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Best Secret Voice Recorder Apps For Android and iOS

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 15, 22, updated Jul 12, 24

In today’s world, you cannot prove anything to anyone unless you have concrete evidence. There are so many times we face situations in life where we have no witness to testify, and we wish we could have a secret voice recorder device. The world has moved on from a secret voice recording device to a secret voice recording app. This is because we have our smartphones with us all the time. All you need is a voice recorder app to record any conversation without getting suspected.

However, a regular voice recorder app is not enough as any person around you could notice your phone screen and understand that you are recording. Instead, you need a secret voice recording app that can record in the background when the display is off. You can also record voice calls with such a voice recorder app without the other person getting any alert. We have compiled the list of best secret voice recorder apps for Android and iOS.

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Secret Voice Recording Apps For Android

There are several voice recording apps available and we have picked only those that can record sound in the background even when the screen is off.

Smart Recorder

Smart Recorder is the best secret voice recording app for Android users. The app can record surrounding voice even when the display is off. The app does not consume too much battery life in comparison to other such hidden voice recording apps. There is a microphone gain calibration control so that it can record amplified sound when the surround sound is rather low. Therefore, it picks up all conversations perfectly and you can listen to them crystal clear. Here are all the features of Smart Recorder app.

  • Record sound by staying hidden in the background.

  • Record sound by staying active even when display is off.

  • Option for microphone gain calibration for better recording.

  • Can pause, resume and discard recording instantly.

  • No recording time limit and launcher for easy access.

  • Audio spectrum analyzer and sensitivity control.

  • Adjust bit rate, sample rate and other such parameters.

smart recorder

GOM Recorder

GOM Recorder is another versatile audio recorder through which you can record surrounding conversations. The app lets you record voice memo which is a speech to text recording. The app has gesture settings to start recording by shaking the phone in order to avoid suspicion of the surrounding persons. Moreover, you can schedule recording which is great for secret voice recording. Here are all the features of GOM Recorder you should be aware of.

  • Record voice and convert speech to text.

  • Record secretly even when screen is off.

  • Gesture recording as well as schedule recording options.

  • Screen widget to start recording with a single tap.

  • Check on possible recording time based on space available.

  • Adjust speed, manage recordings and add notes.

gom recorder

Voice Recorder by Splend Apps

It is a completely free with intuitive user interface for easy operation. The recording quality is quite top-notch and you can record voice for memos, lectures, meetings, and much more. You can save the recordings in different file formats so that you can play the audio files on different devices. You can also determine the recording quality as per requirements as well as space availability. Here are the key features of the app you should know.

  • Record audio even when screen is off.

  • Record from mic as well as phone calls.

  • Adjust audio recording parameters.

  • Share recordings through email and other apps.

  • Check audio spectrum analyzer in real-time.

  • Find any recoding through date, size, duration and name.

  • Save recording in 4 different file formats.

splend apps

Secret Voice Recording Apps For iOS

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, here are the apps you should have on your device for secret voice recording.

Awesome Voice Recorder

This is literally the best secret voice recorder app for iPhone and iPad. In fact, it is also compatible with Apple Watch, and the app is also available for Android users. The recording quality is top-notch, and it can record secretly in the background. You can save the recordings in multiple audio file formats. The app safely stops recording during low battery, storage shortage, and even during sudden calls. Here are the key features of Awesome Voice Record that make it stand out.

  • Background recording is possible when you are using other apps.

  • Set audio quality and select mono or stereo recording.

  • Shows a wave analyzer and create ringtone easily.

  • Can reduce noise in the recording.

  • Proper recording organization for easy search.

  • Bluetooth support, multiple file formats, and Safe stop.

  • Save recordings on Cloud platforms.

awesome voice recorder

Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

It is undoubtedly the best secret voice recorder app iPhone. The user interface is slightly unappealing but the features and functionalities are totally exceptional. The app is available for free for iPhone as well as iPad. There is no limit on the recording time depending on the storage space available. Here are all the features of Voice Recorder & Audio Editor app.

  • Record any audio through iPhone mic.

  • Record phone calls and share through apps.

  • Edit recordings and change playback speed.

  • You can passcode protect the recordings.

  • Start and stop recording from Home screen instantly.

  • Upload recordings to Cloud platforms for future references.

  • Wi-Fi sync to transfer the recording to any device.

  • Paid recording transcription service.

voice recorder audio editor

Smart Recorder and Transcriber

If you are looking for a secret voice recorder with proper transcribing option, this is the app for your iPhone. You can record without getting detected easily and you can transcribe recording as well as edit and share them. In fact, many consider it better than the inbuilt Voice Memos app on iOS devices. Check out the app’s key features for more understanding.

  • Record when you are using other apps.

  • Record when your screen is off.

  • Pause and resume option.

  • Time slider on the recording.

  • iTunes and iCloud support.

  • No time limit, Geo tagging, easy searching.

  • Additional features on in-app purchases.

smart recorder and transcriber

Conclusion –

It is time to ditch secret voice recorder device and go with secret voice recording app on your smartphone. There are only a limited number of legitimate apps available that can stay in the background and record voice even when the phone screen is off. We have selected the best secret voice recorders for Android and iOS users to choose from easily.

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