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20 Free Cloud Storage Service Recommendations! [Up to 1TB Included]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 29, 22, updated Jul 22, 24

Free cloud storage is essential for people who work from home and need to share files with coworkers. Although many cloud storage services offer a free space with various pricing tiers, you must pick what suits you the most and keeps your data securely stored. Most of the time, the best free cloud storage has plans for individuals and businesses.

However, this article will focus on plans for regular users, including the most well-known free online storage, information on how they operate, the official address, and max free space.

free cloud storage
In this article
  1. Quick Review
    1. Google Drive
    2. Flickr
    3. Mega Cloud
    4. SpiderOak One 6
    5. Mega Cloud
    6. SpiderOak One 6
    7. Mega Cloud
    8. SpiderOak One 6
    9. Mega Cloud
    10. SpiderOak One 6
    11. Mega Cloud
    12. SpiderOak One 6
    13. Mega Cloud
    14. SpiderOak One 6
    15. Mega Cloud
    16. SpiderOak One 6
    17. Mega Cloud
    18. SpiderOak One 6
    19. Mega Cloud
    20. SpiderOak One 6

Quick Review

1. Unlimited
2. Trainbit 5TB
3. Terabox 1TB
4. Blomp 200GB
5. Deego 100GB
6. Mega 20GB
7. Google Drive 15GB
8. Yandex 10GB
9. Ice drive 10GB
10. Box 10GB
11. Workdrive 50GB
12. Pcloud 10GB
13. Internxt 10GB
14. Koofr 10GB
15. IDrive 10GB
16. MediaFire 10GB
17. LetsUpload Unlimited
18. Zoolz BigMIND 100GB
19. Mimedia 10GB
20. CBackup 10GB

Detailed Review: 20 Best Free Cloud Storage Services

Collaboration and sharing are now more accessible thanks to cloud storage. Fifty-three percent of people use cloud storage for file sharing, according to Businesses now use cloud storage instead of local storage drives. Many cloud storage providers only offer accounts to businesses. This is because they have some features that people may find confusing and are not particularly helpful. Task management and other features are provided expressly for businesses. Here is a compilation of the 20 best free cloud storage services:


A free cloud service is available at They offer limitless online storage and remote backup space in addition to cutting-edge uploading and downloading tools. With this, you can store documents, images, videos, and audio in one location. Additionally, you can find options on if you require secure remote storage for off-site backups. is excellent for accessing personal data from various devices without carrying a USB stick. You can earn money on the website through referrals by clicking here.

Although the free plan has Unlimited upload and download, there are some conditions which are:

  • The file expires after 24 hours with no downloads.
  • Slow download speed

However, to avoid this, subscribe to a premium plan that costs $6.99.

Official address:

Max free space: Unlimited


No.2 Trainbit

Trainbit is a safe free online storage, backup, and collaboration tool to enable you to store and share files (such as music, documents, and images) with others. Web admins can view statistics and have access to excellent tools at Trainbit. Trainbit offers free accounts, quick upload and direct download options, and cloud storage and backup space for storing all of your files.

Official address:

Max free space: 5TB


No.3 Terabox

Most cloud storage services only provide a small amount of free storage; if you need more space, you must purchase a premium subscription. However, TeraBox gives its users an incredible 1TB of free storage. Additionally, this cloud storage option includes a recycle bin where you can access deleted files for up to ten days before being permanently deleted. The advertising and the restricted upload size are drawbacks of the free Terabox plan, but you can overcome these with the paid plan option.

Official address:

Max free space: 1TB cloud storage.


No.4 Blomp

All your important documents, images, and memories can be on Blomp. With easy-to-use file management, you can transfer all your data quickly and seamlessly between your devices. Thanks to Blomp, a free online cloud storage service that offers 20 GB to anyone who signs up, you can upload and download it whenever you want and not worry about enough space for movies. To reach 200GB, you can add 20GB for each friend who joins.

Official address:

Max free space: Up to 200GB but need to invite friends


No.5 Deego

Degoo is a cloud storage service that focuses heavily on consumers and is primarily concerned with photos and videos. For example, it employs some hidden artificial intelligence to highlight your best images. In direct opposition to Degoo Cloud, Google Photos, Apple Photos, and other services have been incorporating features of this kind.

