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20 Free/Paid LUTS for DJI Mini 2/Air 2S/Mavic 2

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

The foremost goal of the LUTS is to bring out the desired effects on the photos or videos during the editing process. There are many effects and filters in-built in many tools. The unique ones give you amazing results and yield a realistic appearance of the video content. Here, the DJI LUTS are available in the paid and free versions to enhance the recordings captured using the DJI mini2.

Choose the correct effects on the photos or videos and retain the original factors of the content. The applied effects must enhance the existing display of the content without distorting the raw data. In this article, you will learn about the insufficiency of DJI’s REC.709 LUT and its best alternatives to bring out the best media content using the compatible LUTS for the DJI drone. It is high time to pull down the cursor to view stunning facts on this topic.

In this article
  1. Is DJI'S Rec.709 LUT Sufficient?
  2. 10 free LUTs for DJI Drone
  3. 10 Paid LUTs for DJI Drone

Is DJI'S Rec.709 LUT Sufficient?

No, there are practical difficulties in using the DJI’s Rec.709 LUT. It is insufficient to bring out the best in the recordings. The DJI’s REC.709 LUT oversaturates the content giving out more green shades on the captures. The whole timeline affects this LUT and extra contrast fades the elements in the content. The quality of the photos or videos seems to be not satisfactory with this LUT.

Many professionals do not recommend this LUT as it destroys the existing goodness in the recordings. Improper combinations of color gradients, brightness, hue, and contrast distort the quality of the content throughout the available tracks in the capture. Therefore, it is insufficient to enhance the video content for better looks.

Are you ready to discover the stunning free and paid LUTS for DJI drones?

Surf the below discussed LUTS and select the filters that satisfy your needs precisely. You can go for the downloads without hesitation as the discussed content is reliable.

10 free LUTs for DJI Drone

1. Aerial Sky

This LUT focus on the original displays of the aerial space in the recordings. It applies the correct combination of colors, brightness, and saturation to convey the optimal visuals of the content.

Free DJI LUTs - Aerial Sky
Aerial Sky

2. Vibrance Colors

The Vibrance Colors LUT impacts the recording in the DJI drone, and the captured content takes a new look using this LUT effect. The Vibrance LUT increases the intensity of the dark colors using color grading techniques, and the brightness level is optimized to reveal the exact color of the recorded content.

Free DJI LUTs - Vibrance Colors
Vibrance Colors

3. Sun Set

This LUT suits well for outdoor recordings during the dawn, and it is the time when the light shades are minimal. You can witness most content covers with shadows, and thus you can rectify such captures using the sunset LUT as it plays a vital role in those scenarios.

Free DJI LUTs - Sun Set
Sun Set

4. Blue Space

When the drones zoom through the sky, the blue shade gives out reflective recordings. This blue space LUT fixes the errors in the captures and helps to assign the perfect color gradings as per the requirements. The clarity of the sky and other blue elements like water are well-edited using this LUT. The respective attributes related to the blue shades are available with these blue space effects.

Free DJI LUTs - Blue Space
Blue Space

5. Matte

If you want your captures to take up the matte texture, then apply this effect without hesitation. It gives you quality outcomes and you will witness the matte finish on the media files. The color gradients are adjusted to reach the matte looks of the content.

Free DJI LUTs - Matte

6. Wheat Color

The Wheat Color LUT focus on the brown shades. When you capture the landscapes and mountains, apply this effect to turn them into reality. It gives a natural outlook and brings you stunning results in no time.

Free DJI LUTs - Wheat Color
Wheat Color

7. Vintage

If you are interested in the old and vintage looks, then go for this LUT. When you apply this effect the entire timeline changes to its traditional appearance. It is something different from other LUTs in the collections. Many experienced photographers opt for this LUT to make the best of the captures.

Free DJI LUTs - Vintage

8. Green Harmony

It is an incredible LUT that adjusts the color gradients to the greenish pattern, and the freshness in the recordings is visible using this LUT. It enhances the content on the whole and displays with optimal brightness and saturation levels.

