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Cloud Storage Pricing Comparison 2024 and Best Price

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 23, 22, updated Jul 22, 24

Cloud storage is an increasingly sophisticated area, with more and more suppliers joining the game. Researching all the numerous possibilities and choosing the appropriate service for you can be a mammoth process, leaving many people merely choosing one of the major brands, like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. The regular SSD or hard drive can no longer suffice with the quantity of data that needs to be stored, so the only option is to subscribe to a possible cloud storage service. The best way to store data in the cloud is through cloud storage, accessed from any location and device.

We’ve evaluated all the various cloud storage out there and put up this cloud storage comparison to make the task simpler. If you want to save money on storage, cloud storage pricing is essential when choosing the best cloud storage service provider.

So, read on as we discuss cloud storage prices below:

In this article
  1. Cloud Storage Pricing Comparison
  2. Best Price Recommendations
  3. What to consider other than price when choosing cloud storage services?
  4. FAQs

Part 1: Cloud Storage Pricing Comparison

Here is a table comparing top cloud storage providers' free storage space and their cloud storage pricing comparison.

Cloud Storage Providers Free Storage Monthly Price
Apple iCloud 5GB 50GB - $1
200GB - $3
2TB - $10
Google Drive 15GB 100GB - $7.49
250GB - $10
500GB - $18.95
Amazon 5GB 100GB - $2
1TB - $7
2TB - $12
Microsoft 5GB 100GB of storage for $2 per month or $20 annually
Dropbox 2GB Plus: 2TB - $10
Family: 2TB - $17.
pCloud 10GB 500GB - $50 a year
2TB - $100 a year
10TB - Custom 5GB 1TB - $6
Unlimited - $15
Icedrive 10GB 150GB - $1.67
1TB - $4.17
5TB - $15

However, Google Drive and Photos are already fine if you don't wish to invest much money. For example, you can use Google Photos to store photos in the cloud.

The security and privacy of cloud services are crucial, correct storage capacity and device compatibility.

If security is your top priority, choose, IceDrive, and pCloud. They are the most robust encryption and authentication system for cloud storage.

Part 2: Best Price Recommendations

Here we recommend the cloud storage services with the best prices in three categories.

1. Best price of lifetime license cloud storage

The following are cloud storage services that give the best cloud storage prices for a lifetime license.

#1. pCloud


For secure cloud storage services, especially for more official, commercial, and professional users, pCloud will always be the first option that comes to mind.

Although pCloud is more expensive, the additional security measures and quick sync are worth the cost. The individual plans are as follows:

  • 500 GB of Premium storage costs $50.
  • 2 TB of storage for Premium Plus costs $100.
  • 10 TB storage for Custom storage.

#2. Icedrive


You can choose between monthly, annual, and lifetime subscriptions with Icedrive. Each offers three different cloud storage options (from the monthly subscription).

Here are the monthly cloud storage pricing packages.

  • Lite: 150 GB of storage and 250 GB of bandwidth per month for $1.67
  • Pro: 1 TB of storage and 2 TB of bandwidth per month for $4.17.
  • Pro+: 5 TB of storage and 8 TB of monthly bandwidth per month for $15.

Creating an account will grant you free access to 10 TB of storage! Already a success for my use.

2. Best price of unlimited cloud storage service

For the best cloud storage prices for unlimited storage, here is a list of a few recommended cloud storage services.


The service offers one of the industry's most excellent versioning systems, broad file-sharing functionality, outstanding security, and privacy. offers two plans for unlimited cloud storage service:

  • Teams Standard Plan for 1TB of storage space costs $6 per month, billed annually
  • Teams Unlimited Plan for Unlimited storage space costs $15 per month, billed annually.
  • Enterprise plan – Custom pricing

#2. Dropbox


It established numerous file-sharing and syncing trends currently refined. Dropbox first used the sync-folder model, and this version is among the finest.

Dropbox offers two plans for unlimited cloud storage service:

  • The Dropbox Plus plan for 2TB of storage space costs $10 monthly
  • The Dropbox Family Plan for 2TB storage space costs $17 monthly

3. Overall cheapest cloud storage service

You can use the following cloud service providers for the cheapest cloud storage pricing.

