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2 Effective Ways to Make SRT File Translation Like a Pro

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 05, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Whether you download YouTube SRT in Spanish or want to add translated subtitles to your favorite cartoon video, having an SRT translator will come in handy. The SRT subtitle file is based on texts divided into multiple sections. When you add it to a video, the texts will be displayed as you wrote in the file.

As most people find the translation work tedious, we have presented the two easiest ways of SRT file translation so without anyone's assistance or prior training.

In this article
    1. Redokun
    2. Smartcat
    3. SDL Trados Studio
    4. MemoQ Translator Pro
    5. Lokalise
    6. Text United
  1. Method 2 Translate subtitle .srt file without Downloading Any Software
  2. [Optional] If you hope to Edit SRT file for Video, here is the Best Way

Method 1 Translate SRT subtitles with third-party translator software

As there are so many different translator software platforms you can try to convert the SRT file to another language, you may be unable to choose the right one. That's why we have explained the proper process for better clarification.

1.     Redokun

One of the best software platforms you can use to translate the SRT file into another language is Redokun. It comes with a machine-automated translation that will automatically translate one language to another within minutes, increasing the overall productivity by 60%. It accurately processes the translation and ensures the texts don't change during translation. Besides, this SRT file translator comes with a Translator Memory to help you quickly check past files.

  • Easy to use software
  • Supports smart revisions for last-minute alterations
  • Precise and accurate translator
  • Supports only 14 days of trial

How to translate SRT files?

  1. Visit Redokun and open the translator.
  2. Upload the SRT file from local or cloud storage and wait for the document to get uploaded.
  3. Set the input and output languages and click on the Translate button.
  4. The new SRT file will get generated with translated text.

Supported OS: Mac and Windows

Supported language translation: English, German, Chinese, and so on.

2.     Smartcat

Another outstanding online tool you can use is Smartcat. It supports eight different translator engines, including Amazon and Google. It also accepts multiple file formats and supports over 240 languages, ensuring the SRT file can be translated within minutes.

  • Does not require any expert knowledge
  • Translates through AI program for more accuracy
  • Support extracting the text from .xml
  • Might not be suitable for beginners

How to translate SRT files?

  1. Log in to Smartcat and click on Upload. Choose the SRT file and click on Open.
  2. As the document downloads on the translator, set its language if the default language is not the same. Also, set the new language in which you want the translation.
  3. Click on Translate and wait for a couple of minutes.
  4. After a certain time, the new file will be generated with texts written in the language you have set.

Supported OS: Windows and Mac

Supported language translation: English, Mexican, Spanish, Brazilian, and more

3.     SDL Trados Studio

SDL Trados Studio is a perfect tool for SRT file translation into another language in no time. It features an AI-powered algorithm that ensures the maximum accuracy in the translated file.

sdl trados studio
  • Supports multiple languages for translation
  • Has free plans
  • Accurate translation with no error
  • Not suitable for pros

How to translate SRT files?

  1. Upload the SRT file on SDL Trados Studio and select the original language from the dropdown.
  2. Open the language dropdown from the output window and choose the desired language.
  3. Click on Translate and wait for the new file to be generated.

Supported OS: Mac and Windows

Supported language translation: English, Japanese, Spanish, French, and Italian

4.     MemoQ Translator Pro

Based on a computer-based program, this translator software makes the work easier, ensuring easy usage without any hurdles. You won't have to worry about the texts changing their meaning or getting corrupted during translation.

memoq translator pro
  • Remembers the past translations
  • Increases productivity with faster translation
  • Open-source platform
  • Not ideal for beginners

How to translate SRT files?

  1. Once you upload the file to the software, the texts will be displayed on one side. Choose the language in which you want the final file and click on Translate.
  2. Each text block will be translated at a time. Once it is over, a green mark will be shown on the side.

Supported OS: Windows

Supported language translation: English, French, Italian, Greek, and Hindi

5.     Lokalise

Used even by professional companies, this excellent online tool SRT translator is perfect for Windows and Mac and allows hassle-free translation. It comes with an intuitive UI, ensuring beginners can also efficiently work on the SRT file translation.

  • Easy user interface
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Allows export of the translated file
  • Does not allow editing of the SRT file

How to translate SRT files?

  1. Choose the languages for both sides from the dropdown and then upload the concerned SRT file.
  2. Click on the Translate button and wait for the new file to be generated.
  3. Once the translation is completed, it will generate the file, and you can download it.

