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How to Make a Gaming Montage - Guide & Tips

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published May 25, 22, updated Jul 12, 24

The popularity of gaming montage is growing every day in today's pop culture. There are currently more than 2.5 billion gamers, and most of them love watching gaming video content on YouTube. Whether people use a montage to parody gaming montages themselves or show off their skills, the effort and time put into them create impressive results.

We will explain how to create gaming montages and give you some tips that you might want to keep in mind to make epic videos.

In this article
  1. How to Make a Gaming Montage
  2. Useful Tips for Making a Gaming Montage
  3. Best Gaming Montage for Studying

How to Make a Gaming Montage

You have several options when it comes to creating gaming montages. You can include a random cut of great scenes, a mixture of the highlighted moments you found thrilling and would like to share with other gamers. In other cases, you'll have to think of an engaging story in advance, then base your gameplay on this story.

Essentially, the workflow will be slightly different for these two scenarios. It's much easier with the random cut type, especially when using a reliable video editor. Editing montages is as exciting as playing the game.

With that in mind, here is how to make a gaming montage.

1) Decide Your Montage Story/Type

Deciding your montage type beforehand helps clear your mind and create an epic gaming montage that will keep viewers watching. It allows you to choose the relevant video clips for your gaming montage.

Choose the topic of the video and decide the length of each clip and the sequence of the clips. Be sure to put the most epic or funny clips in the last section of your video. And this will make your viewers watch the video until the end.

2) Record Your Gameplay Footage

The methods to capture the gameplay varies depending on the platform where the game is. The most important thing you have to keep in mind is to ensure your recorder supports Replay Buffer; this will allow you to record scenes that occurred minutes or seconds ago.

That means you do not need to record the gameplay the whole time and burn your hardware. Instead, you'll capture the moment after interesting things occur.

Game consoles like PS4 allow you to record the video natively for a maximum of one hour with the gamepad. A capture card lets you record it longer than 60 minutes.

Once you've all the clips you want on your PC, head over to and download Filmora and install the software on your computer. This program allows you to edit your video clips and add cool effects that will make viewers keep watching.

3) Import You Videos to Media Library

You only have to import the videos to Filmora's media library and then drag and drop them into the timeline, where you can start making the edits.

By right-clicking on the clip in your timeline, you'll see the options to zoom, speed, change, split, or trim your videos. You can also add sound effects by going to the Audio Tab.

How to make a game montage - import videos
Import Videos

4) Choose Background Music for Your Montage

Music will help make your gaming montage engaging. Make sure you use a license-free track if you plan to post it on social media.

Using copyrighted music tracks and uploading the video on social media platforms can lead to video strikes. Luckily, Filmora has loads of non-copyrighted music tracks.

Navigate to Stock Media, where you'll find non-copyrighted music on Pixabay, and choose the one you prefer.

How to make a game montage with Filmora - Choose Background Music
Choose Background Music

5) Edit the Gaming Montage

With Filmora's auto gaming montage maker, you can watch the video clip with the music you have selected. This tool will analyze beat points to change the video and effects.

Additionally, the tool can identify any bad parts in your video and delete them so that the video matches the music.

The Effects tab allows you to add multiple overlays and filters to your gaming montage video. Filmora has different categories of overlays that let you add emotions or personality to your montage. You can also use it to set the tone in your video.

Filters allow you to spice up your gaming videos. There are also different types of filters on Filmora.

How to make a game montage with Filmora - Edit Gaming Montage
Edit Gaming Montage

6) Export Your Gaming Montage Video

Once you have finished editing your video and added music, hit the Export button. Doing this will allow you to export your edited video and save it on your computer.

You can now enter your login details and upload your gaming montage video on your YouTube channel to share it with other players.

Useful Tips for Making a Gaming Montage

Making gaming montages can help you build a large online community if you do the right thing. When making a gaming montage, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind. They include:

1. Apply Velocity Effects

Adding velocity effects to your montage will help get the attention of viewers. You can couple the transition between scenes with a speed ramping effect.

Include slow motion where there is a gunshot or other big gaming moment. You can then speed up things to quickly move into another scene. You can create these velocity effects in Filmora and make it smooth.

2. Avoid Game Loading Scenes

Do not include game loading scenes or any unnecessary clips in the gaming montage. Your audience does not have the time to wait for the scenes to load because they want to see action fast.

3. Sync Gunshot with Music Beat

Try to match gunshot sounds with beats and rhythms in shooter video games. The beats of the music and the soothing sync of gunshots will catch viewers' attention and your video will become popular among gamers.

4. Add Creative Transitions

You can spice up your gaming montage by adding transitions, especially when you have loads of clips for the montage. But avoid overusing it, as you could confuse your audience with a range of dazzling and glaring transitions.

5. Color Grade the Video for the Mood

Use color grading to your advantage, as it can set the mood of your viewers. You can decide to make some scenes black and white to catch the viewers’ attention.

6. Add Video Vignettes for Special Occasions

You can add dark edges around the corners of your video to highlight action or create a certain mood. For gameplay based on a story, use vignetting to add a sense of nostalgia or as a flashback that shows viewers the past.

You can use Filmora to apply the vignetting effect by heading to Advanced Color Tuning, then clicking the Vignette option. You can then add the vignette effect to the video. Additionally, you can adjust the vignette's exposure, feather, roundness, size, and highlights.

Best Gaming Montage for Studying

Here are three gaming montages that are good for studying.

1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Uploaded by DemixB, the Call of Duty Game Montage uses Jacques Offenbach's Can Can Music track. It's a happy song that has a tempo of 81 BPM. The track has average danceable energy, and it's somewhat danceable.

DemixB set the gunshot in the montage video to the music tune. The track builds up to the climax when the gunshot echoes with the attention-grabbing orchestral explosions.

Best Gaming Montage Example - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

2. ShutteR's Gaming Montage

In the gaming montage uploaded by ShutteR on his YouTube channel, he used velocity effects to enhance the video. You'll see that the transition in each scene is paired with adrenaline-pumping, speed-ramping effects.

ShutteR used a slow-motion to highlight action in each scene, then speeds up again when he wants to fast out into the next scene.; this makes the video more engaging to keep viewers glued to their screens.

Best Gaming Montage Example - ShutteR's Gaming Montage
ShutteR's Gaming Montage


NEVERMORE [CS: GO] was uploaded by Fuze on his YouTube channel, and it has creative gameplay. The gaming montage is based on a story. He did the project with Apel, an artist who designed the Fever Dream series skins in the video.

The basic idea of this gaming montage was that the main game character is a corrupted policeman with purple glowing eyes because he's not human.

When the edits begin, the shape of the main character will shift from CS: GO CT models and turn into his real corrupt CT shape. So that's why his name keeps changing. You can get his real identity by pausing some of the frames and looking at the "Killfeed."

Best Gaming Montage Example - NEVERMORE
Closing Thoughts:

Gaming montage involves picking and editing a range of video clips, which are brought together to create engaging video content. It consists of the best scenes from gameplay and non-copyrighted background music.

Use Filmora to edit and add effects to your video, including transitions and overlays. Your gaming montage will get more views, hence becoming popular among players.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 12, 24
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