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Where to Submit Your Show: Complete List of Podcast Directories

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jan 09, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Submitting your podcast show on different platforms is essential to get the right audiences. As we all know, the more podcast directories you publish your show, the more listeners you get.

Yet, finding the ideal choices can take time and effort with many podcast directories available online. Worry less. We've compiled a list of the best podcast directories you can always count on to publish your podcast show anytime.

In this article
  1. What are podcast directories?
    1. YouTube
    2. Spotify
    3. Apple Podcasts
    4. Google Podcasts
    5. Pandora
    6. Audible
    7. NPR One
    8. Tune In
    9. Podcast Addict
    10. RadioPublic
    11. Overcast
    12. Pocket Casts
    13. CastBox
    14. Stitcher
  2. More choices to submit your podcast shows
  3. How to submit a show to podcast directories?
  4. Hot FAQs on Podcast Directories

Part 1. What are podcast directories?

A podcast directory is a listening app. It's the place where podcasts and their listeners meet. Podcast listeners search for, subscribe to, and listen to your Podcast using their podcast directory of choice. Popular podcast directories include Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

Part 2. 15 Top podcast directories to focus on in 2024

Thankfully, research conducted by EdisonResearch shows the weekly audience reach of top podcast directories. So this list will help us locate the best podcasting directories. And it can multiply your audience size and quickly reach a more extensive user base.

According to Edison Research, the top 15 Podcast Networks are:

edison podcast metrics

You must retain that Edison's research only analyzes the US podcast services. Yet, our guide has compiled the best podcasting directories to connect with users worldwide.

Below you will find the list of top podcast directories and their reviews. But keep in mind that when it comes to podcast directories, there is no such thing as best or worse. Instead, it's all about the user base and audience reach. So, it is best to submit your podcasts to multiple podcasting directories.

1. YouTube

With a monthly active user base of 2.5 billion, YouTube should be the top choice of any podcast creator. According to a recent survey by Statista, YouTube took over Spotify to become the largest platform for podcast consumption worldwide. Additionally, 47.7% of the US audience prefers YouTube over other platforms for listening to podcasts.

Not to forget, YouTube comes pre-installed on all smartphones and is also accessible via the Web to users worldwide. Another benefit of YouTube is that it is free for creators and users. Plus, once you grow your user base, it also allows you to get surplus revenue.

podcast directory youtube

Of course, YouTube is a video-only platform. Still, you can use tools like Wondershare Filmora to create video-based podcasts seamlessly. You can simply convert the video podcasts into an audio format using Filmora itself and then reupload the same Podcast to even audio-based podcast directories.

Free Download
Free Download

Tools like Fimora also allow you to directly publish the created Podcast on YouTube (so you do not have to worry about video requirements mandatory for YouTube).

  • User Review of YouTube on G2: "YouTube is one of those sites that you can't live without for a business. Everyone knows what YouTube is, and users (globally) use the platform daily."
  • Monthly User Base: Over 2.5 billion active users.
  • Supported OS: All major OS and web browsers.

2.  Spotify

Spotify has over 389 million listeners across 187 markets worldwide. Available on all major OS and its web presence makes it one of the best directories of podcasts on the internet.

Aside from its audience base, Spotify also provides real-time insights, like who your audience is, what they like, which episodes they prefer, and even what songs they want. All these insights will also help you plan your future content according to the audience.

podcast directory spotify

Spotify's personalized recommendations and algorithms are another pluses, given you can get discovered easily/ Like YouTube, Spotify allows you to upload even video podcasts. While you can also create and upload podcasts in audio format only.

  • User Review of Spotify on G2: "I can find any song, artist, album, and even podcasts at any time and no commercials."
  • Monthly User Base: Over 360 million active users.
  • Supported OS: All major OS and web browsers.

3.  Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcast is another top directory for a podcast that creators cannot ignore. Given it is an exclusive-podcast platform, its 28.5 million active user base in more than 170 countries and regions is enough to tell its greatness.

It is essential to understand that YouTube and Spotify are not exclusive podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts. And while Spotify and YouTube are best for connecting novice podcast listeners, Apple Podcast is the way to go if you want to connect with a dedicated podcast community.

podcast directory apple podcast

The best thing about the Apple Podcast directory is it allows you to create a podcast (via Apple Podcast Connect), but you must be an Apple user. However, you can submit your podcasts to Apple Podcast via RSS feed even if you are not an Apple user.