Supported OS: Windows and Mac

Supported language translation: French, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, etc.

6.     Text United

This online platform allows you to translate and upload SRT files easily. It ensures maximum accuracy and does not introduce any error in the translated file.

text united
  • Interface is easy-to-use with clear translating process
  • Faster translation for more productivity
  • Free software
  • Not an open-source platform

How to translate SRT files?

  1. Upload the original SRT file and select the input language.
  2. Once done, select the output language and click on Translate.
  3. The new subtitles will be generated in the new language after a couple of minutes.

Supported OS: Mac and Windows

Supported language translation: English, German, French

Method 2 Translate subtitle .srt file without Downloading Any Software

The other method for translating the SRT files from one language to another is Notepad (for Windows) or TextEdit (for Mac). As these are simple text editor applications built into the OS, you don't require any downloading or another person's help to complete the job.

Note: TextEdit and Notebook are best suited for translating short SRT files from one language to another, especially if the subtitles present are not that much complicated.

Step-by-step guide for SRT translation on Notepad

  1. Go to the drive where you have stored the file and right-click on the same. Click on “Open with” and choose Notepad from the list of options displayed.
translate srt file with notepad
  1. The file will open in Notepad. Now, edit the SRT file according to the subtitle positions and the text you want to add to the video. Check the time codes because they need to be in sync with the video file.
edit and optimize srt file in notepad
  1. Once done, save the file and open Google Translate. Copy each text line and paste the same into the translator's input box. If the language of the original text is not English, change the language from the dropdown in the translator for easier and more accurate interpretation.
translate srt file with google translate
  1. Click on Translate and wait till the translated text is generated. You need to select the language of the output section according to the required language of the translated SRT file.
change language for the srt file
  1. Once the translated text is generated, copy the new text and paste it in place of the original text you copied.
  • Does not need to know about the usage of any software
  • Best for small SRT files
  • Better for beginners
  • Can change the text during translation
  • Time consuming process

Step-by-step guide for SRT translation on TextEdit

  1. Go to the stored location of the SRT file and right-click on the selected file. Once the menu expands, click on “Open With” and then choose TextEdit as the option. You can also change the default file type to TextEdit. Right-click on the file and select Properties. Once the dialog box opens, click on the “Open With” option and select TextEdit from there. Click on Apply and then Save to change the default file type.
click on apply
  1. Once you complete all the edits, open Google Translator and select the input and output languages. The input language will be the one in which your original text is written, and the output is the language you need to transfer the SRT file into.
  2. Copy and paste the text line from the beginning and click on Translate. Wait for the tool to evaluate and display the translated text.
  3. Copy it and paste the text into the SRT file. Ensure all the texts are adequately translated before saving and uploading the file to the video.
  • No need to know about the technical use of a software
  • Can convert the languages of a small file
  • Best for immediate translation
  • Errors can occur during translation
  • Needs a lot of time

[Optional] If you hope to Edit SRT file for Video, here is the Best Way

Now that you know the best tools for high-quality video-based subtitle translation, you can choose. However, not all of them support the ability to edit SRT files; for that, you can rely on Wondershare Filmora.

The software is a desktop-based program that users can try out for varying levels of video editing work. You can optimize the videos with features like speed ramping, audio visualization, and speech-to-text. You can add subtitles to videos with the last feature or add external SRT files. Editing is possible as well.

How to Use Filmora to Edit SRT Subtitles for Videos?

Free Download
Free Download

Step1 Open the Filmora software and add the video file.

Step2 Click on Media to upload SRT file.

Step3 Right-click your subtitle file on the editor timeline> Choose “Advanced Edit”.

choose advanced edit

Step4 Make changes to the time code, add/merge/remove the strips of subtitle, modify the SRT file, or change the font style similar to Filmora’s Advanced Edit-based text format.

make changes to time code

Step5 Right-click on the SRT file in the timeline and press the “Export Subtitle File” option.

right click srt file

Step6 Make other video edits, like merging, equalization, etc.

Step7 Click on Export > Local > YouTube. Make changes in the settings and click the Export button.


We have given you the top six options if you are looking for the best online tool for SRT translation. You need to weigh the options according to your requirements and start translating your subtitle file to a language you want for the video.

srt translation interface
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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