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[Fixed] Why iMovie Keeps Crashing and How to Fix It?

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

There is nothing new to hear about iMovie crashes as it is a common issue these days and most of software suffers with it. We know that no product can be rated perfect as all of these have different pros and cons; same is the case with iMovie. The major thing to talk about is how you can fix this problem to avoid troubles in near future.

Part 1. Why Does iMovie Keep Crashing and How to Solve It?

There are many reasons behind every software crash. It is not so difficult to fix the iMovie crashing issues as some simple-to-use tricks. Here are some reasons why iMovie crashes and how to solve the crash problem.

1. Version incompatibility problem and solution

Version incompatibility is a common reason why iMovie freezes. If the version of iMovie you are using is not compatible with your operating system, follow these steps:

Step 1. Find out which version of iMovie and macOS you are using.

Go to the Mac App Store to see the iMovie Version. Then go to the System Preferences to find out the mac OS version.

Step 2. Update to the latest version of iMovie or macOS

Click the Updates icon to download the latest version in Mac App Store. If your macOS is not the latest version, then go to System Preferences and click Software Update icon to update your macOS.

delete preferences

2. Compile time error and solution

One of the key reasons behind iMovie and many other software crashes is compile time error. iMovie can easily detect all spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and when iMovie tries to tell programmers about it then crashes often occur. These steps may help you:

Step 1. Empty the cache folder and the preferences folder.

Click on Finder-Go to see a menu, then press and hold the alt-option key hold the alt-option key. When Library appears on the menu, enter folders and find and cache.plist files, then delete them.

If you have already emptied the cache folder as well as the preferences folder but still your iMovie is crashing again and again then try to delete the preferences file on iMovie.

Step 2. Delete preferences file on iMovie.

Launch iMovie and press the option and command key until you see the panel, then click Delete Preferences.

show package contents

Step 3. Rename the preferences file

It will be named as in your system and can be easily found in the user folder named as Library/preferences.

Step 4. Close your iMovie and drag .plist file to the system desktop.

If you can open your iMovie software again then everything is set safe.

3. iMovie project file corrupted and solution

iMovie may crash when the project file is corrupted with unknown viruses. It is easy to solve this case:

Step 1. Find out and delete the corrupted files.

Go to Users in Finder window, right-click iMovies, you will see the Show Package Contents, then delete files.

Step 2. Download the right files.

4. File Codec errors and solution

iMovie is not able to support most of the file codec. When it keeps crashing, the reason may be the incompatible codec and your imported file is not available.

Step 1. Learn about the common codecs that iMovie supports.

If you do not know what codecs that iMovie supports, you can follow this Apple Support.

Step 2. Convert the video files to a supported format.

You can try to download the converter app then use it to convert the files.

5. Code languages do not comprehend and solution

iMovie is not able to understand most of the coded languages. The time when it fails in translation then it naturally finds only one way and that is crash. In case if your iMovie compiler is able to handle codes without error then you will never find an issue like a crash.


Part 2. The Best iMovie Alternative

Wondershare Filmora is recommended as the best and most effective alternative for iMovie due to its interactive user interface that appears suitable even for beginners. It possesses almost everything that people usually expect from iMovie.

Filmora makes it easy for anyone to be creative, and the advanced features in it are simple and fun. With it, you can easily apply various video editing operations like rotate, trim, crop, split, as well as add stunning video effects, filters, overlays, transitions, texts, and more. Why not click the Try It Free button below to give it a trial. You won't be disappointed.

Download Filmora Win Version Download Filmora Mac Version

Find More iMovie Alternatives:

Hope this article can help you in resolving the iMovie crashing issue. If you have a better solution, you can also share it with us. Or feel free to let us know if you still have questions.

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Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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