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10 Free/Paid LUTs for Canon Camera

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison Originally published May 17, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

When you use the cameras optimally, the recording becomes an easy task. There is a wide range of settings in-built in the latest cameras to capture the content with high-end quality factors. Here, in this article, you will learn about the Canon LUT and the different features it includes in the photos and videos for better outcomes.

Many edits in videos increase the visibility of the content and express the media file precisely. Let us take a look at the usage of Canon C-log and its impact on color correction. You will also discover free and paid LUTs to enhance the overall outlook of the videos and photos.

canon lut
In this article
  1. What is Canon C-log?
  2. Canon LUTs for Canon Camera

What is Canon C-log?

The Canon C-log is the firmware update from the Canon camera, and it is an expanded format that gives you the best results if enabled at the shooting time. It occupies the fifth option in the Canon settings menu. You can turn on this option and capture the target with accurate details. This option refines various attributes like color, contrast, brightness, hue, and saturation during the shooting mode. The Canon C-log contributes a lot in making the best captures precisely.

canon c-log
Canon C-Log

Canon LUTs for Canon Camera

You can find surplus LUTs available in the digital stores, especially for Canon camera edits. Shoot the memorable events using the Canon camera and add extra flavour to it by inserting the correct LUT effects on the video content.

In the below discussion, find the best free and paid Canon LUTS to enhance the overall looks of the captured photos or videos. These LUTs bring the best impact on the original content.

Best Free Canon LUTS

Here, surf the free Canon LUTS that goes well with the Canon camera clicks. It is free of cost, and you can download it to the local system and import any video editing tools to apply this effect.

1. City Building

In this LUTs effects, you will find the best changes in portraying the original captures of city-building and urban atmosphere. It looks great for the newbie editors where you can obtain the realistic captures efficiently without compromising any factors.

Free Lut for Canon - City Building
City Building

2. Slight warmth

As the name of the LUTS illustrates, it goes well with photos or videos displaying the shades of the sun during the sunset environment. Use this free Canon LUTS to add value to the clicks you make during the fun time in the evening with your friends and family.

Free Lut for Canon - Slight Warmth
Slight warmth

3. Skin Tone

If you want the skin tones to be visible as it is in real-time, apply these LUTS in the captured content. You can use this Skin Tone LUTS when recording content related to any gatherings. Videos or photos filled with men, women and children can use this Skin tone LUTS to add flavors to the existing capture.

Free Lut for Canon - Skin Tone
Skin Tone

4. Filmy style

It is a unique type of Canon LUTS that converts the media files into filmy styles. Slight adjustment with the color, brightness, saturation, and hue depicts the content like that of the films. Many film professionals stick to this LUTS to bring desired effects.

Free Lut for Canon - Filmy style
Filmy style

5. Blue Skies

This free Canon LUTS corrects the mismatch recording of the blue skies. When the blue skies are visible in the photo or videos, adding this LUT retains the realistic view of the blue skies. This LUT adjusts the color shades, sharpness, and contrast attributes to bring back the original replica of the blue skies.

Free Lut for Canon - Blue Skies
Blue Skies

The above discussed Canon LUTS are free of cost, and you can download them from the website

5 Best Paid Canon LUTS

If you are interested in the paid Canon LUTs, use the below discussion to download the favorite ones to satisfy your editing needs. The foremost goal of any LUTS is to enhance the overall appearance of the videos or photos. Choose the respective ones to meet your editing expectations hassle-free. The Canon cameras are in-built with two LUTS to adjust the color space and gamma attributes. You can modify them according to the needs and add extra luts effects if required.

1. Canon Cinematic LUTS

Price: $33

In these LUTs, you can find the color gradients that suit cinematic expectations. The brightness, saturation, hue, and contrast are set with optimal values to display clear photos or videos. It is enough if you purchase this LUT and apply it to the uploaded file on any video editing platform to witness the changes in the original content. This LUT is quite sophisticated and gives you stunning results when applied to the captured content. The essence of the videos and photos is revealed well using this LUT.

Paid Lut for Canon - Canon Cinematic LUTS
Canon Cinematic LUTS

2. Ultra Cyber LUTS

Price: $29.95

In the Ultra cyber LUTs, the latest technological effects are seen and go well with the professional captures. The effect is overwhelming and gives you a satisfactory result too. You can apply this LUTS on cyber-related recordings and looks like a fantasy style. This suits only for specific captures and is less commonly used by photographers and editors.

Paid Lut for Canon - Ultra Cyber LUTS
Ultra Cyber LUTS

3. Urban Moody LUTS

Price: $29.95

Here comes another paid version of LUTs for Canon. It has a city side effect and conveys the mood simultaneously. The moody refers to landscapes, weather, and all the dynamic state of the environment adds to the list in the moods category. Combining the urban with moody is a different LUTs idea. You can apply them when recording urban events and happening related to the city landscapes.

Paid Lut for Canon - Urban Moody LUTS
Urban Moody LUTS

4. Film-Like LUTS

Price: $37

Most film lovers connect with these LUTs to add flavor to their recordings. Every track on the footage optimizes by applying these LUTS. This effect works on various factors on the screen by correcting the skin tone of the characters, adjusting the environment brightness and resetting the overall color gradient values to convert the captures film-like. It is less complex when compared to other LUTS in the digital space. Easily blends with the recordings and gives out stunning results.

Paid Lut for Canon - Film-Like LUTS
Film-Like LUTS

5. Classic and Punchy LUTS

The traditional and classic style of LUTS gives you mind-blowing outcomes in no time. This LUT offers you the right color gradient, and brightness levels exactly what you need in your captures. The realistic nature of the recordings is well revealed using this LUT. Simple to use and the canon user can avail of it without any hesitation. You can apply this LUT to any type of video or photo that requires some traditional touch.

Paid Lut for Canon - Classic and Punchy LUTS
Classic and Punchy LUTS
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Thus, this article has given you valuable insights on the Canon LUTS and its related product available in the digital market. You can choose your favorite LUTs according to your media needs and apply them efficiently on any media player.

Surf the above discussed free and paid version of LUTS and bring out the best in your content in no time. There is a surplus of different LUTs effects available in the online space, you can browse them when required. Use the appropriate LUTS to enhance the overall outlook of the content. Connect with this article to discover the latest LUTS for Canon to improve the visibility of the photos and videos precisely. Stay tuned for more information on the LUTS and its associated benefits.

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison Mar 27, 24
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