Free DJI LUTs - Green Harmony
Green Harmony

9. B&W

It is one of the common LUTs to convert the videos or photos into the black and white format. Many editors and photographers use this black and white format to stay unique. The color gradients were assigned to display only the black and white shades on the content.

Free DJI LUTs - Black & White
Black & White

10. Landscape

When you record or capture the landscapes like plains, mountains, and valleys, this LUT effect portrays realistic images and videos. According to the landscape types, modify the settings in this LUT accordingly to enhance the overall appearance.

Free DJI LUTs - Landscape

All the above LUTS are available for free of cost and you can download them at

10 Paid LUTs for DJI Drone

1. Moody Drone LUTs

Price: $37

This LUT focus on the moods like weather, landscapes, happy moments, and surprise clicks. All these footage can use these moody LUTs to add flavors to the content. This LUT helps to express the emotions a little more precise.

Paid DJI LUTs - Moody Drone LUTs
Moody Drone LUTs

2. Drone LUTS collections

Price: $19

There are nearly 50 different types of drone LUTS available in this collection. You can choose the relevant ones according to the content.

Paid DJI LUTs - Drone LUTS collections
Drone LUTS collections

3. Cinematic Drone LUT

Price: $29.9

Here comes another film like LUTs that adds extra color gradients to the footage. It refines the settings like brightness and saturation levels to meet the picture quality. Many film lovers use this cinematic drone LUT to create the best content from the recordings. This LUT is compatible with all video editor platforms and gives you a hassle-free experience.

Paid DJI LUTs - Cinematic Drone LUT
Cinematic Drone LUT

4. Cine Collections

Price: $47.95

This Cine collection LUTs is like the cinematic drone LUT with few changes in the setting related to the color gradients and brightness levels. This LUT optimizes the existing footage with its in-built effects to bring out the best in the recordings.

Paid DJI LUTs - Cine Collections
Cine Collections

5. Chromatica LUTS

Price: $24.99

It is a unique LUTs effect that works on every detail of the footage. The hue and saturation levels are set to optimal values. The footage changes according to the settings built with this effect.

Paid DJI LUTs - Chromatica LUTS
Chromatica LUTS

6. Buttery LUTS

Price: $39

Excellent LUTs to edit the landscape shots, and you can edit small detail on the footage effortlessly. These LUTs take care of the clarity of the captures and ensure clear photos or videos.

Paid DJI LUTs - Buttery LUTS
Buttery LUTS

7. Cine Vision LUTs

Price: $89.84

It is also a film-like LUTs, and it impacts the overall tracks in the videos with stunning clarity. This LUT brings unique changes to the footage. You can add extra detail to the recordings by working with the color gradients, brightness, and saturation controls.

Paid DJI LUTs - Cine Vision LUTs
Cine Vision LUTs

8. DJI Drone LUTs

Price: $29

There are nearly 40 different presets available in this pack, and each one is unique with cost-effective attributes. You can apply these LUTs and increase the media file clarity. It is simple to use and compatible with many editing platforms.

Paid DJI LUTs - DJI Drone LUTs
DJI Drone LUTs

9. LUTS pro pack

Price: $10.05

Another pro pack adds extra effects to the footage, and you can use this LUT on any footage hassle-free. It exclusively works on the content by increasing the media file quality.

Paid DJI LUTs - LUTS pro pack
LUTS pro pack

10. FPV Drone LUT

Price: $10

It is an exclusive drone LUT that works with the footage like a Pro, and the professional and newbie editors feel comfortable applying this effect to any footage. No more extra edits with the LUTs settings, but enable them directly to the footage to witness the changes in depth.

Paid DJI LUTs - FPV Drone LUT
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Thus, you had an elaborate discussion on the DJI LUTS in detail, and you can use the above-listed free and paid version of the LUTs to enhance the footage quality and clarity. Most LUTs are compatible with any editing platform. Download the favorite ones from the list and start applying them to your memorable footage to sound natural and realistic.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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