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A Review: 10 Best Free LUTs with Download Links

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 25, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

As a kind of effect LUTs can be added to your photos or videos to enhance them. There are many different LUTs, and each one does its specific task. Today we will discuss the top ten most usually used LUTs with their functions and free download links. Let's start!

In this article
  1. Part 1. Why should we use preset LUTs?
  2. Part 2. 10 best free LUTs with download links
    1. 1. Red LUT
    2. 2. Wedding LUTs
    3. 3. Neutral LUT
    4. 4. Black and White LUT
    5. 5. Sam Kolder LUT
    6. 6. Moody LUTs
    7. 7. Custom LUT
    8. 8. Kodachrome LUT
    9. 9. Horror LUTs
    10. 10. Natural LUT
  3. Part 3. Use 40+ free LUTs in Filmora:

Part 1. Why should we use preset LUTs?

In addition to supporting a video to connect with audiences and emphasize the plot, color is also the most natural method for viewers to perceive a piece of media. A movie's aesthetic potential will be severely constrained if it only uses original camera footage. Every video producer has to be able to accurately comprehend the emotional qualities of color in order to adapt to the specific color theme of the movie. However, a beginner frequently doesn't know where to start when attempting color correction and color mixing for the first time. Color rings and color curves seem to be professional-level tools that are far beyond their reach. This time, a pre-set LUTs package will precisely solve the problem.

Part 2. 10 best free LUTs with download links

1. Red LUT

These Red LUTs are most commonly used for color grading to give your videos a cinematic effect and can help create a warm-and-cold impression in the video. They are one of the best LUTs for you if you want your video footage to look like a professional Film.

2. Wedding LUTs

This LUT will help you a lot with enhancing your wedding photos. Primarily the Wedding LUTs consist of skin toning and brightness adjustment tools. They surely make a simple wedding pic even more beautiful. Moreover, there are both video and photo wedding LUTs available.

Free Download Link

3. Neutral LUT

Neutral LUT offers some minor changes, in contrast, to make your photo more enhanced. As indicated by their name, they don't add advanced types of effects to make your photo unique. However, they are still very good if you want only some simple enhancement in your photos.

Free Download Link

4. Black and White LUT

Black and White LUTs add black and white effects to your photos and videos. Black and white pictures help you to make a past look. Using them, you can make your video and photos looks old.

Free Download Link

5. Sam Kolder LUT

You can say that these LUTs are a mixture of many functions like color grading, brightness control, etc. Sam Kolder is an Influencer. These are the effects he uses for his social media accounts.

6. Moody LUTs

These type of LUTs are best to make your photo looks more vibrant. It offers color enhancing with brightness control to make your photos darker and flourishing.

Free Download Link

7. Custom LUT

Custom LUTs are the ones that have customized functions. You can use different Custom LUTs for different outputs as they provide a wide range of effects. Like tone mapping, color grading, etc.

Free Download Link

8. Kodachrome LUT

These LUTs work most prominently on grading colors like red, blue, etc. The word Kodachrome is from an old film that uses great color mixtures.

Free Download Link

9. Horror LUTs

As indicated by their name, these LUTs will provide a creepy effect. They are used to make the theme of any photo or video dark.

Free Download Link

10. Natural LUT

Natural LUTs offer natural effects to make your photos or video look more realistic. They don't much alter your original picture or video, only applying simple retouches to enhance natural beauty.

Free Download Link

Part 3. Use 40+ free LUTs in Filmora:

If you want to take your videos or photos to the next level, the best suggestion is Wondershare Filmora. Filmora offers a library of Preset colors and effects that you can use to make your video or photos more impressive. You can also add 3D professional LUTs. The most advanced tool is that you can manually do color correction and tuning more efficiently than ever. Filmora has all you need to make your content fantastic.


The LUTs are a great way to add-up effects to your photos and videos. We have introduced the top ten best LUTs with their functions and free download link. You can surely use them to get excellent output. However, if you still have questions about LUTs and don't know how to use them, Wondershare Filmora is your best choice. Its advanced features are easy to use, even for beginners. Thanks for reading.

Free Download
Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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