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SRT File: How to Open SRT File on Windows or Mac [2024]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 09, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

“How do I open the SRT file with a video player so that the subtitles will play along with the movie.?”

Standing for SubRip Subtitle, an SRT file is a plain text file that contains all the information regarding the subtitles which include the start and the end timecode, the sequential number of subtitles, and the text of the subtitle. When a video is played using any player or device, these SRT files help in the display of the proper subtitles while the video is playing.

So, if you too have videos and movies with SRT and looks for ways on how to open SRT file, this article will be a good read. The content below will help you learn about the platforms that support the SRT files, and several tools and programs that help to open the SRT files on Windows and Mac systems.

open srt file
In this article
  1. Which Platforms support SRT files
  2. How to Open SRT Files in Windows 10/11
  3. How to Open SRT Files on Mac
  4. Open the File with Online SRT Viewers [Mac & Windows]
  5. Open the File with Video Editing Software [Mac & Windows]

Part 1: Which Platforms support SRT files?

An array of subtitle formats are available with support to different platforms, tools and devices. Some of the commonly used types include SRT., WebVTT, SSA, TTML, TXT, VTT, and more.

The table below lists the best suitable subtitle format for different sites, tools, and programs.

Tools and Programs Subtitle Format Support
Facebook SRT
YouTube SRT, cap, vtt, ttml
Windows Media Player SRT
Wondershare Filmora Video Editing Tool SRT

Part 2: How to Open SRT Files in Windows 10/11?

Subtitles files are displayed while the video is played using a video player. To open the SRT files on your Windows 10/11 systems, any text editor will be good. Using the editor, you can read as well as edit the subtitles as needed.

Steps to open subtitles SRT files in Windows 10/11

  1. First of all, on your Windows system, locate the SRT subtitle file.
  2. Select the file, right-click and choose Properties.
  3. Under the General tab of the file properties, choose and click on the Change button.
open srt on windows 1
  1. Select Word or Notepad in the Open with window. You can choose the option- “Always use the selected program to open this type of file” so that all the srt files are opened using this selected program.
open srt on windows 2
  1. Next click on the OK button and then double click on the file that will open in Notepad or WordPad as selected.
open srt on windows 3
  1. The SRT file will open in the text editor and you can even edit it if required.

Part 3: How to Open SRT Files on Mac

A multimedia player supporting the SRT feature will enable watching the videos with these subtitles. On the Mac system, there are several programs available that can be used for opening the SRT files like ObjectifMac, VLC Media Player, SubCleaner, and more. Also, you can even use the text editor-TextEdit for Mac. Simply find the desired SRT file and choose to open it using the TextEdit program. QuickTime SRT can also be used for opening and playing the SRT files.

We recently covered some concrete methods in detail of how to open SRT file on Mac, we have now had the opportunity to test this with many people with different solutions and have found mixed results.

text edit for mac

Part 4: Open the File with Online SRT Viewers [Mac & Windows]

In addition to the desktop programs, there are several online tools available as well that allow opening the SRT subtitle files on your Windows and Mac systems. These online programs are simple tools that need no software download or installation and work straight from the browser. Though these online tools are simple to use, they are internet dependent and the features supported are also limited.

One of the online tools that can be used for opening SRT subtitle files on your Windows, Mac, and other platform is Aspose. Using this program, you can view the SRT document pages as the images from your device. Since the SRT files are opened as images, they are protected from being edited or copied. You can open, navigate, zoom, and preview the original document as an image. The local file, as well as online ones using a URL, can be added to the interface to read srt file.

open srt using aspose

Steps to open SRT file online using Aspose

Step1 On your browser open the Online SRT Viewer.

Step2 Click on the Choose file button to browse and add the SRT subtitles file. If it is an online file, you can click on Enter URL button to enter the file link.

Step3 The tool will render the file and you can easily view it.

Step4 You can easily navigate between the pages and even zoom in and zoom out.

Part 5: Open the File with Video Editing Software [Mac & Windows]

Another way to open as well as edit your SRT files is by using video editing software and one such Windows and Mac-compatible professional tool is Wondershare Filmora. This feature-packed software can let you perform all basic as well as advanced editing functions including adding as well as editing the SRT subtitle files.

Using the software, you can upload an SRT file, add subtitles manually, auto-transcribe, as well as edit the SRT files. Some of the key SRT editing features include changing subtitles, changing subtitle styles, adding, removing, as well as merging subtitle strips, and more. The tool also allows converting voice to subtitles in a single click with support to 28 languages, and also manually adds the subtitle while selecting its font, size, alignment, animation, and effects.

Steps to import and edit SRT subtitles using Wondershare Filmora

Free Download
Free Download

Step1 Download, install, and run the Wondershare Filmora software on your Windows or

Mac system. In the Media resource area, import the SRT subtitle files directly.

open srt using wondershare filmora 1

Step2 Next, double-click on the selected SRT file or right-click on the timeline and then choose the Advanced Edit option.

open srt using wondershare filmora 2

Step3 Now, the software can be used for performing an array of SRT editing functions like editing the time code, changing the subtitles, adding, removing, and merging the subtitle strips, changing the subtitle style, and more.

Step4 Once the subtitle file is edited, right-click and then choose the Export Subtitle File option.

open srt using wondershare filmora 3

Final Words

The above listed are several ways by which an SRT subtitle file can be opened on your Windows and Mac systems. Choose the method that is suitable for your device and fulfils your requirements. Out of the listed methods, Wondershare Filmora works as a great choice if you are looking for a tool that not only opens the subtitle files but also lets you perform a wide range of video editing tasks.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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