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Best Cloud Storage Apps on Android 2024

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 29, 22, updated Jul 18, 24

Keeping track of the storage space on your Android-powered smartphone or tablet can be a hassle. Apps compete for storage space against photos, videos, and other documents, and games consume more space as you keep increasing the level. Finding the best cloud storage app for Android devices can be challenging. Running out of storage space on your smartphone or tablet is a common concern.

The time has not yet come when it would be beneficial to store data in the cloud would be helpful. It is practical, does not use any of your internal storage, and is much more convenient than carrying a hard drive everywhere. Additionally, it makes it simpler to exchange files with other individuals. With the help of these fantastic cloud storage apps for Android, you can get a head start on the competition.

Some excellent free cloud storage apps are available here; they won't charge you a dime for using them. Prices are accurate as of the date of publication, but there is a possibility that they will change before the following one.

cloud storage apps
In this article
    1. Google Drive
    2. Mega
    3. PCloud
    4. Microsoft OneDrive
    5. Degoo
    6. Box
    7. Mobidrive
  1. What’s the Best Cloud Storage

Part 1: Best Cloud Storage Apps on Android

You'll find seven different cloud storage applications in the following list, which is presented in no particular order whatsoever. We leave it to you to decide which option is ideal for you. Some provide more free storage space than others; others have a more user-friendly interface design, and so on. In the following list, you will find not only a description of each app but also other information that is pertinent to that app.

No.1 Google Drive

Google Drive, one of the most well-liked cloud storage options available, is difficult to beat when providing a fluid cloud storage experience to Android users. If you're okay with your photos getting downsized to 16MP, anyone with a free account can access 15GB of Google Drive storage space plus the unlimited photo backup through Google Photos.

google drive

Rating: 4.4/5

Free storage. Create, modify, and share documents directly from Google Drive with the free Google account that comes with Google Docs. Sending a link to family and friends makes it simple to share files with them.

Premium price. Google offers three additional standard pricing plans with 100GB, 200GB, and 2TB of storage in addition to the free 15GB cloud storage plan. Every plan is less than $10 per month, making every storage choice affordable for almost any budget.

General using experience. It is easy to use. You can find numerous features of the Google Drive app in the slide-out menu to the left and at the bottom of the screen. Although seeing all of the features and settings can take some time, using the app is simple because it resembles many file management apps.

No.2 Mega

MEGA cloud storage app has been in existence for a while. You've probably downloaded something from MEGA since it used to be one of the more well-known file-sharing websites. However, it went through a few changes and is now a cloud storage service with a security-focused focus and distinctive features.


Rating: 4.5/5

Free storage. MEGA gives you 20GB of storage for free when you sign up, and it has an achievement system that rewards you with additional storage for carrying out tasks like telling your friends about MEGA.

Premium price. MEGA is an excellent option for those who require a lot of storage because it offers a competitive range of plans that begin at 400GB all the way upto 16TB.

General using experience. It is easy to use and requires zero-knowledge encryption.

No.3 PCloud

PCloud is a very private and secure free storage app, even though it may not have all the capabilities of Google Drive. With the optional Crypto package, PCloud's security is improved. You can access the "Crypto" folder, which is essentially similar to OneDrive's vault but has extra zero-knowledge encryption, by purchasing pCloud Crypto.


Rating: 4.5/5

Free storage. You can upgrade to pCloud's 500GB or 2TB cloud storage plans for a fee or use its free plan to try out up to 10GB of storage.

Premium price. pCloud is unique because you can pay once for lifetime storage in addition to monthly, annually, or any other amounts.

General using experience. The Android app for pCloud has a generic appearance, which is advantageous. Convenient media shortcuts and a shortcut for shared links are also in the slide-out menu. The Crypto folder is also included in the slide-out menu if you choose the Crypto package.

No.4 Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft's response to cloud storage apps, OneDrive, comes in at number four. OneDrive's premium plans are included with Office 365, which integrates well with Microsoft Office products. You may automatically back up your images using this service, similar to Google Drive. However, each photo uses storage space.

microsoft onedrive

Rating: 4.6/5

Free storage. Your initial 5GB of cloud storage can be increased to 100GB or 1TB for free. Access to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel on your Android phone or tablet device, as well as other devices, is part of the 1TB Office 365 Personal package.

