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[Review] Best Voice Recorder App For Android and iOS

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 15, 22, updated Jun 12, 24

Meta: Looking for an app to record voice starting from your voice to lectures and meetings? Here is the list of the top 10 best voice recording apps for Android and iOS.

Gone are the days when people used to carry a dedicated voice recorder to record lectures, interviews, meetings, songs and likewise. Everyone has a smartphone that does the job of a dedicated voice recorder thanks to the voice recorder apps available. A smartphone has an internal microphone that can catch any audio in its surrounding. However, you need a voice recorder app to record audio through your microphone and save it in an audio file for future usage.

These days, Android smartphones and iPhones come with preinstalled voice recorder apps. However, they have very basic features and options. Hence, almost everyone opts for a third-party voice recorder app Android and iOS respectively. We have compiled the list of the top 10 best voice recorder apps for Android and iOS. Check out their key features and choose as per your preference whichever meets your requirements.

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Best Voice Recorder App for Android

Android comes with a very basic voice recording app preinstalled in most smartphones. You should ditch it at once if you are serious about voice recording through your smartphone. Here is the list of the best voice recording apps for Android users.

  1. Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder is the highest-rated voice recording app available on Play Store for Android users. Even though it is basically a free voice recorder app, the most advanced features are available in its Pro version. The recording is going to be of top-notch quality. It even allows you to record through your smartwatch if there is an option. Here are the key features of Easy Voice Recorder.

    • High-quality recording in multiple file formats.
    • Allows recording directly from the smartwatch.
    • Enables sharing the file through various apps and email.
    • Quick widget and shortcuts for instant recording.
    • Quickly switch between voice notes and raw sound.
    • Pro version has editing features, Bluetooth support, and more.

easy voice recorder

  1. Voice Recorder & Voice Memos

It is a voice recorder app free that you can use to record any audio as well as voice over and voice memos. The recording quality is great and its audio player can play the recording at various speeds. You can also add markers in the recording so that you can quickly find the topics quickly. In fact, it is a great app for musicians to record songs and solo voice perfectly. Here are the key features of Voice Recorder & Voice Memos.

    • Record high-quality audio.
    • Saves the file in multiple formats.
    • Does not come with any recording time limit.
    • Audio player and audio cutter available.
    • Markers to find audio notes instantly.
    • Option to record in the background.
    • Intuitive interface for easy recording.
    • Better file management with easy sorting.

voice recorder voice memos

  1. Dictaphone - Audio Recorder

Dictaphone is a no non-sense audio and voice recorder app with a clean user interface. It features 16-fit audio encoding and live MP3 encoder. You can customize all the audio parameters starting from sample rate to bit rate. The app can reduce file size by adjusting the overall quality in case you are running out of space. Check out all the key features of Dictaphone app.

    • Record in the background when screen is off.
    • Adjustable quality for reducing the file size.
    • Pause and resume function for recording and playback.
    • Choose from mono and stereo channel selection modes.
    • Allows unlimited recording time without any restriction.
    • Notification area control status for user convenience.


  1. ASR Voice Recorder

ASR Voice Recorder is an ideal app for audio recording as all the features come balanced. You can record anything on the go and save your recording with tag and label for easy finding. You can even add notes while recording. You can even cut the recording in different parts and save separately. Here are all the keys of the app that make it stand out.

    • Can record in the background and from Bluetooth headset.
    • Save recording in several file formats.
    • Grouping and organizing recordings with tag and label.
    • Easy access with the recording widget.
    • Allows adding notes while recording.
    • Playback speed controller. Control sample and bit rate.
    • Dedicated buttons for discard and pause.
    • Gain feature for reducing or increasing volume.

asr voice recorder


  1. Voice Recorder by Quality Apps

Voice Recorder is a basic audio recording app and it is a totally free app. The user interface is simple for everyone to use it instantly. The recording quality is going to be great which is why we have featured it in the list. Here are the key features of the app that you should know before installing it.

