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Best 10 Tools To Make Quiz Videos

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Feb 16, 23, updated Dec 05, 23

Nowadays, quiz videos are frequently used in different scenarios, such as business education, academic research, and social media, as they play an essential role in teaching, presenting, and covering many other aspects.

But how to make quiz videos for YouTube? To answer this, we've provided a list of the 10 best YouTube video quiz makers.

Let's get started with our review without any further delay!

In this article
  1. 4 Tips To Make A Quiz Video
    1. Camtasia
    2. Kaltura
    3. iSpring QuizMaker
    1. Drimify
    2. EducaPlay
    3. Flexclip
    4. Edpuzzle
    5. Panopto
    6. Canva
    7. Flexiquiz
  2. Bonus Tips: How To Make A General Knowledge Quiz Video In Filmora?

Part I. 4 Tips To Make A Quiz Video

Here are three tips to help you make a quiz video that will engage your audience and get them to participate.

1. The Order Of Quiz Questions

The first tip is to make sure you order your quiz questions correctly. You don't want to start with the easy ones and then gradually get harder - this will make your quiz too easy and boring. 

Instead, start with the most challenging questions and then work your way down to keep your audience engaged and challenged throughout the video.

2. Valid bases for questions

Make sure you have a valid basis for your questions. This means researching and ensuring that they are based on factual information.

3. Clear questions and answers

Keep your questions short, to the point, clear, and grammatically correct. Also, avoid jargon, slang, or “trick” questions in your quiz designed to trip up your viewers. This will help ensure that your audience understands them and can answer correctly.

4. Check out the final work

Always ensure that you check your final work before posting it on YouTube. Avoid misspelled characters or confusing sentences, and add an element of fun to make your quiz interesting.

Part II. Best 3 Quiz Video Makers On Desktops

Here are the 3 best YouTube video quiz makers available for desktops that can help you make exciting quizzes every time:

1. Camtasia

Price: US$299.99 per user.

Support System: Windows and macOS

Camtasia is an all-in-one video editor and screen recorder that can enable you to create fun and engaging quizzes on your Windows or Mac system. You can use this software to test viewer knowledge, gauge interest in a topic, or collect grades using unlimited surveys, true/false, or other types of content.

camtasia for making quiz videos
  • Offers 30 answers per question
  • Provides quiz scores through Camtasia Quiz Service
  • Supports grading or upgrading the quiz
  • Unlimited surveys, fill-in-the-blanks, and questions
  • Easy to use
  • Extremely expensive

2. Kaltura

Price: Free trial and quote-based pricing plan

Support System: Chrome, Safari, iOS, and Android

With Kaltura, founded by Ron Yekutiel, you can enhance your educational videos by adding a quiz to improve the learning experience. The platform also allows you to measure the participants' understanding/interest and assess their comprehension through grade book integration.

kaltura for making quiz videos
  • Easy-to-use creator interface
  • Enable you to create quizzes in multiple formats, including true/false, MCQs, and reflection points
  • Features mobile playback
  • Can record from PowerPoint and webcam simultaneously
  • Integrated with the Kaltura video player
  • Supports unlimited questions
  • Customer support is not up to the par

3. iSpring QuizMaker

Price: 14 days free trial and $370/year

Support System: Windows

iSpring QuizMaker is a powerful and easy-to-use desktop video quiz maker that lets you quickly design graded quizzes and surveys. With its intuitive interface, both professionals and newbies can create assessments with multiple question types, add multimedia, and randomize questions that can be published to LMS or the web.

ispring quizmaker for making quiz videos
  • Lets you add media files to the quiz
  • Excellent UI and easy-to-use
  • Can publish to mobile-ready HTML5 content
  • Compatible with most LMS systems
  • Works with PowerPoint interface
  • Only available for Windows

Part III. Best 7 Online Quiz Video Makers

Compared with desktop software programs, online quiz video makers are more convenient and can be accessed on multiple devices such as Windows PC, Mac System, iOS, and Android devices. 

Therefore, we've compiled a list of the 7 best online video quiz makers to help you pick one that best suits your questioning requirements. 