#1. comes out on top of our list of the best cloud storage options because the company emphasizes data protection while maintaining a high functionality level for more skilled users. The fact that it is encrypted from end to end implies that both its upload and download rates are rather sluggish. Because this is a zero-knowledge service, nobody but you will be able to decrypt your data. Even though there are no monthly plans available, the price of the service is relatively reasonable, which is a plus given the high level of protection it provides; yet, this absence may be inconvenient for specific customers. 

Pricing: 5GB for free, 1TB - $6; and Unlimited - $15

#2. IceDrive


IceDrive, a cloud storage newcomer in the United Kingdom, may not yet have the power and polish of the leading competitors. Still, the firm already has more than enough cool features to take a cautious look. Users of Windows may navigate their storage space using Explorer, for instance, and do tasks such as relocating, renaming, opening, and editing files, just as if they were working on a local disk. A specialized application compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux takes things further by enabling you to explore your file system, preview documents, and stream your media files using an integrated player.

Pricing: 10GB for free, 150GB - $1.67; 1TB - $4.17; and 5TB - $15

#3. Google Drive


There are six different membership levels available for Google One, the most basic of which provides 100GB of storage space for $2 per month. Using the Google One app, you can easily manage your account, switch between plans, free up storage space on your account, and take advantage of other exclusive member perks. If you go to the Google Drive website, you will discover that most of their plans are geared toward businesses and cost between $6 and $18 per month per user. Every business plan comes with a free trial period of fourteen days.

Pricing: 15GB for free, 100GB - $7.49; 250GB - $10; and 500GB - $18.95 monthly

Part 3: What to consider other than price when choosing cloud storage services?

Cloud storage pricing is a vital factor when choosing a service. However, the requirements and evaluation standards you employ when selecting a cloud provider will be particular to your business. So, any service provider evaluation will often concentrate on a few critical criteria.

1. Authorities and Standards

The adherence to industry best practices and standards is demonstrated by providers who follow recognized standards and quality frameworks. Measures can be pretty valuable for narrowing down the pool of potential suppliers, even though they might not ultimately influence which service provider you select.

2. Locking of Cloud Data

It is reasonable to worry about becoming bound to a specific cloud vendor. As cloud storage prices become increasingly popular and affordable, more applications support the most widely used cloud services. Thus, seeking applications adopting a multi-cloud data strategy is advisable to guarantee that freedom. There are now multi-cloud data management tools that enable clients to select between avoiding cloud vendor lock-in and application separation from specific cloud storage providers.

3. Access Cost and Speed

Organizations must consider two key aspects of data access to cloud services: speed and affordability. Understanding cloud storage providers' service-level agreements (SLAs) is essential for speed. Generally speaking, the storage business can loosen its guarantees regarding access speed the more affordable the storage is. This is especially true for cloud archive storage, which costs very little, where the SLA for data access is expressed in hours.

Part 4: FAQs

1. How can I get 100GB for free?

Most cloud storage companies give customers free storage, such as 2GB, 5GB, or 15GB. Very few cloud storage services offer 100GB of free internet storage. As far as I'm aware, Degoo and CBackup are the storage companies that offer 100GB of free cloud storage, followed by Mega's 50GB of free storage.

2. Where can I get 1TB of cloud storage for free?

The most extraordinary cloud service offered by TeraBox also offers 1TB of free storage. TeraBox also guarantees ISO/IEC-certified cloud security and offers "Locked Box" functionality for private cloud storage.

3. Which cloud storage is the cheapest?

The least expensive 1TB of cloud storage is available from Icedrive for $4.17 per month when invoiced annually. Nevertheless, 2TB plan, which costs $8 per month, provides a superior bargain. IDrive is the lowest option regarding online backup, offering 5TB for just $59.62 for the first year.


After comparing our best choices of GCP storage pricing for data storage, we hope you have all the details you require to make an informed decision. Although it is good to research before picking any of the above software, we assure you that our list of recommendations and cloud storage pricing comparison is the latest. Thus, you should be able to choose the cloud-based storage that best suits your needs with the help of the information provided here.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 22, 24
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