strangers and make new friends. The app is designed for simplicity, allowing you to start video chatting quickly by enabling their webcam and hitting the 'Start' button. With fast and reliable servers, Camsurf ensures swift connection speeds, even when linking users from opposite ends of the world. You can also select the geographical location of the people they want to connect with, making it a useful tool for learning new languages or exploring different cultures.


  • Combines dating, chatting, and video sharing.
  • Easy setup on web and mobile devices.
  • Safety features including minimal signup and blocking unwanted contacts.
  • Free to use, with options for global or local connections.

Platform: Web, Android, iOS




chamet poster

Chamet is a dynamic and innovative social and communication app that offers a platform for you to connect globally through video and voice chat. It's designed to foster meaningful connections by allowing you to communicate with strangers as though they were face-to-face, supported by seamless video calling and translation features. The app boasts a substantial user base across over 150 countries, providing a diverse and vibrant community for you to engage with.


  • Global connectivity with users from over 150 countries
  • The capability for one-on-one video chats, as well as the Party Room feature, where up to five people can participate in video chats simultaneously.
  • Real-time translation across multiple languages including English, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, French, Russian, and Vietnamese
  • Intelligent recommendation system based on your interaction history.
  • A variety of gifts, entry effects, and medals
  • Beauty effects, filters, and stickers
  • Privacy features to control who can see your profile and contact you

Platform: Android





RandoChat is an app with all the features of Chat Roulette. If you ever used Chat Roulette before, you don't have to worry about its features. It will not disappoint you. It connects you with a wide range of people throughout the world without searching or filtering them. It connects you with other users randomly. You only have to the button to start chatting with them. It allows its users to share various multimedia files such as images, videos, and more. You can talk with each other through video calls as well. It doesn't need any information from you to get started.


  • Everything will be deleted after it is seen
  • Exchange all sorts of multimedia files
  • Chat with others through video calls
  • No need to enter any information

Platform: Android, iOS




emerald poster

Emerald is a dynamic online platform that stands out for its unique blend of features aimed at enhancing social interactions through video chat. Designed to connect people from all corners of the globe, Emerald provides a space where you can engage in diverse conversations, make new friends, and explore connections in a user-friendly environment. It prides itself on offering anonymity, allowing you to interact without revealing their identities, and supports a variety of chat options including group discussions and one-on-one conversations.


  • Anonymity to chat without revealing your identity
  • Mobile-friendly for seamless chat on any device
  • Lightning-fast connections for uninterrupted conversations
  • High-quality video and audio chat
  • Variety of chat options: Join chat rooms or engage in private conversations
  • Emphasis on user safety with a robust moderation system

Platform: Web

Price:Free to use, with the option to unlock more features by purchasing "Emerald Gold" for additional functionalities



chathub poster

Chathub is a dynamic and engaging platform that connects users for video chats with strangers from across the globe. It serves as a virtual meeting ground for people seeking to have spontaneous conversations, share interests, or simply enjoy a random chat experience. The platform is designed to be simple and accessible for users of various linguistic backgrounds, emphasizing ease of use and a user-friendly interface.


  • Instantly connects you with strangers for video chats.
  • Use gender and location filters to tailor your chat experience.
  • Accessible in multiple languages for non-English speakers.
  • Text chat available for users who prefer not revealing themselves.

Platform: Desktop, Mobile




fruzo poster

Fruzo is a distinctive social networking platform that doubles as a dating service, utilizing video chat to foster connections between users. It distinguishes itself from other dating apps and social network sites by offering a blend of traditional dating app features with the ability to meet people through webcam chats before deciding to meet in person. This approach provides a unique online dating experience, allowing you to go beyond conventional text chats and profile browsing, creating opportunities for more authentic connections.


  • High-quality user profiles, incorporating video chat capabilities within profiles
  • Prioritizes user safety and privacy
  • Foster a community-like environment

Platform: Android, iOS

Price:Free, with premium subscription options



telegram poster

Telegram is one of the widely used apps for getting connected with others throughout the world. It not only allows you to get connected with others but helps you to make your chat secure and private. What makes it different from other messaging apps is its ability to make your messages disappear after a particular time frame. One of the best things about this app is its ability to create groups of around 200 people. The chat with this app is always encrypted from end to end, ensuring your privacy and making all your conversation secure.


  • One of the widely used apps around the world
  • Secure your messages and conversations
  • Disappear your message within a particular timeframe

Platform: Android, iOS



Final Thoughts

Talking with others and making new friends is one of the human natures. In this digital world, it is not a big deal anymore. One can easily interact with people around the globe without leaving their couch. The above list of the best random chat apps will help you make friends worldwide and interact with them without compromising your safety and privacy. Choose any app according to your needs and requirements and get started interacting with the world.

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