With only a web app available for the desktop, Degoo Cloud relies heavily on its apps for Android and iOS. There are also apps for Samsung and Huawei app. Although the service has few features, it's worth looking at if you need a place to store your photos.

Official address:

Max free space: 100GB


No. 6 Mega

Another service that ranks among our top-rated cloud storage services is MEGA, which, in large part, is due to its very generous free plan. It offers more free storage than any other excellent service on this list, with 20GB available without restrictions. By completing what MEGA refers to as "achievements," you can further increase this generous allowance.

Most of these are straightforward tasks, like setting up the desktop and mobile apps and confirming your phone number for two-factor authentication. You will receive an additional 5GB of storage for each of these for 35GB. Additionally, you can invite friends for a fee of 5GB each.

Official address:

Max free space: 20GB


No. 7 Google Drive

It would be absurd if we left Google Drive out of a list of the best free online cloud storage. Due to its seamless Google Docs integration and generous 15GB free storage limit, Google Drive is one of the best free cloud services, as demonstrated by our review.

You get the default Google Drive storage if you already have a Google account, including the best online photo backup, Google Photos. It also applies to Drive, Gmail, and other Google products.

Official address:

Max free space: 15GB

google drive

No. 8 Yandex

Yandex is a full-fledged cloud platform that offers scalable infrastructure, storage, machine learning, and development tools to create and improve digital services and applications. The Yandex Object Storage platform provides a flexible and scalable option for data storage. It is the optimal choice for projects that require little storage infrastructure and high-load services that call for dependable and rapid access to data.

Using the "cloud" storage capabilities of Yandex's Disk cloud service, users can upload, download, and share files and others online. The foundation of the service is the synchronization of data between all the different devices.

Official address:

Max free space: 10GB


No. 9. Ice drive

A fascinating new player in the cloud storage market, Icedrive is focused primarily on safeguarding users' data and privacy. Thanks to its slick user interface and top-notch security features, Icedrive seems to have a promising future. Due to its high level of security and user-friendliness, Icedrive, a new player in the cloud storage market, is already demonstrating a lot of promise. The fact that it provides 10 GB of free storage space makes it difficult to beat, even though there are some kinks to iron out.

Official address:

Max free space: 10GB

ice drive

No. 10. box

The box is an online free cloud storage service for managing and sharing files in the cloud that is open for mobile platforms and those running Windows and macOS. The box is a platform that allows teams to store files, share files, and collaborate on files. You can store a lot of data, including images, videos, and documents. The content can be distributed and accessed in any location.

Official address:

Max free space: 10GB


No. 11. WorkDrive

Zoho WorkDrive is a platform that enables contemporary teams, small companies, and major corporations to store files online, sync those files, and collaborate on projects. It does this by introducing something called Team Folders, which allows teams of any size to work together in a safe environment as if they were right there with you. In addition, it will provide you with comprehensive access metrics at both the team level and the team folder level, as well as the Zoho Office Suite Editors. WorkDrive's Android and iOS mobile applications, in addition to the desktop sync application, provide comprehensive solutions to all of your mobility requirements.

Official address:

Max free space: 50GB

zoho workdrive

No 12. Pcloud

Pcloud is a multifunctional service that offers you a large amount of free cloud storage space, top-tier security, and premium playback options for all of your digital media files. Some free cloud storage plans come with a substantial amount of space, but it is only available temporarily. Your iCloud storage space of 10 GB is yours permanently, without any limitations or problems. A few additional tasks, such as referring other users to pCloud, will need to be completed to obtain the full 10 GB of storage space; otherwise, you will only receive 2 GB.

Official address:

Max free space:10GB


No. 13. Internxt

Your data will be safe and secure with Internxt, an open-source cloud storage service that is entirely encrypted and designed to keep hackers and data collectors at bay. An extremely ethical, faster, and modern cloud alternative to Big Tech's data-hungry products. All files saved and shared to the cloud are encrypted and dispersed throughout Internxt's massive decentralized network, making them highly safe and private. Enjoy having zero first- or third-party access to your data with Internxt.