Premium price. Families benefit from Office 365 Home because it costs $9.99 per month and gives each member of the household access to Office as well as 1TB of personal cloud storage. Since OneDrive is cross-platform, anyone who uses an iPhone in their home may still take advantage of all of Office 365's advantages.

General using experience. With useful shortcuts for folders, shared files, and photos on the bottom, the OneDrive app is quick and straightforward. The UI uses folders and isn't all that dissimilar from Android's built-in file manager. The choice to enable automatic uploading of images from your smartphone is hidden away in photos as well.

No.5 Degoo- 100 GB free storage

Select the items you wish to back-ups, such as your documents or images, and we'll save them all safely on the Degoo Cloud drive’s best cloud storage app. You can take all your pictures, videos, music, and documents with you, thanks to Degoo. Degoo, the best cloud drive for your phone and tablet, lets you save and share your data for free.


Rating: 4.5/5

Free storage. With this program, you may earn up to 100 GB of free storage, but remember that you won't get that immediately.

Premium price. By watching supplemental sponsored movies, you can gain additional storage. As with any other cloud storage company, you may also pay to gain more storage.

General using experience. The application's user interface appears to be exceptionally well-designed, although it is unlike any other software on the list.

No.6 Box

In the world of commerce, the cloud storage program known as Box has gained a lot of notoriety. Many companies use this software, although regular customers can also download and use it. The program's user interface is relatively straightforward and uncluttered, which is always a welcome feature.


Rating: 4.5/5

Free storage. Free personal accounts with 10 gigabytes of storage space are available to individuals just starting the service. Remember that its base 100GB plan for individual use is a little bit more expensive than most other plans of its kind.

Premium price. 100GB. Business prices range from $5 to $15 per user per month and contain many additional services, whereas the individual plan costs only $10 per month.

General using experience. There is a wide selection of software for managing files, some of which also have a connection with Box, a convenient feature. The application performs well and emphasizes both ease of use and tidy presentation.

No.7 Mobidrive

MobiDrive is a free cloud storage app service that offers extensive connectivity. Besides, it comes with several other notable MobiSystems applications, such as OfficeSuite, File Commander, and PDF Extra, in addition to many valuable features that help optimize your work cycle.


Rating: 4.4/5

Free storage. Anyone currently logged into a MobiSystems account can use the cloud storage's complimentary 5 GB storage space.

Premium price. For storage above 5GB, you must subscribe to the premium plan.

General using experience. It provides an intuitive user interface for browsers, makes it simple to generate download links that improve collaboration, and synchronizes content instantly across all platforms.

Part 2: What’s the Best Cloud Storage

Wondershare Drive is the most reliable option for cloud storage. It grants you access to your files in an encrypted and secure manner. As a cloud-native service, Wondershare Drive eliminates the requirement for storing files locally, reducing the potential for damage to your devices. Your videos and project files can be uploaded, saved, downloaded, and shared using the free 1 GB of cloud storage space included with Filmora. You can access Wondershare Drive either through the Filmora software or through a web browser on your computer. Using Wondershare Drive to save project files and upload them is a simple process.

If you launch Filmora and select Recent Project, you can view all your local projects if you want to upload and save your local project. It also has a reasonable pricing plan as below:


Q1: Which cloud has the most storage space available?

Google Drive. Google Drive is the most popular app for cloud storage platform, and it has more than a billion users all over the world. It's the most well-known cloud storage option and among the best regarding huge files.

Q2: How can I receive a free cloud space of 2 terabytes?

pCloud is one of the most excellent free cloud storage alternatives available, with a storage capacity of 2 terabytes (TB). It stands out due to its unlimited remote upload traffic function. It gives its basic accounts a free storage capacity of 10 GB worth of space to use.


Thus, I hope you are familiar with the concept of cloud storage apps at this point. In earlier times, only a tiny percentage of the population used storage on the cloud; however, with the fast-changing world, the youngest to the oldest have become more comfortable with virtual data. So, pick up any of the above free storage apps and start your creative journey today.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 18, 24
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