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How to Use Kahoot! on Zoom

How to Use Kahoot! on Zoom

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jul 14, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

In the educational game Kahoot! participants respond to multiple-choice questions based on trivia. Each participant uses their own controller to answer questions in the online game. There are several question kinds to pick from, allowing for complete customization of the test. Each player needs their own controller for Kahoot! The game questions will be shown in the Zoom/Google Meet window, but the answers must be entered using the controller. With the Kahoot!! app for Zoom, presenters may use play and friendly rivalry to increase participant engagement. Users may organize knowledge- and feedback-gathering pulse checks with staff members, encourage original thought with word clouds, and empower participants' voices with surveys, open-ended questions, and other tools. Utilizing the brainstorm tool, organizations may crowdsource ideas and advance teamwork.

Engagement has emerged as a crucial component of successful learning, collaboration, and connection as the globe has increased the use of video communications in social and professional situations. Users may access, host, and play Kahoot!! games and educational information with other meeting participants using the Kahoot!! app for Zoom without ever leaving the Zoom Meeting or requiring a second device. Corporate executives may motivate their staff via speeches, meetings, and online activities. Meeting hosts will have immediate access to data and statistics from their Kahoot!! experience, allowing them to respond in real time to audience engagement with the material. Additionally, hosts may email the Kahoot!! games to all participants so they can practice and improve their scores, which will increase participant engagement and learning retention. Hosts can also distribute the Kahoot!! games as self-paced challenges with individuals who couldn't attend in person.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Key Features of Kahoot!
  2. Part 2: How to Host a Kahoot! Session within a Zoom Meeting
  3. Part 3: How to Participate in Kahoot! Sessions within a Zoom Meeting
  4. Part 4: How to Record Zoom Meetings

Part 1: Key Features of Kahoot!

What more is there to discuss, Kahoot!? Every pupil adores it. Many instructors and educators use it all around the world to make learning simple, enjoyable, and interesting. Everyone may use it since it is free and extremely simple to use. These are some of its attributes:

  • Quizzes may be made in a matter of minutes.
  • Develop games based on the abilities of the kids. Playing at home or in the Zoom is simple for them.
  • Various templates are offered. You can choose one of them with confidence.
  • Kahoot! has the ability to be organized into many folders according to topics or subjects.
  • Additionally, multiple choice questions may be included by quiz makers.
  • Teachers using Kahoot! may combine different questions into one format, such as quizzes, polls, riddles, and slides.
  • Use Apple Schoolwork, Google Zooms, and Microsoft Teams to share student-centered tasks.

Part 2: How to Host a Kahoot! Session within a Zoom Meeting

With the Zoom app, Kahoot! may be viewed, hosted, and used. It's amazing that Kahoot!!, one of the most well-known brands in quiz-based learning, still provides a free-to-use platform, making it very accessible to both instructors and students. It's also a useful resource for a hybrid class that combines online and classroom instruction. Most devices will be able to use the cloud-based service using a web browser. This implies that students using computers, tablets, and cellphones in class or at home may access this. Participants in Zoom Meetings may play games and learn without having to leave the Zoom meeting or bring a second device.

Step1Sign up for Zoom ahead of time and get ready. On the other hand, launch the Kahoot! test in your web browser, then be ready to share your screen in Zoom.

how to use kahoot on zoom

Step2As the participants come, allow them in and check to see whether you and they can both hear each other. To access the Kahoot! quiz, make sure they have a device or another browser tab open.

how to use kahoot on zoom

Step3Open the Kahoot! test and share it using Zoom's "Share Screen" feature. While your screen is shared, continue to host the Kahoot! as normal. To view participants next to your shared screen, we advise selecting Side-by-Side Mode.

