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How to Easily Convert SRT to VTT

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 05, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

While there are numerous subtitle formats, two of the most commonly used formats are SRT and Web VTT. SRT is also known as SubRip. The format got its name from a DVD ripping software that extracted subtitles from DVDs.

Web VTT stands for Web Video Text Track. Web VTT is a W3C standard that allows you to display the text in sync with the HTML 5 <track> element. 

Both of them are quite similar; however, slight differences might make you choose one over the other.

In this article
    1. What Does It Look Like
    2. Timecode Format
    3. Metadata
    4. Basic Text Formats (Bold, Italic, Underline)
    5. Advanced Styling Fonts
    6. Support Changing The Position Of Subtitles
    7. Summary
    1. Go Transcript
    3. Subtitle Edit
    4. How to Convert SRT to Web VTT using GoTranscript
  1. How to Convert SRT to VTT Manually
  2. Video Guide Tutorial to easily Convert SRT to VTT with Subtitle Edit
    1. Wondershare Filmora

Is Web VTT the Same as SRT?

While SRT is a popular text file used for captions, Web VTT is not far behind. Web VTT is similar to SRT but includes more styling options and editing. Web VTT works exceptionally well with media players but might not work efficiently on social media platforms.

Besides that, it also contains metadata making it more robust than SRT. But this is not all that is different between SRT and Web VTT. Let's dive into the details of how both are different even though they are sometimes used interchangeably:

What Does It Look Like

Mostly, SRT and Web VTT files are similar, so one can easily be converted to another or edited. A Web VTT file starts with Web VTT at the top and the file's title next to it. An SRT file does not have any of that. Then the caption sequences are separated with blank lines in Web VTT files. The SRT file is messy, with captions not separated by lines but all clustered together.

difference between srt vs vtt
Features/Subtitle Formats SRT VTT
Timesconde Format

Hours:minutes: seconds. milliseconds

minutes: seconds. milliseconds
Metadata No Yes
Title No Yes
A Numbering of The Subtitle Lines Yes No
Basic Text Formats Not supported Yes
Advanced Styling Fonts Simple More robust styling including bold, italics, etc
Support Changing the position of subtitles No Yes

Timecode Format

The timecode format for an SRT file begins with hours:minutes: seconds. milliseconds. On the other hand, the timecode format for a Web VTT file is minutes: seconds. milliseconds. This difference in timecode is extremely important to keep in mind while manually editing SRT or Web VTT files.


A web VTT file includes metadata, unlike an SRT file. This means that a web VTT file includes extra information like author, title, and additional comments.

Basic Text Formats (Bold, Italic, Underline)

Web VTT is equipped with basic styling formats like bold italic and underline, which makes it more robust than SRT. Its styling formats are supported by all browsers. On the other hand, SRT files do not support any styling.

Advanced Styling Fonts

Web VTT supports a more robust format that includes whistles and bells, distinguishing it from the simpler SRT format. This adds a very nice touch, especially if the text file is for a tv episode.

Support Changing The Position Of Subtitles

Along with all its other fantastic features, Web VTT files also allow you to change the position of the subtitles easily. SRT files do not give you the liberty to do that.


So, in short, Web VTT is more user friendly offering a lot more than what a simple SRT file may offer. Apart from differences in styling, time, and text formats, Web VTT files are incredibly easier to read and edit. You can also add comments which will remain hidden from the display.

How to Generate VTT Subtitles from SRT using an Online subtitle converter

If you want a quick solution to convert SRT files to Web VTT, then there are a lot of converters available online that will convert your SRT file in seconds, however long it many be. Some notable converters online are given below. Depending on their features and results, you can use the one that suits you the most.

Go Transcript

go transcript interface

Go Transcript is an excellent online service that is mainly known for providing transcriptions for audio and videos. Their human transcribers provide transcriptions with almost 100% accuracy, even when the voices are heavily accented.

Apart from that, GoTranscript allows you to convert files into 15 different text formats including csv, srt, vtt, sbv and rt. The website is extremely easy to navigate, and you can upload your file and convert it within minutes.

  • Mobile app is available for use
  • Easy to navigate interface
  • Free conversions to different file types
  • Lots of extra costs if purchasing premium services
  • Web editor is not very great is another excellent website for converting SRT files to Web VTT format. The website has a very intuitive interface with everything in front of you. By clicking on the upload button, you can upload your file and convert it. Other than that, you can also download closed captions from the website, as it allows you to transcribe audios and edit videos.

veed io user interface
  • Easy to Use
  • Can be easily integrated with Youtube
  • Can download closed captions and use them for other purposes
  • No mobile app is available

Subtitle Edit

Subtitle Edit is also an online SRT to Web VTT convertor that has an extremely user-friendly interface. Subtitle edit is free of any ads or distractions, allowing you to work on your file with your complete focus. Subtitle Edit also provides transcription and video editing services along with free file conversions.

subtitle edit user interface
  • User-friendly
  • No clutter or distractions
  • Only creates and edits SRT files
  • Expensive premium services

How to Convert SRT to Web VTT using GoTranscript

As mentioned above, GoTranscript is extremely easy to navigate and allows you to quickly convert your files from one format to the other. Here is a detailed process that shows how you can convert your SRT file to Web VTT in GoTranscript.