In all, given Apple Podcast is available for Apple users and is known by default on all Apple devices (the most prominent smartphone company in the world), Apple Podcast is a must-use podcast directory.

  • User Review of Apple Podcast: "Apple once again nails with simplicity, millions of shows of my interest, and freemium service."
  • Monthly User Base: Over 28.5 million active users.
  • Supported OS: All Apple devices.

4.  Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts has over 100 million downloads on Play Store alone and is also available on the web, App Store, Blackberry, and ChromeOS users. A completely subscription-free and ad-free platform, Google Podcasts is one of the top podcasting directories among users.

However, unlike the Apple Podcast directory, it does not have a studio, so you can only submit your podcasts via RSS feeds. Still, its user base and the advanced algorithms are an opportunity to connect with users who like the subjects you discuss.

podcast directory google podcasts

Like Spotify and Apple Podcast directories, Google Podcasts also show you real-time analytics and guide you about users so that you can plan your content accordingly. Given that it only requires a Google account to start, it is another top podcast directory you cannot ignore.

  • User Review of Google Podcast

"Google Podcast includes everything that a podcast listener wants. It's simple, free, and includes valuable options like Sleep Timer, Playback speed, and more."

  • Monthly User Base: Over 30 million active users.
  • Supported OS: Dedicated apps for all major OS and web presence.

5.  Pandora

Pandora has over 64 million monthly active users, with a listener spending up to 24 hours/monthly on the platform. It explains that users spend up to 45 minutes on the Pandora platform tuning in to their favorite podcasts. Again, its search-based algorithms allow you to get discovered by users that like subjects and topics on which you're creating podcasts, meaning it is simple to connect with a large user base conveniently.

podcast directory pandora

Pandora only accepts podcasts via RSS feed, which should be in MP3 format. But recent notifications have shown more audio formats will be added.

However, it is vital to retain that Pandora Podcast's team critically analyzes all submissions manually. So, it might take up to 4-6 weeks for your first Podcast to appear on the platform.

  • User Review of Pandora Podcast

"Pandora Podcasts recommendations are a blessing for me, who always finds it confusing to locate the right episode to spend my time on."

  • Monthly User Base: Over 64 million active users.
  • Supported OS: Dedicated apps for all major OS and web presence.

6. Audible

Although popular among audiobook lovers, Audible has a considerable podcast following too. Its monthly active user base is around 41 million. The biggest benefit of registering your Podcast on the Audible directory of podcasts is that it connects with users who use Alexa to discover new podcasts.

Besides Audible, the Podcast will also be available for users of the Amazon Music app. That means you can connect with even more users via one submission only. Not to forget, Amazon Prime Video (a massive following) users get a free subscription to Amazon Music, so there's a perfect chance that you will connect with users conveniently.

podcast directory audible

It is important to note that both Amazon Music and Audible offer podcasts for entirely free to users, so a more extensive user base prefers these platforms over paid platforms.

  • User Review of Pandora Podcast

"You get to listen to any audiobook in the "included" library no matter which subscription you purchase.."

  • Monthly User Base: Over 64 million active users.
  • Supported OS: Android, iOS,

7. NPR One

podcast directory npr one

With an average listener spending up to 145 minutes weekly, the NPR One podcast directory is one of the best podcast directories you can trust to submit your show online. The podcast directory has a userbase of over 500 thousand users globally, and

  • User Review of NPR One Podcast

"I've been using this app for years now. It's been my trusty companion to give me the news. I primarily use it with the sleep timer. I'm not a super picky consumer, especially when I don't pay for the app!

But for many months now, the sleep timer will frequently think the time is up and shut off the player well before it should. The player will often shut off within 5 minutes of using the 30 min sleep timer. It's annoying to open the player hit resume, and reset the sleep timer."

  • Monthly User Base: 500 thousand
  • Supported OS: Android, iOS

8. Tune In

podcast directory tunein

Technically, TuneIn is a radio. But lately, it has become prevalent amongst podcast listeners to find their favorite shows and also listen to music. The podcast directory has a global user base of over 75 million and a monthly visit of 7million+, which makes it a great spot for any podcaster to publish their show.

