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Revolutionize Your Video Creation With AI-Powered ChatGPT

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Apr 23, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Video content reigns supreme in the current digital era. Businesses may effectively sell their goods, services, and brands using videos. But producing high-quality movies may be challenging, particularly for people with little or no background in the field. In this situation, ChatGPT is useful. A platform driven by the artificial intelligence called ChatGPT makes it simple for companies to produce exciting and educational films. It is the perfect option for businesses wishing to produce movies without spending money on expensive equipment or employing a crew of specialists because it saves time and work. In this article, we'll show you how to make videos using ChatGPT, making the process simple and accessible to everyone.

create videos with chatgpt
In this article
  1. Why To Use ChatGPT For Video Creation?
  2. Steps To Follow To Create Video Using ChatGPT
  3. Conclusion

Why To Use ChatGPT For Video Creation?

There are several reasons why companies ought to think about using Chat GPT for video production.

  • Anyone may quickly produce compelling and educational movies, regardless of prior experience or knowledge in the field with ChatGPT.
  • You can make video with ChatGPT that presents the script in a polished and exciting way.
  • ChatGPT offers multilingual help, making it an excellent option for companies operating across borders or serving a broad clientele range.
  • ChatGPT gives businesses various editing and customization choices that let them add their touches and improve the engagement of their films.
  • Creating ChatGPT videos is time and money-efficient. It makes it possible for organizations of all sizes to use it because there is no longer any need to purchase expensive equipment or hire a team of specialists.
ChatGPT is Now Available in Filmora!
Filmora now offers a ChatGPT plug-in to provide a more inspirational copywriting experience.
Wondershare Filmora 12

Steps To Follow To Create Video Using ChatGPT

With ChatGPT, making exciting and educational videos has always been more complex. Users can create videos using this AI platform's natural language processing and editing software. Anyone can make a high-quality video that appears and sounds like a professional video made in only six easy steps. Here are six steps on how to make videos using ChatGPT:

Step 1Sign Up For The ChatGPT

Joining the service is the first step towards producing a ChatGPT video. ChatGPT is powered by OpenAI, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence platform that allows developers and businesses worldwide access to machine learning and natural language processing capabilities.

  • First, you must create an account on the OpenAI website to register for ChatGPT.
  • To access the OpenAI website, open your preferred web browser and navigate to
  • Scroll down and click "Try ChatGPT."
  • Login if you already possess an OpenAI account.
  • If not, choose "Sign Up" and follow the guidelines to make a new account.
  • After logging in, it will take you to the GPT-3 dashboard.
sign up for chatgpt

Step 2Write The Video Description, Title, And Script Using ChatGPT

Using ChatGPT's natural language processing tools, you should write the video description, title, and script after registering for the service. You can make video with ChatGPT and produce ideas for video scripts. ChatGPT will provide a list of options to consider when you enter your prompt or question into the chat bar at the bottom of your screen. If you don't like the results, choose "Regenerate" or change your prompt.

Type your request in the chat box, combining your own or the idea you choose from step one. Then unwind as ChatGPT quickly develops a complete script.

write video description title and script using chatgpt

Step 3Generate The Avatar Video

You can generate the avatar video using Filmora once you get the script using ChatGPT. Filmora is a video editor with vertical and user-friendly AI functions.The Filmora AI Copywriting tool is powered by ChatGPT API, which enables users to write compelling and engaging video scripts. You must perform the following actions to create the avatar video:

  • Open the Filmora video editing program on your PC as the first step. You can download and install Filmora from the official website.
  • Once you launch Filmora, select the "New Project" option, then from the list of possible templates, choose the "Avatar" template. It will launch a brand-new project using the loaded avatar template.
  • Next, import the script you created using ChatGPT. To do this, choose the file containing your script by clicking the "Import" button in the toolbar.
  • You can change the avatar to suit your tastes after importing the script.
  • After personalizing the avatar, you may improve the film's overall quality by including background music and sound effects.
generate the avatar video
Free Download
Free Download

Step 4Add Visuals

Adding images is crucial for your video to be attractive and aesthetically appealing. You can take the following actions to add visuals to your video:

  • You can import the images into Filmora after selecting them. Drag and drop images into the project timeline to import them.
  • Organize the graphics in the order you wish them to display in the video. You can also change each visual's duration to conform to the script's timing.
add visuals

Step 5Edit The Video

The avatar ChatGPT video will need proper editing to improve its visual appeal and engagement after being created using Filmora. Below are the steps to edit your video in Filmora:

  • Drag and drop the transition effect onto the video clip in the Effects tab to add a transition.
  • Click the "Split" button in the toolbar after positioning the play head where you want to start trimming.
  • Select the part of the video you want to erase, then press the "Delete" key on your keyboard.
  • Drag and drop an effect or sound effect onto the video clip to add it. You can do it from the Effects panel.
  • Use Filmora's color grading tools to change the color and lighting and its audio editing capabilities to change the sound.
  • When you are happy with the outcome, export the video in the format you want, such as MP4, AVI, or MOV.
edit the video

Step 6Upload Video

The last step is to upload your ChatGPT video after editing and perfecting it. Below are some common techniques for uploading videos:

  • You can share the video on various social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You may submit videos instantly from your computer or mobile device to most social media sites.
  • You can also post your film on websites that let you share videos, such as Dailymotion, Vimeo, and YouTube. These platforms allow you to share your videos with a larger audience and offer several tools to aid in the promotion of your videos.
  • You can also add the video to your site or blog. It helps you increase traffic to your website and gives you control over the style and placement of the video.
upload videos


A valuable tool for producing exciting and educational movies of the highest caliber is ChatGPT. It streamlines the video creation process and saves time and effort with its sophisticated natural language processing capabilities. This "how to make videos using ChatGPT" guide offers a simple procedure for using the platform to create videos. Anyone can make professional-looking videos guaranteed to draw and keep viewers using the procedures listed below. For marketers, teachers, and content producers trying to improve their video content strategy, ChatGPT is a great resource.


  • How does ChatGPT create video scripts?
    ChatGPT analyzes your input using cutting-edge natural language processing techniques to create video scripts based on your description and topic. The AI model can recognize the core ideas of a topic and deliver them in a compelling and exciting script because it has been trained on an extensive corpus of text data.
  • Is ChatGPT appropriate for producing videos for professional or academic purposes?
    ChatGPT is a fantastic tool for producing ChatGPT videos for work or school. You may use it to create instructional videos, explainer videos, product demos, etc. ChatGPT can assist you in producing exciting and educational videos that are likely to hold the interest of your audience thanks to its capacity to produce top-notch scripts and avatar videos.
  • How long does it take ChatGPT to create a video script?
    The length and intricacy of the content determine how long it takes the API to build a ChatGPT video script. The time required to develop a script varies from a few seconds to a few minutes.
Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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