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Ep. 21 Using the Split Button in Filmora9

By - Jun 17, 2022 11:00 AM

The media assets you use to create a video often contain more material than you actually need. However, you can remove segments of a video or audio clips you don’t want to include in your project from the Filmora9’s timeline with a single click.

The Split button allows you to make a cut at any point in a video and choose the frame with which a video clip is going to start or end. So, in this tutorial, we are going to show you how to use the Split Button in Filmora9.

Splitting multiple media files at the same time

Once you’ve created a new project in Filmora9 and imported the media assets you want to use in your video, you should proceed to arrange them on the timeline.

Filmora9 lets you create up to a hundred video or audio tracks, which means that you can easily place video or audio clips one above the other. The video editor’s playhead allows you to move through the footage quickly, choose the point on the timeline from which you want to preview the media files on the timeline, or locate the exact frame in a video clip where you want to make a cut.

In case you have several clips that are stacked one above the other, you can make a cut in each of them using the Split button that is displayed on the playhead. Make sure that none of these clips are selected, position the pleayhead at the location where you want to make a cut, and then click on the Split button.

Filmora9 will split media files on each audio or video track at the exact same spot on the timeline where the playhead was positioned. Afterward, you can proceed to remove all newly created video and audio clips from the timeline by right-clicking on them and selecting the Delete option from the menu. 

Splitting a single video clip in Filmora9

If you want to split just one media asset on the timeline, you first need to select it by clicking on it. Selected audio or video file has a light blue outline which indicates that all changes you make are going to be applied to that particular clip.

This means that you can split a particular video even if you have multiple media files stacked one above the other. So, in order to split a single video clip you just have to select it, then drag the playhead to the position on the timeline where you want to make a cut, and click on the Split button that is displayed on the playhead.

Hitting the Split button will only affect the footage at the current playhead’s location, even if you have selected multiple stacked videos of different lengths. So, in case the playhead is positioned at the part of the video that comes after or before other selected media assets that are on the video tracks below or above, the video editor is only going to make a split in a video clip above which the playehead was positioned. 


Filmora9 allows you to split your videos into as many parts as you want, which allows you to use only a few seconds of a much longer video clip in your project. The Split button is one of the most basic video editing tools, and it is impossible to edit a video without it. Using the Split button in Filmora9 is easy since you can cut a video clip with just one click. However, finding creative ways to use this tool, may take some practice.

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