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How to Do Time Lapse on Samsung Phones

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Nov 18, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Samsung mobile device users can capture different types of videos easily. There are different video shooting modes available. You can choose from super slow-motion, timelapse, and even hyper-lapse. Timelapse is capturing a fixed frame multiple times at regular intervals. Thereafter, the captured frames are compiled in a short video form. The frame rate is set low and the phone camera stays fixed at its position.

On the other hand, a hyper-lapse is a timelapse where the camera moves. You must have come across videos where timelapse plays for a few seconds. You must have noticed how the timelapse transforms the entire video content immensely. You can accomplish the same with your Samsung time lapse and hyper-lapse feature. We will illustrate how to create timelapse video on Samsung mobile devices.

In this article
  1. How to Make a Timelapse Video on Samsung
  2. Related FAQs about Timelapse on Samsung

Part 1. How to Make a Timelapse Video on Samsung

Suppose you want to shoot a video of the sunrise or sunset. If you shoot in the regular video mode, the video length will be long. When you play the video, the changes in the movement of the sun will be super slow. That is where timelapse can do wonders. You can shoot a long video by taking photos of the scene at regular intervals.

When you play the photos in video form, it becomes a very short timelapse video. You can show an hour-long sunrise in a few minutes or seconds. You can create such a timelapse video with your Samsung phone. Here are the steps on how to do time lapse on Samsung mobile device.

Step1 Open the Camera app on your Samsung device.

open samsung camera app

Step2 When the Camera app opens, go to the bottom of the app screen. You will see different options, and you need to tap on the More option.

tap more options samsung camera

Step3 There is no time lapse in Samsung device. Instead, you have to select the Hyperlapse option to shoot a timelapse video.

select hyperlapse samsung phone

Step4 Place your Samsung device on a tripod and set the video frame perfectly. Thereafter, tap on the Shutter button.

shoot time lapse video samsung

Step5 You will see a red bar stating the hyper-lapse video duration and the normal video duration. When you want to end shooting the timelapse, tap on the Stop or Shutter button again.

Part 2. Related FAQs about Timelapse on Samsung

1. How do you time-lapse on Samsung Galaxy S20?

The steps for time lapse Samsung S20 are the same as any Samsung phone. You need to open the Camera app and tap on the More option. Select Hyperlapse mode and tap on the Shutter button to start recording. Once you are done recording, tap on the Shutter or Stop button. The timelapse video will be saved in your phone gallery.

2. Is hyperlapse the same as timelapse?

Technically speaking, a hyperlapse is not the same as a timelapse. A timelapse is shot with the camera staying fixed throughout. A hyperlapse is shot with the camera moving throughout. However, if you are a Samsung mobile device user, hyper-lapse is the same as timelapse. Therefore, you will not find a timelapse option but only the Hyperlapse Samsung option.

3. Can you turn a video into a timelapse?

There are different ways available to turn a video into a timelapse. The best way is through the Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile app available on the Play Store. You can also perform the conversion from an online platform like You will essentially change the playback speed for the timelapse video of the regular video.

4. Can I do timelapse with my phone?

Not every phone camera is suitable for taking timelapse videos. Unless you have a very old smartphone, there must be a timelapse mode in the Camera app. However, you should open the Camera app and check the modes available for confirmation. You can also turn photos into a timelapse video using the 24-hour timelapse option. However, the option is available in high-end smartphones like Samsung S22 series.

The Bottom Line

Creating a timelapse video on a Samsung device is super easy. All the latest Samsung phones come with the hyper-lapse mode through which you can create timelapse videos easily. If you have a high-end Samsung device, you can turn your photos into timelapse videos instantly. Samsung’s2 4-hour timelapse feature identifies scenes in your photo such as the sky. Therefore, it uses AI to turn the scene like the sky into a timelapse video.

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Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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