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How to Make Your CSGO Montage Impressive

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison Originally published May 25, 22, updated Nov 27, 23

CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is a popular objective-based multiplayer FPS (first-person shooter) released in 2012. The developers of this game are Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve. It's one of the world's most popular global eSports video games remains one of the most popular global esports, with millions of people playing it. Many people also love watching other skilled gamers play CSGO as montage videos.

With that in mind, we'll explain how you can make CSGO montage videos and add effects to make them stand out and engaging.

In this article
  1. How to Make Your CSGO Montage
  2. Why We Need to Add Effects to Our CSGO Montage
  3. Useful Effects in Filmora that Can Make Your CSGO Video Impressive
  4. Step-By-Step Guide to Adding Effects to Your CSGO Montage Using Filmora

How to Make Your CSGO Montage

If you are wondering: How can I create a CSGO montage video? Follow these steps:

Step1Record Your CSGO Gameplay

CSGO is compatible with Linux, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, macOS, and Windows. You can record the CSGO demo by going to the top menu. The application will ask you to select the Capture option. Here, you can define the area you want to record and the audio settings. Specify a location where you want to save your recorded file.

You can also use a screen capture tool, such as Wondershare DemoCreator, to record your CSGO gameplay. The software saves the video clips you have captured on your PC's hard drive.

To record your CSGO gameplay using DemoCreator, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the software and click "Capture." You can set various specifications, including the audio settings for your recording and the recorded area.
Make CSGO Montage - Record Screen with Democreator
Record Screen with Democreator
  1. Specify the location where you would like to save your recorded file.
  2. Press F10 or click the start capturing option to start the recording. By indicating you're recording a game, you'll be able to increase the frame rate.
  3. Click on F10 to stop the recording. The program will save the file on your PC.
Step2Choose Background Music that Fits Your CSGO Montage

The capability of music conveying emotions, authentic interactions, and a sense of realism is crucial to the viewers' watching experience. It holds the attention of viewers and makes them want to continue watching your gaming montage.

Make sure the music you choose fits the theme of your CSGO montage video. The right music will provide a constant through-line that ties numerous CSGO gameplay clips together. What's more? It can lend your montage a level of professionalism while giving it a polish.

Only use royalty-free music in your montage video, as this means you won't pay any ongoing royalties when you use the music track. There are loads of royalty-free music libraries online, where you can find non-copyrighted montage music. These include StoryBlocks, FreeSound, and SoundCloud.

Once you've found the music you like, download it and use it in your CSGO montage video.

Step3Download Video Editing Software

You'll need video editing software to put your series of CSGO gameplay clips together and make a montage video. While you'll find numerous desktop-based video editing programs available, choose the best one.

A reliable video editing software should be user-friendly. The last thing you want is to get a video editing program that will make you spend months trying to learn how to edit your first montage video.

Pick a program with video editing templates; this will allow you to create CSGO montage videos swiftly because you only have to substitute the existing placeholder media with the content you are making. It should also have special effects and music.

If you're tired of the plain and common video editing effects, check out Filmora. This video editing software has tons of cool effects that you can add to your CSGO montage videos.

Why We Need to Add Effects to Our CSGO Montage

Adding effects to your CSGO montage is crucial because of various reasons. They produce powerful entertainment for viewers. Special effects provide a creative way to spice up your gaming montage views. You can use them to captivate your audience and make them feel like your video is realistic.

Effects also help you add emotions and personality to your CSGO montage videos. You can also use them to set the tone and ensure your audience enjoys an exhilarating viewing experience.

Additionally, effects help you set the stage for your next scene, convey a mood, and move the story along. You can use them to emphasize the action occurring in the video and make viewers focus on it.

Useful Effects in Filmora that Can Make Your CSGO Video Impressive

We'll now explore some of the effects Filmora offers on their video editing software. You can use them to make epic CSGO montage videos. Let's dive in.

1. Split Screen Effect

Also known as video overlaying or picture-in-picture effect, Filmora's split-screen effect allows you to display two or more video clips simultaneously in up-down style or side by side. You can use it to tell your story creatively by showing multiple viewpoints.

Filmora offers a range of animated split-screen layouts that you can use in your gaming montage video. You can also add multiple split screens.

Make CSGO Montage - Useful Effects in Filmora - Split Screen
Split Screen

2. Pan and Zoom

Also known as the Ken Burns effect, Fimora's Pan and Zoom effect allows users to focus on specific parts of their CSGO montage video. You can use this feature to zoom in on an object or scenery to create movement or evoke emotional storytelling experiences in the video.

3. Fast Motion

Filmora's time-lapse or fast motion effect makes your video clip play faster. The software allows you to increase the speed of your montage video by dragging the speed slider or the duration you need.

4. Transitions

Transitions improve the flow of your montage video and help you capture the viewers' attention, as they make it look professional and cinematic. Filmora has loads of transitions that you can add between video clips to add interest and improve the flow of your montage video.

5. Overlays

Filmora has tons of overlays that you can apply to your CSGO montage videos. You can overlay a video clip on a video and an image or photo on your video. You can also size and mask the video overlay, adjust the position of the overlay, and add elements and animation to your video overlay.

6. Filters

The software allows you to add as many filters as you want to your montage video. These filters can dramatically change the feel and look of your gaming montage in a couple of clicks. You can add glitch effects, make your video shake or black and white, and much more.

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Step-By-Step Guide to Adding Effects to Your CSGO Montage Using Filmora

Applying transitions, overlays, filters, and transitions is a breeze. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Launch Filmora and import your video file. You can do this by pressing Ctrl+I. A window will then pop up and allow you to find your video.
  2. Select the video and click on the Open button to import it to Filmora's media library.
  3. Drag your CSGO montage and drop it to the timeline.
Make CSGO Montage with Filmora - Import Media
Import Media
  1. To add transitions, head to the Transition tab. Here, you will find tons of transitions that you can use.
Make CSGO Montage with Filmora - Add Transition
Add Transition
  1. Choose the transition you want, then drag it to the beginning or end of the gaming montage in your timeline.
  2. To add an overlay to your montage video, go to Effects>Overlay. You'll find several categories here; click on one subcategory to check the available overlays. To add the effect, drag the overlay you like to your timeline. You can also take your mouse on the overlay effect, then click the plus icon to add the effect to your video.
Make CSGO Montage with Filmora - Add Overlays
Add Overlays
  1. To add a filter effect to your montage, go to Effects and select the Filters option on your left side menu. Here, you'll find several categories of filters. Choose the one you like and drag it to the video on your timeline. Double-click on the effect if you want to make changes to the filter.
Make CSGO Montage with Filmora - Add Filters
Add Filters
  1. To pan and zoom your video, right-click on your video in the timeline, then select the Video option and click on Crop and Zoom. Now select the Pan & Zoom option. You'll see frames marked blue and orange over the video clip viewer. Click the Start frame, then modify the pan and zoom with the resizer and dragger to get the desired results before clicking the End frame.
Make CSGO Montage with Filmora - pan and zoom
Pan & Zoom
  1. To add the Fast Motion effect, right-click on your montage video on the timeline and select Speed. Click on the Uniform Speed option. Now, drag the speed slider to the right side to increase the speed of your video.
Make CSGO Montage with Filmora - Fast Motion
Fast Motion

Once you have made all the changes in your CSGO montage, click Export. This option allows you to export and save your video on your computer.

Closing Thoughts:

You can make an impressive CSGO montage video that will capture the attention of viewers and get lots of views. Use Filmora to add effects that will make your gaming montage stand out and keep viewers watching until the end of the video.

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison Nov 27, 23
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