To convert an SRT file to Web VTT using GoTranscript, follow the steps below:

upload the file to the website
  • From the second section, select the file format you want to convert it in. Since you want to convert it to Web VTT format, select “.
select the file format
  • Lastly, click on Convert to convert your file. Once your file is converted, press download to download the file.

Now the file will be downloaded to your computer and you can use it as you desire.

Online converters are an extremely easy way to convert your SRT files to Web VTT. However, sometimes you might want to manually edit them if you are not satisfied with the results of the online converter.

How to Convert SRT to VTT Manually?

Both SRT and Web VTT files are easily editable in Notepad or TextEdit if you are using Mac, so you can manually change both of them there when needed. SRT and Web VTT files are mostly the same, with just a few distinguishable differences.

By understanding those differences between them, you can easily convert an SRT file to Web VTT or a Web VTT file to SRT. Here is how you can convert an SRT to VTT manually:

Step-by-step guidelines to Convert SRT to VTT Manually

Open in Notepad:

  • In order to convert SRT files into VTT manually, search the SRT file in file explorer and open it in Notepad.

Edit the File and save:

  • When you open the file, you will see that all the text is quite close together with no black lines to separate sequences. If the file is small, putting blank lines in between would not be too difficult. However, it can be quite a time taking process if the file is large.
open it in notepad
  • To do it manually, you can add spaces between sequences.
  • Replace all the periods with commas. Press Crtl+H on your keyboard to open the replace toolbar and select replace all to replace all periods with commas.
  • The next step is adding WebVTT to the top of the file. You can also add a comment or title for the file right next to it.
adding webvtt
  • Lastly, remove 1 from the start of each time code. For example, if the time code is “100:00:11.580,” write “00:00:11.580”.
replace option

Change the extension from SRT to VVT:

  • Now save all the changes, rename it by replacing the suffix "SRT '' with "VVT .''

If you do not see the extension in the name of the file,

  • Go to the top menu in Windows Explorer
  • Go to view
  • Click on the check box for “File name extensions”
check file name extensions

Now you can easily change the extension from SRT to VVT.

hit yes and the extension will be changed

The manual process is not too difficult. It can be extremely time taking to change each time code and adding blank lines in between. However, this is an easy fix when you cannot access a converter.

Video Guide Tutorial to easily Convert SRT to VTT with Subtitle Edit

Here is a video tutorial to guide you to convert SRT to VTT:

How to Easily Convert SRT to VTT and VTT to SRT

Pro Tip: The Best Way to Edit the Styling of Your SRT file and Merge Subtitles with Videos

While we have discussed most of the solutions with you, the easiest and the best solution is saved for the last. You must be aware of Wondershare Filmora, but did you know that you can easily edit your SRT file there and merge the subtitles with your video! Filmora offers you to edit SRT files and conveniently arrange the captions however you want.

Wondershare Filmora

Filmora is truly a work of art that allows beginners and professionals to create and edit world class videos. With an easy to navigate interface, you can find everything within seconds, even if you are a novice at video editing.

wondershare filmora user interface

Filmora is especiially useful in creating YouTube videos, instagram reels, or TikToks that will wow your audience. With such an incredible video editing tool at your hand, all you need to worry about is good content, and Filmora will enhance the rest of the things with its spectacular video editing.

For that part, Filmora offers a range of tools, effects, stickers, and transitions that will give you a professional quality video.

You can also add subtitles, text, or animations to your videos.

As this article focuses on editing your SRT file in Filmora, we will dive directly into that. Here is how you can edit your SRT file in Filmora:

Step-by-step guidelines

Free Download
Free Download
  • Open Wondershare Fimora on your PC. If you do not have the Filmora app on your PC, you can download it from here.
  • The first step is uploading the SRT file directly into the media resource area. You can directly import the file using the import media files option.
uploading the srt file
  • The next step is editing the file. Drag the SRT file to the timeline and right click on it. Now, select Advanced Edit. You can also double click on the SRT file in the timeline to open Advanced Edit options.
select advanced edit

There will be multiple options for you to edit your SRT file in Filmora including:

  1. Edit Time Code: Here, you can edit the time code and change the placement of your captions depending on when you want them to appear.
  2. Change Subtitles: You can add new subtitles, remove any or edit a few to make them more accurate.
  3. Subtitle Style: This option allows you to edit the font and size of your captions. You can change the style to fit your video.
  4. Merge Subtitles: This option allows you to merge subtitles.
change subtitle style
  • Once you are done editing the SRT file, right click on the file and click on the Export Subtitle file.
export subtitle file

By following the simple steps above you can edit your SRT file conveniently in no time.

Final Words

So, here is all you need to know about converting an SRT file to Web VTT. Hopefully, you will find these methods helpful and easy to convert SRT files to Web VTT on daily basis. Don’t forget to give Filmora a try! Editing your SRT file in Filmora is effortless with all the advanced tools available. You can edit your videos and captions and then download them to your computer in no time.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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