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Download and Install Windows XP Movie maker

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 09, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Windows Movie Maker for Windows XP is multimedia software specially designed for all Windows computers. It is a video editor application possessing a minimum functionality set developed in the operating system style. This program is ideal for editing and creating uncomplicated videos, the intrusion of primary animation, and transition effects. Windows XP Moviemaker is the application that permits you to record a video clip using a digital camcorder on the computer.

Next, you can edit and create a complete video using various narrations, audio tracks, credits/ titles, transitions, effects, etc. And then distribute it through the web or store it into DVD ROM/ CD ROM. Windows Movie Maker possesses a built-in interface and accommodates the products of Microsoft software. This suitable software permits you to utilize multimedia content in your project by moving and placing the item over the timecode. Moreover, you may even download the latest official Windows Movie Maker English version for your Windows XP.

In this article
  1. How to download and install Movie Maker on Windows XP?
  2. How to use Windows Movie Maker on XP?
  3. Related FAQs of Windows Movie Maker

Part 1. How to download and install Movie Maker on Windows XP?

Most computers came with the pre-installed Windows Movie Maker software, on Windows XP. Furthermore, downloading and installing Windows Movie Maker for XP is relatively straightforward. Yet, if you have a pre-installed Windows Photo Gallery, you may feasibly have the Windows Movie maker software as the two applications are packed together.

However, if the computer doesn't presently have this software, you may download and install it following the given steps:

Step1You've to click on 'windows-movie-maker.exe'. which is a setup file to begin the downloading procedure. Next, double-click over the file and tap on 'Yes' to permit this setup file to function.

Nevertheless, if you've been using Windows 10, you may download the former Windows Live Essentials official copy from the archived Microsoft website, which comprises the Windows Movie Maker. Explore the Windows Live Essentials download page to evoke this WLE file set up to start downloading.

Step2Press on the 'Next' key to progress with the installation process of Windows XP Movie maker. To continue with the procedure, choose 'I accept the agreement. However, it is mandatory to go through this software's License Agreement carefully before accepting it.

Step3Now you've to choose the Destination folder on your computer where you wish to install the software and rename the group title 'Quickstart' if you prefer, etc. Additionally, it is advisable to keep your settings as 'Default' and then tap on 'Next' to install the software.

Step4This is the final step where you must locate the 'Launch Windows Movie Maker' option and check if it is in default. This indicates an automated software launch after you've completed the installation procedure. You may even uncheck this choice if you wish to operate the application later.

Step5Now click on 'Finish' to complete the downloading and installation process.

Now, you may enjoy making videos using Windows Movie Maker per your preference. Relish the application now!

Part 2. How to use Windows Movie Maker on XP?

The Windows Movie Maker software arrives preloaded on almost all computers functioning with Windows XP. You may even download it for free by following the above-elaborated steps. Once the software begins, you may add videos and photos to the current project and even include music from different online services or the computer. Moreover, Windows Movie Maker arrives with several fundamental functions you'll require for intensifying your videos.

Following are the steps to use Windows Movie Maker XP:

To Import Files to The App

  • Tap on the Home tab, and then select 'Add Videos and Photos' under 'Add group.'
  • Next, tap on 'Add Music' below the Home pane and choose the music track you want to put in. Next, tap the 'Open' button.
  • Furthermore, to add narration, i.e., if you wish to put your own story by recording your movie narration, you need to select 'Record narration 'under 'Add group.' Next, tap on the red recorder button and begin speaking into the integrated Mic of the computer.
import files into win xp

To edit video clips in the software

  • Moving files: You may drag and move the files to reposition them in a new order inside the project.
  • Splitting files: Select the video point from the Storyboard tab you wish to split. You can even move the vertical line to your preferred location. Next, click on the Edit tag, which you'll find in the 'Video Tools' option, tapping on 'Split.'
edit clips in windows xp movie maker

Trimming files

This software presents trimming tools that will aid you in getting rid of all unwanted frames from the clip's beginning or end.

Transitions/effects and more

  • In Windows Movie, you may add various transitions between video clips, visual effects, and Pan and Zoom effects. Furthermore, you can remove the applied Visual and Transition Effects if you don't like them in the movie.
add transitions win xp movie maker
  • Next, you may effortlessly add credits, captions, and titles to the video to turn it more genuine, thereby presenting it to the individuals who performed in the production.

Lastly, with Windows Movie Maker, you can easily save the movie you produced, thereby sharing and exporting it to other devices like phones and computers or even transferring them to DVD in high quality. Furthermore, you can upload this video directly from the app to YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Facebook, and OneDrive.

Related FAQs of Windows Movie Maker

  • Can you still get the old Windows Movie Maker?
    Windows Movie Maker and all Windows Essentials applications ended in 2013. However, you may still download this application on your hardware. Windows Movie Maker is presently functioning as an autonomous team.
  • Does Windows XP Have A Video Editor?
    Yes, Windows XP has a video editor, the latest Windows XP feature which permits you to convert and edit video clips. Moreover, you can also produce video clips if you've got a digital video recording camera or video recording hardware.
  • What replaced Windows Movie Maker?
    Microsoft Photos replaced the famous software, Windows Movie Maker, and the app officially ceased on 10 January 2017. Previously known as Microsoft Story Remix, Video Editor is integrated with Windows 10 Microsoft Photos and Windows 11 Clipchamp, which Microsoft obtained in 2011's September.


Movie Maker Windows XP is a famous video editing implement for all want to be editors and novices. This software carries all the tools you'll require for editing your video clips. Additionally, it arrives with a straightforward interface, turning this procedure effortless even for amateur users. However, for fundamental editing, the software is just great. The software has undergone several recent updates, further improving Windows Movie Maker. It even merges with other implements to offer an advanced editing level. Nevertheless, it is yet primary video editing software.

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Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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