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Top 10 LUTs for Adobe LightRoom

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison Originally published May 18, 22, updated Apr 24, 24

If you want to add precise details to your footage, Lightroom LUTs is a perfect choice. It contains impressive effects on the content and increases the visibility of the elements on the recordings or photos. The LUTs exclusively for Adobe Lightroom carry more data, and you will feel the difference in implementing such effects on the videos. The original content remains relevant quality factors, whereas the visuals get a new look using these advanced filters.

Every LUT is unique and focuses on specific elements to uplift some of the attributes of the videos or photos. This article teaches the usage of LUTs in Adobe Lightroom and its associated stepwise instruction to embed these effects on the imported video on the Adobe Lightroom interface. It is the perfect time to spare your valuable time surfing the below content to enlighten you with reliable insights.

Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Lightroom
In this article
  1. How to use LUTS for Adobe Lightroom
  2. Why we need to use LUTs for Images/videos shot by GoPro
  3. 15 Best Cine LUTS for Gopro

How to use LUTS for Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a video editing interface that adds professional looks to the existing footage. Many professionals opt for this application because of its simple to use nature. The LUTs play a vital role in creating stunning videos using visual effects. You can either use the in-built video effects else download them from the digital space to access them during the video edit process.

Adobe Lightroom is a professional editor which supports different presets and LUTs effortlessly. Even a newbie user can work as a Pro on this Lightroom editor interface because of its simple interface. All the controls are explicit, and it is enough if you tap the respective buttons to establish the desired tasks. Adobe Lightroom serves the purpose of video editing and increases the visibility of the content by applying the optimal video effects efficiently.

Follow the below instructions to use LUTs in the Adobe Lightroom platform.

Step 1Install the app and access the downloads

Download the Adobe Lightroom on your device and launch it. Then, import the media files into its working interface and check out the downloaded LUTs by tapping Develop tab -> Profile Browser -> Four square-shaped icons on the right side of the screen. You can surf the available LUTs on your device by navigating accordingly.

How to Use Adobe Lightroom
Download Adobe Lightroom
Step 2Choose the thumbnail

Next, from the displayed items in the right panel, you can select your favorite visual effect and apply it to the imported video or photo. Mere clicks are sufficient to impose the video effects on the uploaded content.

How to Use Adobe Lightroom
Choose the thumbnail

Based on your needs, you can customize the chosen LUTs by working on the Opacity sliders and finally click the Close button to complete the editing procedure.

The above instructions complete the process of applying desired edits to the uploaded videos on Adobe Lightroom accordingly.

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Top 10 LUTs for Adobe Lightroom

The Adobe Lightroom environment has an excellent integration feature to connect with the desired LUTs for professional edits on the footage.

1. Color Boost

In these LUTs, find the essence of color gradients applied uniformly to obtain the desired outcomes. Use this LUT to add flavors to the content. It is a free LUT, and you can go for the download without hesitation.

Luts for Adobe Lightroom - Color Boost
Color Boost

2. Nature and Wild

If you have natural and wildlife footage, quickly apply this LUT to get realistic photos and videos. It brings a natural outlook to the content and gives you amazing results. Exclusively designed to focus the optimal shades on wildlife and nature photographs. The image flow and the motions are accurately revealed while editing with these Nature and Wild effects. Many wildlife photographers capture long shots and work on its detail to look stunning while playing with them. Every detail in the content is closely watched by this LUT and respective changes were made to bring out the best in it.

Luts for Adobe Lightroom - Nature and Wild
Nature and Wild

3. Black and White

This is another LUT format where the whole video is converted as old footage with black and white shades. A retro touch is possible with this LUT. You can use this LUT on memorable clicks you made on your big days. Nostalgic captures suit this LUT. To play with the memories or any childhood images, use these LUTs for better results.

Luts for Adobe Lightroom - Black and White
Black and White

4. Cinematic LUTs

The film-like LUT for lightroom is available on this webpage free of cost. Convert your photos and videos film-like and apply a cine touch to them. It is an optimal LUT where you can correct the color errors during the recordings and adjust a few of the attributes like brightness, hue, and saturation level. The distortions and other technical mistakes are recovered in this LUT. It gives you awesome results and converts your shots to film like effortlessly using this video effect.

Luts for Adobe Lightroom - Cinematic LUTs
Cinematic LUTs

5. Landscape LUTs

The photos of landscapes like mountains, plains, valleys, and urban and rural go well with this LUT. Here, you will find the perfect values set for a wide range of parameters like brightness, saturation, and contrast. Check with the color gradients to obtain the best results. The realistic views of the landscapes are visible in this LUT. Use them in your travel captures, to add a real-time touch to the photos and videos.

Luts for Adobe Lightroom - Landscape LUTs
Landscape LUTs

6. Lifestyle and Commercial LUTs

Casual clicks in your daily routine require some edits using this LUT. The lifestyle and commercial LUTs assists in bringing back the quality in realistic modes. You can add extra flavors to the footage with the help of this LUT. It is compatible with many video editing platforms and you can apply it to any footage hassle-free.

Luts for Adobe Lightroom - Lifestyle and Commercial LUTs
Lifestyle and Commercial LUTs

7. Moody LUTs

The Moody LUTs work on various factors in the footage. It applies a shadow touch to the content. It beautifies the existing content and gives you the best results through simple clicks. The Moody LUTs retain the details in the photos and give you stunning edits.

Luts for Adobe Lightroom - Moody LUTs
Moody LUTs

8. Portrait LUTs

A classic format is feasible with this LUT. Apply this LUT to your footage and receive professional output. It is one of the most common used LUTs by many expert editors to obtain structured footage for different use.

Luts for Adobe Lightroom - Portrait LUTs
Portrait LUTs

9. Glow-24 Luminous Presets and LUTs

Here, you can find nearly 24 types of LUTs in luminous forms. The brightness levels of the LUTs are different with each item. You can select any one of the LUTs that best fits your footage. The clear visibility of the elements on the recordings is possible using this LUT. Choose your glow effects by applying the 24 types in the pack and choose that suit well on your footage.

Luts for Adobe Lightroom - Glow-24 Luminous Presets and LUTs
Glow-24 Luminous Presets and LUTs

10. Charcoal LUTs

A charcoal LUT applies a darker shade to your content. Here, you will find unique LUTs compatible with the Adobe Lightroom. Download this pack from the respective website and use it for the footage without issues. It is a different form of LUT that uplifts the essence in the recordings, and when you click content in dull lights, use this LUTS to remove related errors. It fixes all the unusual elements in the footage and gives you expected outcomes.

Luts for Adobe Lightroom - Charcoal LUTs
Charcoal LUTs

Therefore, you had an informative journey about the Lightroom LUTs in detail. A better understanding of the applications of the LUTs on the footage using the Lightroom tool is discussed above to enlighten the newbie editors. Follow the instructions carefully to obtain the best results. Stay connected with this article and discover the importance of LUTs that plays on retaining the quality of the footage. Connect with this article and learn about different LUTs that enhance the overall outlook of your recordings.

Add LUTs on Video
Add LUTs on Video
Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison Apr 24, 24
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