  • User Review of Tune In Podcast

"I've been using the app for 4 years. I like it, but there are some annoying "features."

1) the screen won't time out when the app is active.

2) the developers must have recently made a change. I used to search through my list of "recent" (there were about 20) to look for new episodes of my favorite podcasts.

Now, the app only allows me to see the last four podcasts or stations I have listened to. So it is not helpful.'

  • Monthly User Base: Over 7 million active users
  • Supported OS: Dedicated apps for all major OS and web presence.

9. Podcast Addict

podcast directory podcast addict

With over 10 million downloads on Google Playstore, Podcast Addict is one of Android's most popular podcast apps. You can publish your podcast show, as it allows you to connect with the ideal audience quickly and easily.

Also, Podcast Addict is one of the few podcast directories available in various languages, including French and German. So it's a perfect choice non-English podcasters.

  • User Review of PodcastAddit

"Been using this for years. It does everything I could ever want when listening/ referencing/ re-listening to my favorite podcasts and a lot more.

I've suffered through having to use other podcast players (e.g., listening to something "exclusive"), but I couldn't stand the inane simplicity of other players long enough to finish their content.

Also, it takes a bit to get used to (especially if you're coming from other stripped-down players), but very worth the small effort for a powerful app."

  • Monthly User Base: Over 750 thousand active users.
  • Supported OS: Dedicated Android App and web presence.

10. RadioPublic

podcast directory radiopublic

Having been in the game for over 15 years, RadioPublic is another excellent podcast directory you can count on to submit your show. Although the platform does not have a massive user base compared to its competitors, it will help you grow your listeners and business by getting your podcast show to the right audience.

On RadioPublic, an average listener spends up to 72 minutes every day finding new podcast shows and listening to new episodes from their favorite podcasts. And given that the platform offers many robust features, listeners can enjoy a seamless listening experience on any device.

Overall, the RadioPublic podcast directory offers you a smart way to publish your show and grow your audience without going through stress.

  • User Review of RadioPublic

"Glad I waited a while to find a podcast website provider. Starting from scratch in WordPress seemed too much hassle. Luckily the site came along while I was dithering about what to do.

The RadioPublic team onboarded the other 5 billion podcasts as one of the first examples, and I'm delighted to have chosen this option. Already, my pod site feels "complete" to look at, and more features are coming soon that will help with marketing, understanding listeners, and building a podcast brand."

  • Monthly User Base: Over 300 Thousand active users
  • Supported OS: Dedicated apps for all major OS and web presence.

11. Overcast

podcast directory overcast

Overcast is a dedicated podcast app for Apple devices, and what makes it a great podcast directory is that it offers unique features that attract many listeners.

On this platform, you'll be allowed to display advertising slots, enabling listeners to subscribe to your podcast show within a few clicks. Plus, unlike many of its competitors, listeners have control over what podcast show is displayed in the featured podcast section. It is helpful as it lets listeners quickly discover every new episode you publish.

Overall, many incredible features make Overcast a good choice, and chances are your Podcast will get to real listeners when you publish them here.

  • User Review of Overcast

"Nice alternative to Apple's. I've been well pleased so far. It isn't always the most intuitive, but I've eventually figured out how to achieve almost everything I've wanted to. The benefits of adding a show via RSS have become immediately clear.

Being a subscriber to a show and getting early access episodes and bonus material right in my podcast manager makes it easy to stay up with all my shows."

  • Monthly User Base: Over 70 Thousand active users.
  • Supported OS: Dedicated app for iOS and web presence.

12. Pocket Casts

podcast directory pocketcasts

If you're looking for a free podcast directory to publish your Podcast show, Pocket Casts is the ideal one for you. This podcast directory is packed with many rich features that podcasters will find very helpful. In addition, thanks to its beautifully designed website interface, you won't find the platform difficult to use.

Besides, many listeners love Pocket Podcasts as it offers them incredible features—for example, improved discovery options, playback speed options, and lots more. In addition, they've enhanced how they find and listen to podcasts on the platform. You can't go wrong publishing your show on a platform like this one.

