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Create Video With CHATGPT: Check Out the Best Prompts in the Top 10 Trending Fields

ChatGPT has witnessed tremendous growth during the past few months. Here are some great ideas for using ChatGPT to organize your work and increase productivity.
Marion Dubois
Marion Dubois Originally published Apr 20, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

ChatGPT is famous worldwide for creating scripts and screenplays and writing various articles or blogs. While fetching the result on ChatGPT, people have multiple ideas but do not know how to approach their query with ChatGPT. People often cannot find the exact result they are looking for. There might be two possibilities in this situation: ChatGPT does not understand your requirements, or you are not giving the correct description of your needs in this situation.

Therefore, we will guide you with the top 10 categories of prompts that people usually search for to find the result on ChatGPT. Using these prompts, you can find your best result in a category, and you will understand how to phrase a sentence while obtaining answers on ChatGPT.

In this article
  1. Top 10 ChatGPT Prompts that You Can Try to Make Video
    1. Marketing ChatGPT Prompts
    2. Gaming ChatGPT prompts
    3. Entertainment ChatGPT Prompts
    4. Business ChatGPT prompts
    5. Education ChatGPT prompts
    6. Designer ChatGPT prompts
    7. Health ChatGPT prompts
    8. Story ChatGPT prompts
    9. Translating ChatGPT prompts
    10. Blogging ChatGPT prompts
  2. The Smartest Way to Create Amazing Videos
    1. What is Filmora?
    2. What is Filmora's AI Copywriting and How Does It Facilitate Video Creation?
    3. Creating Stunning Videos Made Easy with Filmora's AI Features
    4. How Can the User Access Filmora's AI Copywriting Function

Top 10 ChatGPT Prompts that You Can Try to Make Video

 People use millions of prompts to access their requirements from ChatGPT. Check out ChatGPT prompt guide for video promotion in each category with a few common examples that people use to fetch responses from ChatGPT.

1. Marketing ChatGPT Prompts

Marketing prompts you to address the product you're selling and ask for ways to help you promote your video. There are a few prompt lines that can help you in marketing promotions.

chatgpt how can i create a unique video to gain multiple views results.
  • How can I create a unique video to gain multiple views?
  • What should I add in my video to gather the customers' attraction?
  • How to get my website in youtube ads?
  • How can I edit my video with Filmora to gain attention?
  • How can I create promotional videos for my company?
ChatGPT is Now Available in Filmora!
Filmora now offers a ChatGPT plug-in to provide a more inspirational copywriting experience.
Wondershare Filmora 12

2.     Gaming ChatGPT prompts

Gaming prompts contain information about the game, or in the video section, people want to know how they can promote their giving skills online. Check out the top gaming prompts that you can question ChatGPT.

chatgpt how can i promote my gaming skills through youtube videos results.
  • How can I promote my gaming skills through YouTube videos?
  • Which game should I play to get views?
  • Can I edit my gaming videos with Filmora?
  • What are the basic specs of a gaming system?
  • Which are the top 5 games online?

3.     Entertainment ChatGPT Prompts

Entertainment industries have a vast variation in developing content. At the same time, it becomes hard to identify the best prompts to target audiences and promote videos. Therefore, check out common entertainment queries on ChatGPT.

chatgpt how to create a unique instagram reel result.
  • How to create a unique Instagram reel?
  • How can I add special effects to my video with Filmora?
  • What are the best captions for my scenery videos?
  • How to start streaming online?
  • How much can I earn from YouTube?

4.     Business ChatGPT prompts

You can take the help of ChatGPT to promote your business. It will give you the best ideas that you can follow for business growth. Also, find out the best business development strategies with ChatGPT.

chatgpt how can i expand my business globally results.
  • How can I expand my business globally?
  • Where can I promote my business through online domains?
  • Write a promotional email for my company.
  • How can I grow my net GDP?
  • How can I start my new business?

5.     Education ChatGPT prompts

Educational prompts can help the user to gain public attention. You can promote your educational and academic videos online to connect with the maximum number of people.

ChatGPT How can I make educational videos for students result.

People ask some most common prompts are: 

  • How can I make educational videos for students?
  • What is the answer to _____ (any subject question)?
  • How to crack the IIT exam?
  • How can I publish my book online?
  • How to start online coaching?

6.     Designer ChatGPT prompts

You can take the help of ChatGPT for website designing and editing pictures with AI tools. Follow the ChatGPT prompt guide to fetch your answers for Design purposes.

chatgpt how can i create a website result.
  • How can I create a website?
  • How can I edit my image with the Wondershare Filmora?
  • Which is the best to create designer images?
  • Tell me about the web development course.
  • How can I develop creative images with AI?

7.     Health ChatGPT prompts

ChatGPT knows every field. You can take the help of ChatGPT to acquire knowledge about health-related content. You can also study health issues and perks on ChatGPT. Find out the most frequently asked questions on ChatGPT.

