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Motion Graphics Basic Knowledge and Usage

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 05, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

If you're thinking, "What is motion graphics?" let me explain that they are a particular kind of animation. It may be described as a hybrid of graphic design and animation. In most cases, motion graphics aim to present information using visual or animated texts to achieve a particular communication purpose. Motion graphics now have a far wider variety of applications because of technological advancements and the prevalence of screens in everyday objects. What was used to deliver technical knowledge and create the tone for a tale today has a variety of uses.

In this article
  1. What is Motion Graphics
  2. When to use Motion Graphics
  3. How to make Motion Graphics
  4. Benefits of Motion Graphics
  5. The use of Motion Graphics

What is Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is a fantastic tool for presenting stories and mixing animation and graphic design. Animation design is more memorable to viewers than static visuals because it employs not just straightforward visual components like text, forms, or images but also activates audio receptors to express concepts. Animation is motion graphics, although text plays a big part in them. Animated graphic design is what it is. There has been discussion over the boundary between motion graphics and full animation since motion graphics first appeared on the scene.

Stunning motion graphics animation for brand apps and web platforms conveys a lot of information in a short, straightforward, aesthetically appealing film while showcasing complex images, thoughts, and concepts. As a result, it aids in quickly delivering a message and effortlessly grabbing and holding the audience's attention. Any field you choose, including business, marketing, IT solutions, the film industry, education, healthcare, social networks, or entertainment, can benefit from excellent animation design.

When to use Motion Graphics?

The most pleasing motion graphics outline or emphasize information while demonstrating a point. When a narrative or plot is not required, motion graphics are employed. Motion graphic videos may simplify and make unforgettable your complicated services or goods. Motion graphics are mostly visual aids; hence they are excellent at explaining complex concepts through imagery.

How to make Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics may be used in various situations to add life and humor to a presentation or movie. Are you creating a video infographic? Motion graphics may breathe some life into the figures. Utilize them in any social media videos you create. In an explanation video, motion graphics are lovely for communicating your message. It's a fantastic, inexpensive method for producing videos.

Motion Graphics Examples

  1. Branding - they do this to showcase their products by using motion graphics. Endorsing their products on television or YouTube by adding their brand to ads, we think it's fair to say you don't see something like edited video using motion graphics on television or YouTube daily. Here we can say that the edited video with motion graphics is excellent.
  2. Product Video Sharing - some product videos can be a great way to get your product in front of customers and increase sales, just like in branding. With motion graphics, we can create fun, entertaining, and engaging product videos that are cheaper to produce.
  3. Television or Movie Title Sequence - the title sequence for some television or movie you watch is an excellent example of well-thought-out visuals mixed with restrained typography.
  4. Telling a Story - you can use motion graphics to create a music video. Like other music videos, the illustrations tell a story that complements the song. It's an exciting concept highlighting the different contexts motion graphics can use. You can use them to create an advertisement or even make a short film.

Benefits of Motion Graphics:

  • Both money and time are saved. Making captivating movies with excellent animation design takes much less time, money, and effort.
  • It makes brand content on social media shareable. Social video shares are higher than simple text and still, images combined. And remember, the daily views of Facebook videos are over 8 billion.
  • Brand recognition is increased. Viewers may readily understand if complex images, concepts, and statistics are presented clearly, and excitingly.

The use of Motion Graphics

For effective use of motion graphics design, figure out the objectives you want to achieve and for how long. Before adopting ideas, ask yourself some simple questions:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • What message or concept do I want to convey? How can I do it?
  • What objectives do I want to achieve?
  • What are the ideas the audience should remember?
  • What benefits will I gain from applying motion graphics?

After answering and responding to all the questions, pick the appropriate video format that best illustrates your main point. Let's examine the key issues in more detail.

The Overlays

Motion graphics may be used in various ways to improve your video material. Enhance your generic titles with branded animation unique to your brand and makes your material more captivating and memorable. In addition, you may add extra visual overlays to your videos to support material that has been said by the actors, highlight essential elements, and boost the information density overall.

The Social Media Content

We can say that social media content is everywhere. Custom motion graphics offer a higher return on investment for your marketing efforts. GIFs with animation are a common choice. They are simple to build, load quickly, and repeat endlessly. If you require audio, short videos are another excellent choice.

The Logo

Animate your company's logo is a fantastic method to get people's attention and interest. It will help you, especially if you are in the business field. Many of us want to see a different type of logo design, so if you put it in motion, it will significantly impact people.

The Invitation

With the help of a bit of animation, you may convey the tone, details, and information about your forthcoming event and link to it in emails or social media posts.

Keep in mind that there is a lot of overlap between motion graphics and other forms of animation, making it often difficult to distinguish between the two. You're on your way to providing your viewers with more exciting information, regardless of the sort of animated video you utilize. So, if you also intend to produce or create videos with motion graphics, you need to develop an excellent place to start would be to decide on a clear message and a concise tone and style for your videos. If you did your work successfully, you ought to have a finished product you're happy with and have picked up some new skills. Continue your practice and studying till then.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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