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10 Photoshop Cartoon Effects For Creatives

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 21, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
10 Photoshop Cartoon Effects For Creatives

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Whether cartoon lover or not, photo cartoon effects is admired by everyone nowadays. People want to use Photoshop cartoon effects.

Using Photoshop applications lets, you know that editing and applying effects are often time-consuming. Adjusting the color, resizing the image, applying effects is lengthy, requires focus, and sometimes may be boring. Thus, we have some Photoshop cartoon effects that will save your time and provide you with desired results.

Part 1 Best Photoshop Cartoon Effects

If you prefer to download the cartoon effect app or want to edit the photo online without editing, here's is a list of some of the best Photoshop or Premiere Pro cartoon effects:

01Vintage Comic Creator

Vintage Comic Creator allows users to add After Effects in cartoon effects in photographs and texts. This can be the best choice if you want to add some shape effects, color, and change texture.

Along with cartoon edit text, an individual can also download overlays, pattern styles, and layer styles to make it comic book text. All the downloaded versions of templates are popular and editable as per the user's requirement. 

vintage comic creator

02Ultra Realistic 3D Space effect

Are you a space lover and looking for space inspires cartoon edits? Here's a Solution. Ultra Realistic 3D Space cartoon effect allows the users to create editable fun cartoon text and Space themes. 

Since it provides a variety of themes and ideas doesn't limit the user when it comes to editing. 

It provides you with a file with an example to make it easy to apply the cartoon effect online according to your wish.

ultra-realistic 3D space effects

03Animated Zombie Grime Art Photoshop action

To the fans of all the zombie movies, here's something you should try out!

Animated Zombie Grime Art provides features in which users can edit their photographs with zombie cartoon effects and experience how they will look like a zombie with zero effort. It also provides the option to create and save GIFs or videos. One can easily use them on their social media accounts. 

animated zombie grime art photoshop action

04Cartoon art Photoshop action

A quick and easy online cartoon effect helps individuals edit their photographs into paintings or cartoon characters. With only a few simple actions, users can easily edit their pictures. It provides editing in paintings, cartoons, oil pastels, oil paintings, etc. 

cartoon art photoshop action

05Soft Photoshop cartoon effects

Soft Photoshop cartoon effects help the users edit the photos into cartoon effects and allow them to add smooth effects to them. With just one click, you can add different colors to your image can adjust the brightness, contrast, highlight, texture, etc. It includes layers and smart filters, thus providing various editing options. 

soft photoshop cartoon effects

06Gimp cartoon effect

It is one of the fastest methods to edit your photographs into cartoon effects. Within a single click, you can cartoonify your pictures. With the help of the Gimp cartoon effect, the user can readjust brightness, contrast, light, etc. You can try soft burn, burn and overlay and can invert colors. It provides different filters with special effects that users can use free of cost. 

gimp cartoon effect

07Pop art Photoshop action

Pop art Photoshop action easily converts any photograph into a retro cartoon photo effect. It transforms the picture into a cartoon customized painting within one click. Users can enjoy the features of adjusting colors and can change the background according to their wishes.

pop art photoshop action

08Cell shader Photoshop action

If you want to convert photos into cartoon effects and at the same time want to apply cell shading, then here's a magic photo cartoon effect. Cartooning your picture along with cell shading can be time-consuming sometimes. Cell shader Photoshop allows the user to shade the image with a single click. You can try it on any picture. 

cell shader photoshop action

093D cartoon text effect

This cartoon effect app helped change the text or the style of the text by adding specific animations or filters. It includes different forms and types in which users can edit the text and make it look fantastic. This 3D animation you can use in your document in animation or simple editing.

3D cartoon text effect

10Filmora cartoon effects

With Wondershare Filmora Video Editor, users can take a new picture or add a photo from their phone's gallery. Once the image is ready for editing, you should tap on the Apply Cartoon Effect button. It contains 12 different cartoon photo effect styles; thus, users can choose any style they want to insert in their picture. You can also add motion to images, videos, and unlimited editing features with the latest updates. 

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

11 Caricature maker Photoshop action

You can turn your photographs into caricatures and make them look awesome. With the help of this After Effects, cartoon animation converts a simple picture into a fun carriage with just one click. You can adjust colors, size, and shape and add more features.  

caricature maker photoshop action

Part 2 How To Create A Photo To Cartoon Effect In A Photoshop

Below is a guide that will help you know more about Photoshop's cartoon effect.

Step 1: Select Image

Now, choose an image you want to cartoonize.

select image

Step 2: Apply Filter-Sharpen

Go to Filter to sharpen the image. Select the Gaussian Blur from the Remove drop-down list

Press OK.

apply filter-sharpen

Step 3: Apply Filter-Stylize

Go to Filter, then apply stylization and Oil paint.

apply filter-stylize

Step 4: Choose Poster Edges

Choose from the list of effects on the filter gallery, click on Poster Edges and click OK.

choose poster edges

Step 5: Blur

It will start to resemble a cartoon, but there's still more to do, so use the Filter > Blur Menu to add a Surface Blur. Set the Threshold to 15 pixels and the Radius to 12 pixels. This effect gives the skin a considerably smoother and cleaner appearance. Select OK.


Step 6: Unsharp Mask

You can add some sharpness and increase particular highlights by going to Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask.

Unhide the second Smart Object layer and change its blending mode to Overlay. Then, reduce the layer's Opacity to 55 percent.

Now, it will start to resemble a cartoon, but there's still more to do, so use the Filter > Blur Menu to add a Surface Blur. Set the Threshold to 12 pixels and the Radius to 12 pixels.

unsharp mask

Step 7: Apply the Oil paint filter again

Return to Filter > Filter Gallery and select Poster Edges once more. These will draw attention to certain aspects of the portrait.

Choose the Oil Paint Filter from Filter > Stylize. Select OK.

apply oil pain filter again

Step 8: Double-click on Filter Gallery

Click OK after double-clicking the Filter Gallery Smart Filter already on this layer.

Carry on with the same steps for the Oil Paint Filter.

Select OK.

double-clicking filter gallery

Step 9: Choose the Raw filter option

Let's take this photo cartoon effect to the next level with a simple method! To make a Stamp Visible Layer, choose the very top layer and press Control-Shift-Alt-E. When you wish to merge all the layers in a document onto a new layer, this shortcut comes in handy.

Lastly, convert the new layer to a Smart Object by right-clicking on it.

Select the Camera Raw Filter option from the Filter menu.

choose raw filter option

Ending Thoughts

After visiting this article, I'm sure you have plenty of options for cartoon effects according to your choice. In this technological world, it's hard to find the Photoshop cartoon effect of your desire, which helps save time.

The above is one of the best After Effects cartoon animations you can use as a cartoon lover. Besides, you can also try out our recommended Filmora – the editor in vogue for its world-class editing features to help enhance your data. 

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