    • Background recording possible.
    • Allows recording in high-quality formats.
    • Saves the file in multiple formats.
    • Comes with a live audio spectrum analyzer.
    • Recording session with pause and resume options.
    • Comes with a microphone gain calibration option.
    • Allows direct and easy sharing of recording.

voice recorder by quality apps

Best Voice Recorder App for iOS

If you are looking for the best app for voice recording, here have lined up five versatile voice recorder apps with a wide range of features to meet your requirements. Here is the list of the best voice recording apps for iOS users.

  1. Voice Memos

Voice Memos is an Apple voice recorder that comes preinstalled on every iPhone and iPad. In fact, it is also compatible with Apple Watch and hence, you can record voice through our Apple Watch as well. The app is quite powerful and you can even edit the recording on the go. Here are all the key features of Voice Memos.

    • Record through built-in microphone or external microphone.
    • Automatically name the recordings according to the location.
    • Choose from compressed or uncompressed formats.
    • Detailed editing options for fine-tuning recordings.
    • Search feature for quick finding of recordings.
    • Sync recordings across all devices.
    • Control playback and skips over gaps.

voice memos

  1. Rev Voice Recorder & Memos

It is a powerful iPhone voice recorder app and it is completely free but there is no ad. However, there is a paid transcription service available. The recording quality is great and you can instantly share the recording across various platforms. The voice to text service is a great addition for professionals. Here is the list of the key features of Rev Voice Recorder & Memos.

    • Offers high-quality voice recording.
    • Automatically pauses during incoming calls and interruptions.
    • Ability to record in the background.
    • Creates backup of recordings with Dropbox sync.
    • Allows searching recordings by name.
    • Trimming and append to recordings.
    • Import recordings from other apps.

rev voice recorder memos

  1. Voice Record Pro

Voice Record Pro is a professional voice recorder app iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. You can record anything for unlimited time and there are various configurations and customization options available. You can append recordings and even convert from one format to another. Besides, you can import and export recordings from various Cloud platforms and export to FTP server as well. Here are all the features of Voice Record Pro app.

    • Control volume, gain, pitch, speed, distortion, echo and much more.
    • Advanced editing options available for append, join, trim, split and more.
    • Allows adding bookmarks and photos to records.
    • Import from and export to popular cloud platforms.
    • Allows sending recordings to other compatible devices.
    • Protect recordings with passcode.

voice record pro

  1. HT Professional Recorder

It is a great app that can catch conversations when the speaker is sitting at a distance. It amplifies the soft voices for crystal clear recording. Therefore, it is suitable for recording lectures, meetings, interviews and likewise. It comes with 3-level microphone gain sensitivity to achieve this feat. The app has recently added the feature of import and export to Dropbox. Check out the key features of HT Professional Recorder app.

    • Offers high-quality audio from a distance of up to 4 feet.
    • Multiple microphone gain sensitivity levels.
    • Comes with the feature of audio bookmarking.
    • Allows emailing of recordings of up to 30 minutes.
    • Option to transfer files by using Wi-Fi.
    • Enables one-touch positioning in the file.
    • Easy correction of the dictation with the overwriting capability.

ht professional recorder

  1. Recorder Plus

Recorder Plus offers one-touch recording experience which is useful when you do not have plans to record beforehand. The app is also useful when you want to secretly record voice as it stays in the background and does the recording quietly. You can pause and resume recording as per your requirements. There are certain premium features available that you can avail by in-app purchase.

    • Allows high-quality audio recording.
    • Compressed audio file format available.
    • Record and play in the background.
    • Several file formats for saving the recordings.
    • Easy interface for hassle-free controls.
    • Proper file management options.
    • Trim recording as per requirements.

recorder plus


When it comes to voice recording through a smartphone, you have to choose the best app for voice recording so that the recording is of top-notch quality. Our team has handpicked these best-rated voice recording apps for both Android and iOS users. You should go through the entire list as different apps offer some unique features which could be useful for you.