Official address:

Max free space: 10GB


No. 14 Koofr

The free cloud storage space provided by Koofr is a generous 10 gigabytes. The storage space is huge, and if you refer friends to the service, you can earn an additional 7 GB of free space. Koofr is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant, which means it satisfies all of the regulations outlined in the GDPR. Because it possesses strong security and privacy features, it is an excellent option for storing sensitive data. Koofr has several integrations with other platforms and services, which makes it simple to collaborate with those services and platforms. These include application services as well as storage service options. Koofr also provides a wide range of features, such as security features that facilitate team collaboration, making it an excellent option for businesses.

Official address:

Max free space: 10GB


No. 15. IDrive

IDrive is a hybrid solution that serves as a backup service rather than a cloud storage service. As we noted in our review of IDrive, in addition to allowing users to schedule automatic backups, IDrive also includes a sync folder, placing it on par with the other services on this list. Due to its extensive feature set, it takes the top spot on our short list of the best cloud backup services. You receive 10GB of free storage space, which scales up to 10TB on paid plans; these plans are highly affordable compared to the amount of storage they offer.

Official address:

Max free space: 10GB


No. 16. Media Fire

MediaFire's three primary functions are file hosting, cloud storage, and synchronization. It is the best free cloud storage, a simple solution for managing digital things online and while you are on the move. iPhone, Windows, OS X, Android, and the web are all supported platforms for MediaFire's free unlimited cloud storage service.

Official address:

Max free space: 10GB


No. 17. LetsUpload

LetsUpload stands out from the other 1TB free cloud storage providers on this list because it offers unlimited backup space free. It is much more than most websites offer, whether 10 GB, 1 TB, or 100 TB. You can save an almost unlimited amount in your account, but you won't miss out on any extraordinary features. It enables you to stream media directly from your account, share files with anyone, set passwords for folders and files, send files via the built-in email feature, upload files by URL, and copy share links in bulk.

Note: the maximum upload size, when the account becomes dormant, ads, FTP and torrent uploads support, and the amount of time you must wait between downloads are some differences between a free and premium account.

Official address:

Max free space: Unlimited


No. 18. Zoolz BigMIND

Zoolz is a market-leading provider of free cloud storage of 100GB that offers a cloud solution that is both affordable and secure. Businesses and individuals can take advantage of this service. BigMIND is the platform name that allows users to store, manage, back up easily, and access large amounts of data. Cloud-based storage solution Zoolz caters primarily to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), but individuals can also use it.

Official address:

Max free space: 100GB

zoolz bigmind

No. 19. Mimedia

A promising new addition to the list of the best free cloud storage providers available on the market today is Mimedia, which ranks among those providers. When you sign up for the Mimeda service, you receive 10 GB of free cloud storage. In its most basic form, it is a cloud-based backup service that assists you in organizing and managing the files that make up your collection. Users can access and organize files on their devices, including images, music, videos, and documents. Support for importing content from Facebook, Google, Dropbox, and Flickr is one of the most eye-catching features offered by Mimedia. Along with providing support for uploading any content to the cloud, the desktop app for Mimedia is easily compatible with both PC and Mac computers.

Official address:

Max free space: 10GB


No. 20. CBackup

CBackup is an effective method to acquire free unlimited cloud backup storage. This free cloud storage can connect multiple cloud storage service accounts. You can merge all available storage in these accounts into a more immense combined cloud, such as 100 gigabytes or unlimited storage space to back up your data. It only takes a few minutes to back up or sync data from one cloud storage account to another, and you can do either of those things directly. Using CBackup will be more cost-effective than a minor expensive cloud storage service because it offers professional backup methods and standard backup features.

Official address:

Max free space: 10GB



You can store your files online using free cloud storage services as a backup. Although most cloud storage services don't offer open-source software and only offer free plans with small amounts of storage, this may not be a problem for everyone. This article also listed some of the top 1TB free cloud storage options. So, you can select the offering that most closely matches your needs.

Tell us about your experiences in the comments section if you try any of the products we've listed or disagree with our opinions. What is the best free cloud storage, in your opinion? Do we have a choice that's not on the list? As always, we appreciate your reading.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 22, 24
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