  • User Review of Pocket Casts

"Wonderful app, the most reliable one I've found. Even with accounts, most others lose all your progress data which hasn't happened once with this, and I've switched phones 3 times. The progress tracker is so accurate you can pause on one device, open the same account and continue listening. Most apps can't even keep things downloaded. Search does take a minute but finds stuff no other app does."

  • Monthly User Base: Over 1 Million active users.
  • Supported OS: Dedicated apps for all major OS and web presence.

13. CastBox

podcast directory castbox

CastBox is another unique podcast directory that podcasters trust to publish their show online. The platform boasts an optimized SEO and artificial intelligence that lets listeners find new podcast shows. Thanks to its massive user base of up to 20 Million users, your Podcast could reach a wide range of audiences quickly and easily.

Also, CastBox offers social media features that allow listeners to comment and share your podcast show on their social media page, thus helping you get your show to more listeners and potentially increase your fanbase.

  • User Review of CastBox

"I've been a podcaster for years and an avid podcast listener for a while. So I searched high and low for the best podcast app and distribution service, Castbox. They have a great app and website, a huge content library, and a superb feature set. Also, their app allows offline listening, as I can download my favorite podcast show."

  • Monthly User Base: Over 1 million active users
  • Supported OS: Dedicated apps for all major OS and web presence.

14. Stitcher

podcast directory stitcher

Last but not least podcast directory on our list is Stitcher. The platform boasts more than 14.5 Million active listeners, with an average listener having up to 25 hours of listening duration per month.

Stitcher helps you alleviate the stress of getting your show to the right audience, and thanks to the platform's easy podcast submission requirements, you only need to have at least one podcast episode on your RSS Feed to get approved.

Also, Stitcher offers a unique analytic tool that allows you to track the performance of your show on the platform, and what more impressive is that it's integrated into more than fifty car models. In addition, it works with any vehicle that supports Apple's CarPlay and Android Auto, which makes it a great choice for podcasters who believe their audience loves to listen to their show while driving.

  • User Review of Stitcher

"So glad I switched! I have my podcasts but didn't listen to them much - partially because Apple Podcasts is so hard to use. I switched to Stitcher to listen to The Magnus Archives, and I love it!"

  • Monthly User Base: Over 1.5 million active users.
  • Supported OS: Dedicated apps for all major OS and web presence.

Part 3. More choices to submit your podcast shows

The above Podcast directories are great choices you can always count on any day. However, if you're looking for more options, the following are reliable podcasting directories to choose from;

Part 4. How to submit a show to podcast directories?

Submitting a podcast show to podcast directories is pretty simple. Here, we used Spotify as an example to show you how you can easily submit your podcast show within a few clicks. The steps are as follows;

Step1 Create a Spotify account using the email attached to your podcast host.

create a spotify account

Step2 Open Spotify for Podcasters in your browser and login into your account. Then, click Get Started on the new screen.

click get started on the new screen

Step3 Provide your Podcast's RSS Feed and click Next to proceed.

click next to proceed

Step4 You'll be asked to add information about your Podcast, from its description to the title, artwork, etc.

Step5 Verify the Podcast by submitting the code sent to your email.

Step6 Review the information you've provided so far and submit it to Spotify for review.

Once you complete the steps, keep an eye on the submitted Podcast, as Spotify won't message you even if your Podcast has been published.

Hot FAQs on Podcast Directories

1.   Are podcast directories free?

Almost all top podcast directories are entirely free for creators. All you have to do is sign up on the platforms. Then, check the platform's requirements to submit your podcast episodes, like the format, cover photos, and description. Of course, the requirements vary depending on the platform.

2.   Can any podcast be on a directory of podcasts?

Yes, you can choose from any podcast directory to publish your Podcast. There's no limitation. When submitting, you must select the ideal category for your podcast show so it can be displayed to the right audience.

3.   Does it cost to join a podcast directory?

Yes, and the cost of joining a podcast directory varies depending on your platform.


The podcast directories introduced above are reliable for submitting podcast shows. So, chances are there, no matter what your podcast show is about. It'll help you connect with the right audience. However, one thing is vital you need to make sure you choose the podcast directory that suits you.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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