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How to Add a Voice Memo to iMovie?

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Jul 18, 2024• Proven solutions

Many operating systems nowadays have several apps by default including voice recording apps. Devices that have iOS come with a built-in audio recording software called Voice Memo, which can be used to record and store audio files. With the help of Voice Memo, you can record anything anywhere anytime. The recorded files can be easily saved on your phone and can be sent to others via messages or through social media.

When editing videos, sometimes you may have to record a voice-over separately, or maybe you just want to add some other thing you recorded like music, a soundtrack, or your friend’s horrendous singing to your video. Here is a complete guide that will show you how to add a voice memo to iMovie projects.

How to Add Voice Memos to iMovie on iPhone/iPad?

You can add voice memos to iMovie projects on iPhone by following a few simple steps:

Step 1. Open the Voice Memos app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Record a voice memo if you haven’t already.

Step 3. You will see a three-dot icon on the left side of the screen, tap on it.

Step 4. Select “Share” on the appeared list.

Step 5. Now, select the “Copy to iMovie” option and your chosen voice memo will be added to your iMovie project.

The following process will open the iMovie app on your app, which will enable you to make edits to your recently added voice memo.

The addition of voice memos can take a little time, especially if the files are in a bigger size. Importing large amounts of audio files can also take quite a bit of your time.

How to Import Voice Memos to iMovie on Mac?

The following steps will help you add a voice memo to an iMovie project on Mac:

Step 1. Record and save a voice memo on your computer.

Step 2. Open an existing iMovie project or create a new one.

Step 3. Click on “Audio” and a sidebar will appear.

Step 4. Choose iTunes from the list of the sidebar and the voice memo will be added to your iMovie project. Makes sure that your voice memo is present in your iTunes beforehand.

If you want to edit the voice memo before incorporating it into your iMovie project, follow these steps:

Step 1. Click on “Audio” and go to your iTunes.

Step 2. Now, drag and drop the voice memo you want to edit to the timeline of iMovie.

Another way to add voice memos to your iMovie is by recording them directly into your video. If you want to record your voice memo on iMovie, follow these steps:

Step 1. Once you have opened a project on iMovie, click on the “Windows” button at the top of your screen.

Step 2. Now, select record voice-over in the drop-down menu. The shortcut is to press the “V” key on your keyboard. A viewer window will appear containing all the voice-over options.

Step 3. Choose an appropriate microphone by clicking on the “Voiceover Settings” button, which has two white slider bars on it.

Step 4. To start the recording, simply press the red button. To stop the recording, you can either press the Space bar or click on the red button again.

Easily Add a Voice-over to Videos Using iMovie’s Alternative

iMovie is an editing software used by millions of macOS and iOS users. Although iMovie is one of the world’s most popular macOS video editor software, better alternatives to it are also available in the market. Out of many, the best alternative has to be Wondershare Filmora, which is a powerful and effective video editing software.

It offers countless features that can be employed to create a video displaying professional-level editing. You can also use Filmora instead of iMovie to conveniently record and add voice-overs to your videos.

Download Filmora Win Version Download Filmora Mac Version

This brief guide will tell you how you can easily insert voice-overs into your videos using Wondershare Filmora.

Step 1. Import a video into Filmora by clicking on the “Import” button. You can also drag and drop the file you want into the project library.

Step 2. Import the voice-over also by dragging and dropping it into the project library.

Step 3. Once the files have been imported, drop them on the app’s timeline and the voice-over will be added to your video.

Step 4. To edit the voice-over, you can click on “Audio Track” and adjust the audio settings.

Step 5. To sync the audio with video, place the voice-over file in a position that fits according to the video.

You also have the option to record a voice-over in real-time while editing your video. Do like this:

Step 1. Click the red button also called the record icon to start recording.

Step 2. Position the playhead to the moment you want your voice-over to start in your video.

Step 3. Click on the “Microphone” button that you will see on the toolbar. Now, you can start speaking. The recorded voice-over will be automatically added to the video’s original audio track.

Step 4. If you want to start a new voice-over, all you have to do is re-position the Time Indicator and a new voice-over will start recording.

Step 5. Once you are done recording, the voice-over can be edited in the timeline.

Step 6. You can also export it to save it to your computer or to post it directly to your social media like YouTube and Vimeo.

Final Word

The process of adding voice memos and voice-overs to your videos becomes simple when you have a practical and easy-to-use software like iMovie at hand. It can be used to perform other editing tasks as well.

If you are looking for an alternative to iMovie, you should go for Wondershare Filmora. It has the capability to fulfill all of your editing requirements. Like iMovie, you can also use it for purposes other than adding voice memos to your videos. For example, you can use the AI portrait feature of Filmora to add color and vibrancy to your videos. Or you can use the Pan and Zoom feature to apply the Ken Burns effect to your videos.

Download Filmora Win Version Download Filmora Mac Version

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