1. Drimify

Price: $119/per application and $179 per month

Priced at $119 per application, Drimify is an interactive HTML5 content-creation platform offering robust video quiz-making capabilities. The tool is super easy-to-use and helps you create, integrate, and share quizzes within minutes.

drimify for making quiz videos
  • Offers all forms of interactive formats to create quizzes, surveys, and personality tests
  • Lets you analyze your quiz stats
  • Supports data export
  • Rated as 4.9 on Capterra
  • Free demos are available
  • Not much customizable

2. EducaPlay

Price: Free and 4.00 ERU per month

EducaPlay - a free educational games-generating web platform where you can quickly design quizzes with multiple choice, true/false, and fill-in-the-blank questions. You can also add images, videos, and audio to your assessments to make them more engaging.

educaplay for making quiz videos
  • Free to use
  • Can create educational games
  • Supports map quizzes, video quizzes, and riddles
  • Affordable pricing plan
  • Easy integration with Google Classroom, Microsoft Team, and Canvas
  • Some features are limited in their use

3. Flexclip

Price: Free

Flexclip is a robust online video editor that offers a free video quiz maker, having stylish fonts, text overlays, royalty-free stock images, backgrounds, and preset video quiz templates for you to use. 

To create a quiz, you only need to follow three main steps: Add a media file, customize the content, and finally, export your file in various formats or share it online directly.

flexclip for making quiz videos
  • Free to use
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Quick file export and sharing feature
  • Extensive media library and preset templates
  • Text animations and overlays
  • Offers only basic editing tools

4. Edpuzzle

Price: 100% free for students and teachers

Making quizzes was never as simple and easy before as with the Edpuzzle platform. This free assessment-centered web tool lets you create interactive video quizzes that can be quickly integrated into the LMS or shared online.

edpuzzle for making quiz videos
  • Free to use
  • Quickly integrates with LMS
  • Flexible and self-paced
  • Data-driven and provides instant feedback on responses
  • Experiences glitches while integrating with Canvas

5. Panopto

Price: Free and $14.99/month

Panopto is trusted by several universities and other educational institutes for designing educational content. This online tool offers video content management, visual classrooms, video accessibility, screen recording, video editing, and interactive online video quiz-making capabilities.

panopto for making quiz videos
  • Interactive and flexible quizzes
  • Lets you create MCQs, true/false, and checkboxes
  • Has an excellent online video editor
  • Quick and simple configuration
  • Instant assessment feedback
  • Confusing interface for beginners

6. Canva

Price: Free

Creating quizzes with Canva is simple and easy because the platform offers a wide range of templates, simple customization tools, royalty-free images, and other media files, as well as various text styles and fonts. Furthermore, you can quickly export and share your quiz file in different formats.

Canva for making quiz videos
  • Free and easy-to-use
  • Professionally designed templates
  • Highly customizable
  • Royalty-free media files, stickers, and graphics
  • Available for desktop and smartphones
  • Adds a watermark to some files

7. Flexiquiz

Price: Free, paid plans start from $180/year

FlexiQuiz is a cloud-based solution for creating, sharing, and grading quizzes in one app. The platform offers auto-grading, test scheduling, powerful reports, timed test, and many more robust features.

flexiquiz for making quiz videos
  • Real-time powerful results and live analytics
  • Automatically quiz assign completion certificate
  • Access from anywhere
  • Offers public and private tests
  • Comes with advanced configuration options
  • Some features are limited in the free version

Bonus Tips: How To Make A General Knowledge Quiz Video In Filmora?

Do you want to add a little extra excitement to your quiz videos with more effects and animations? We'll recommend using Wondershare Filmora to enhance your content.

Free Download
Free Download

Here's a complete step-by-step guide to using Filmora to make a general knowledge quiz video:

Step1 Upload Your Materials

Gather your quiz questions and answers and launch the Filmora software on your PC/laptop. Click "Create New Project," upload your video and drop it in the timeline.

creating quiz video in filmora
Step2 Make An Intro

Now, to create an intro, select the template you want from the "Media" tab and drop it in the timeline. Go to the "Titles" tab, select and drop the text style in the timeline.

Click the titles track in the timeline, add the intro text telling the audience your quiz's topic, and set the text color and font. Click "OK" to apply the changes.

Step3 Add A Quiz To The Timeline

Next, use the "Titles" tab to start adding questions and answers to the quiz background video, and make sure to adjust the display time.

adding quiz media to the timeline
Step4 Increase Interactivity In Your Quiz Video

Head to the "Transition" tab and add an effect to your video for a smooth transition. You can also add animations, effects, and countdown elements to make your quiz more engaging.

Step5 Repeat The Process And Export Your Final Video

Repeat the process until you complete creating your quiz and click the "Export" icon. You can save the file on your device or export it directly to your YouTube channel.


In this guide, we've provided a comprehensive review of the 3 best desktop video quiz makers and the 7 best online quiz tools. We've discussed what they are, their prices, pros, and cons to assist you in selecting the best one.

We've also recommended Filmora to enhance your quiz videos and add an extra flair to keep your audience interested until the end.

Hopefully, you've enjoyed reading this review and can now decide which software program or online tool to create interactive quiz videos.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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