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A Guide to Create Your Own LOL Montage Video

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison Originally published May 25, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

Mostly, the lol montage videos help to excite the League of Legend players by displaying powerful attacks in the game. These videos help to entertain the viewers. In this article, you will study the importance of making these videos and the related steps in creating such content like a profession. There are many video editing tools available in the digital space to build videos according to your needs. Through efficient edits, you can make the best out of the captured content. The below content helps you to choose the right tool to carry out your video edits optimally. Connect with this article and find out the best ways to make the montage videos efficiently.

LOL Montage
LOL Montage
In this article
  1. Why we need to make LOL Montage Video
  2. How to create your own LOL Montage video
  3. How to edit your LOL Montage video

Why we need to make LOL Montage Video

You can create lol montage videos for various reasons. Here are some of them are listed below.

Reason 1: Enlighten the viewers on how to play the game

As the game comprises two teams each five players fight one another using their powers. There are different ways to earn points, rewards and extra features for their characters while playing the game. Using the lol montage videos, you can teach the newbie users about the tips and tricks in this game.

Reason 2: Enhanced visuals

When creating montage videos, you can bring out the real effects of the content. There are options to edit the video effects and convincingly display them. The lol montage video grabs the attention of the viewers in no time and you can convey your message easily to the audience.

Reason 3: Increase the players

After streaming the LOL montage videos, you can expect many viewers will become players trying the tips highlighted in your content. It excites the audience and helps them to succeed in the game flawlessly.

How to create your own LOL Montage video

It is simple to create a lol montage video. Creativity with innovative edits is sufficient to develop outstanding montage content for your needs.

How to Create LOL Montage
How to Create LOL Montage

1. Prepare your LOL video clips.

Initially, prepare lol video clips as separate pieces. You can also pick the older images or videos if you have any in your gallery that is recorded when you had played the game. Capture fresh copies if possible but ensure it lasts for a short duration. Avoid recording longer content because it reduces the excitement in the audience.

2. How to pick the right video editing software.

Next, after collecting the number of League of legends play recordings, pick the ones that are important in creating the montage video. Then, select the best video editor to perform the desired edits on the collected content. Here is a few recommended video editing tool to enhance the overall edits on the recorded content.

• Wondershare Filmora

The Filmora video editor is a simple tool with an excellent user interface. You can perform any edits effortlessly using this program. All the controls are explicitly available for quick access. Using Filmora video editor, you can add visual effects, transitions, and animations to the content like a pro. This app serves the needs of both professionals and newbies. You can also insert advanced features like audio ducking, freeze frames, keyframes, split the screens and stream desired music tracks with the content. You can explore more if you make a quick download of this application.

You can work on many factors in the videos to enhance their overall performance. Edit the background using the Chroma key and green screen effect and adjust the visuals by modifying the attributes like color gradients, hue, saturation, and brightness. You can insert motion elements, filters, and titles to add flavors to the content. Improve the audio quality in the content by removing the noise factors and adjusting the audio equalizers to sound precise.

• OpenShot Video editor

It is an exclusive video editor compatible with multi-platforms like Linux, Mac, and Windows, and you can use this app to trim and slice the videos into desired pieces. There are options to animate and keyframe the content hassle-free. This app enables you to work with multiple tracks without any watermark issues. Insert slow-motion effects and playback speed variations to add flavors to the edited content. It supports more than 70 languages and displays a simple interface.

Openshot Video Editor
Openshot Video Editor

• AVS video editor

Here comes another efficient video editor that works on the HD content like a pro. It is compatible with all file formats and processes the videos using its in-built features. This app allows adding texts, annotating, and splitting the recordings according to your requirement. Get a professional look at the content by working on its color gradients. Remove the shaking effects on the footage using the video stabilization features and change the background by triggering the Chroma Key effects.

AVS video editor to edit LOL Montage
AVS video editor

The above-discussed video editors are reliable, and you can go for them without hesitation. It brings impressive effects to the recordings and helps you create lol montage video content.

How to edit your LOL Montage video

Consider the Filmora video editor after recording the content to edit the file in the Filmora video editor by following the below instructions.

Step1Install the app

Go to the official webpage of Filmora and download the correct version of the tool based on the system OS. Then, install and launch the program. Next, upload the recorded file into the working space of Filmora using the Import Files option.

Wondershare Filmora11
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Step2Add Visual effects

Now, select the Effects option in the Menu and witness the list of visual effects available as a built-in asset in the Filmora library. Then, choose the favorite effect option and right-click to select the Apply pop-up message. This activity applies the effect to the uploaded content in no time. You can use the Preview option to view the video effect on the recordings before making the final download of the edited content.

Step3Add Transitions and Effects to make it better

If you want to increase the effects on the recordings, then try some transitions and animations.

Select the Transitions option in the Menu and choose the desired transition effect listed on the screen. Choose your favorite one and right-click to hit the Apply pop-up option. This action applies the video effect to the uploaded file. You can witness the changes in the Preview button by playing the edited video.

Likewise, you can also add animations to the content. Use the in-built resource of Filmora by using the above method. Access the asset library of Filmora to add extra flavors to the content.

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Thus, this article has given valuable insights into the LOL montage video making. You can use the instructions wisely and build a montage video according to your needs. Increase the overall appearance of the content using reliable video editors like Filmora. Apply the basic and advanced edits on the video content and enhance the recordings for better outcomes. Stay connected with this article to learn more about the video edits and the reliable video editors that bring miraculous changes in the video content.

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison Dec 05, 23
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