ChatGPT How can I get a glow-on-my-face result.
  • How can I get a glow on my face?
  • What should I do to lose weight?
  • What are the top 10 healthy vegetables to eat?
  • Can you assist with my gym training?
  • Make my diet chart to gain weight.

8.     Story ChatGPT prompts

ChatGPT is a powerful AI that can create long or short user stories. With the help of ChatGPT, you can write a story to earn money. Users can also customize the size of the story by giving the command of a particular word count. Check out trending story prompts on ChatGPT. 

chatgpt write a screenplay for a comedy sequel result.
  • Create a story on a joint family for 500 words.
  • Write a script for an action movie.
  • Write a screenplay for a comedy sequel.
  • White is a literature story for the 10th class.
  • Write an article for _____ (based on your requirements).

9.     Translating ChatGPT prompts 

ChatGPT understands multiple languages. You can take the help of ChatGPT to convert any language to your language. Therefore, ChatGPT automatically detects the language, making it easy to understand any language.

chatgpt translate the pick-up line in spanish results.

ChatGPT prompt guides have millions of translation phrases. The AI automatically detects the language so you can convert this line to English, Spanish, Hindi etc.

  • Translate the pick-up line in Spanish.
  • Translate English literature books into Hindi
  • Translate this line from TGT to SRC.

10.     Blogging ChatGPT prompts

ChatGPT can write blogs and articles of different sizes and styles. It is one of the most common categories people search for on ChatGPT. It becomes easy to develop huge content on ChatGPT by giving simple brief commands in the message box. There's a list of popular blogs written by ChatGPT.

chatgpt write a blog on medical college life results.
  • Write a blog on medical College life.
  • Write an article about the importance of education.
  • Write a blog on the Advantages of AI tools.
  • Write a blog on ideas to relocate.
  • Write an article on mental health.

Bonus: Filmora's AI Tool: The Smartest Way to Create Amazing Videos

What is Filmora?

Filmora is a software for editing videos that were developed by Your video production experience becomes more polished with Filmora. With the aid of Filmora, users can generate 4K videos of the highest quality. To edit videos and add effects, a variety of features and AI technologies are available. You may create cinematic and transitional films for Instagram and YouTube with the aid of Filmora.

wondershare filmora interface
Free Download
Free Download

What is Filmora's AI Copywriting and How Does It Facilitate Video Creation?

You may use Filmora's built-in artificial intelligence technology to assist you in creating scripts or captions for your videos. Whether drafting a screenplay or adding subtitles, individuals typically follow the difficult procedure while watching the film. Using cutting-edge AI techniques, Wondershare's AI Copywriting makes your laborious process simple.

Using the text-to-speech function in Filmora, you may talk into the microphone as the text is being read aloud on the screen. Work is made easier, and you may instruct the microphone to narrate the footage. Besides that, when you choose to write copy for the film, Filmora's AI Copywriting tool streamlines the process of adding a screenplay and editing videos.

filmora editing interface

To know more about Filmora’s powerful AI functions, you can watch the video below:

Creating Stunning Videos Made Easy with Filmora's AI Features

How Can the User Access Filmora's AI Copywriting Function

The Wondershare Filmora and ChatGPT's artificial intelligence are now linked. You might request several forms of introduction essays or advertising lines. On your desktop, only the free version of Filmora has to be downloaded. It is compatible with both Windows and macOS systems.

You will land on Wondershare Filmora's home screen when the software has been installed, where you can start making new projects. Filmora has a ton of functions in addition to video editing, like quick mode, a screen recorder, an AI copywriter, etc.

On your screen, a little text box will appear once you choose AI copyrighting. The latest version of Filmora's AI copywriting is powered by Open AI. You may ask any questions, such as ChatGPT, to get the greatest outcomes for your films. You no longer need to search online for various captions and scripts. You may choose a choice straight away and include it in your finished video from the AI copyrighting section.

To get more instructions, please read AI Copywriting’s user guide.


There is no limitation of ChatGPT to generate content in various fields. We shared the top trending prompts line people usually search on ChatGPT to acquire knowledge. Moreover, people also use the church CPT to create content for the website and blog posts. Open AI does everything for you in 1 click.

Take the reference of trending prompts to develop your answers with ChatGPT. All you need to do is be precise and describe your actual requirement. Now you can share your ideas with the smartest AI to fetch its opinion and develop your skills.


  • Can we promote our business with ChatGPT?
    Yes, ChatGPT has advanced features that can help with your present situation to enhance your company's growth. It will also give you ideas on how to develop your business in a particular field.
  • Why do we need to understand the ChatGPT prompts guide?
    ChatGPT works on AI technology; it will only understand your command in the message box. You must be precise with your requirement so that it can give you the possible outcome for your queries, or else it will drag you to any other irrelevant response.
  • What is the powerful AI in video editing?
    The most powerful AI in video creation and editing is Filmora. It can create text and multiple filters for your video to make it look cinematic. It can also increase the quality of your video in the final rendering. It allows the user to make any changes after the final video optimization.
Marion Dubois
Marion Dubois Mar 27, 24
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