Part 3: How to Participate in Kahoot! Sessions within a Zoom Meeting

With more than 40 million ready-made games available on Kahoot!!, getting started is fast and simple. When time and resources are limited, hybrid or distant learning is ideal. After linking the Kahoot! to your Zoom account, you may utilize it. Use this app and start a meeting. Go to Apps on the toolbar and choose the program you wish to use. Select Who is Hosting to locate their host or to join a Kahoot! session being hosted by a friend or another player. Players may post a question to a shared screen on the Kahoot! platform. Kahoot!! just needs an account to be made in order to use it since it is free. Most devices may be used by students to access Kahoot!! from wherever there is an internet connection. This is how:

Step1Take the time to check that Zoom, Skype, Cisco Webex, or Google Hangout are operating and that your camera, microphone, and speaker are all operational.

Step2In the right-side panel, add the Kahoot!! app to your list of apps and click Join.

how to use kahoot on zoom

Step3The lobby will reveal your game PIN when you click the Play button, allowing the computer to show you a Kahoot! You may enter the game PIN and press Enter to join the Kahoot! session once the host shows their screen with you. To participate in a Kahoot! session, you don't need a Kahoot! account.

how to use kahoot on zoom

Part 4: How to Record Zoom Meetings

Zoom is a conference tool that enables real-time, high-quality, low-latency communication. Filmora is an excellent video recorder for that reason, enabling users to capture on-screen activity such Zoom audio tracks and video conversations. Wondershare One of the most versatile and portable Zoom voice recorders is the Filmora. Even novices may easily utilize it due to its user-friendly UI. All you have to do is click the record button after choosing the proper audio source in the settings. The all-in-one video editing program Filmora allows you to record your screen with audio, a facecam, and a green screen effect. You can record the entire screen or just a portion of it, and you can perform a number of quick edits on your video using tools like trimming, cropping, changing the audio track's volume, and so on.

How to Use Filmora to Record Zoom Lectures

Having said that, Filmora is a great Zoom recorder that can capture games, audio, and video conversations. This video recorder may be used to make video clip lessons in addition to recording movies, video games, and webcam footage. In addition to Zoom, it can also capture internet streaming audio. Here is information on how to record Zoom meetings using this software:

Step1Download and Install Filmora on your PC

To use this program for a number of tasks, including screen recording and recording editing, you must first download and install it on your computer. To achieve this, download the recording program by clicking the link below. Launch the program as soon as the download is finished to start the installation process, and then adhere to the on-screen directions to install and make this software available for usage.

Step2Choose the Record's Ideal Position in the Zoom

Use it on your PC at this point. As soon as you start the program, a window interface with two choices for screen recording, editing already recorded videos, and generating videos will display. Choose the Recording option from the menu. When you click the record button, the program will direct you to the recording interface, where you can easily adjust the settings for your camera and audio. To add the microphone or Zoom sound in that particular field, use the necessary buttons as described below:

Step3Press the Record Button

It goes without saying that you must test your recording tools to ensure they are functional and capturing the highest quality audio. But once you're ready, click the record button, which will allow you 3-5 seconds before starting to record the personalized screen of your PC as seen below:

Step4Export and Save Your Zoom Recording

You may now save the Zoom video for sharing on social media after making and modifying it. The following file types may be used to save the document: MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, GIF, and MP3. The finest feature of Wondershare Filmora is the direct export and sharing of Zoom video recordings to YouTube; the only need is that you must be signed in to your YouTube account inside the application:

Because the MOV format is only available for online movies, you may also export your Zoom recordings to MP4 if you want to publish them to your YouTube channel. You are free to choose the format that best suits your needs. You may choose the encoder from a drop-down menu in the export options.


With the aid of several interesting tools and programs made accessible in this virtual environment, learning has now become enjoyable. Of them is Kahoot! In Zoom. It is an application that acts as a learning tool by providing fun games, tests, and a variety of other chances. In only a few minutes, quizzes may be made and distributed. Games and quizzes may be planned using this platform quite easily. The Kahoot! with Zoom will make it simpler than ever for corporate leaders to engage and encourage their team members with Kahoot!! engaging game-based learning experiences at a time when many organizations are staying virtual or planning for a hybrid model. Head towards recording Kahoot with Filmora to experience a smooth Kahoot! usage on Zoom. Plus, you can also share the gameplay afterwards.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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