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How to Comment on YouTube Live Chat

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 02, 22, updated Jan 17, 24

YouTube continues to grow in popularity. On this platform, users of YouTube can view and upload videos as well as debate them live. Live chat on YouTube is described in this article.

Let's start off!

youtube live chat comment
In this article
  1. 1. What is YouTube live chat?
  2. 2. How to comment on YouTube live chat?

1. What is YouTube live chat?

Every day, more than 30 million individuals use YouTube to upload and watch entertaining videos. Many individuals are interested in having a conversation with the video's producer or later on discussing these films with others. You can now have live video chats on YouTube using the Google+ Hangouts On Air service because Google's YouTube has opened up its live streaming service to all users in good standing.

The live chat box appears to the right of the video player as soon as the live stream starts. Both the video and the live chat's material will be archived once the live stream stops. People can rewatch the video with live chat if necessary.

On YouTube, there are two different live chat views:

  • Best chat: The messages that may hurt you are filtered out in this display.
  • Live chat: No messages are filtered in this display.

Additionally, the live chat will not be available if the channel or live stream is intended for children.

2. How to comment on YouTube live chat?

YouTube users would like to comment on the live chat when the stream starts. Here are the steps for posting a comment in the YouTube Live Chat

Step1Create a YouTube account and sign in using your username and email. You cannot post any messages at tall if you are not signed into your YouTube account.

Step2Join the live stream. Click the live stream that you want to watch after selecting it.

Step3Click where it says, "Live Chat" and start typing anything you want to publish in the chat box. Next, select the

send button.

Additionally, a number of YouTube viewers frequently lament their inability to comment on livestreams or the fact that their messages keep disappearing. Because certain comments are flagged as spam and filtered, this is the cause. There is no other option but to post constructive criticism. If the streamer is one you enjoy or if you don't want to miss the author's next live stream. Then choose "HIDE Chat" if you don't want to see any comments at all. The procedures below can be used if you simply want to have a private conversation or reply to someone.


You now know what YouTube live chat is and how to participate in it thanks to this post. I hope it will be beneficial to you.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jan 17, 24
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