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How to Search for Cool Photos on

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 09, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Did you know using a photographer’s stock images without consent can land you in legal trouble? However, you can avoid a date in court by getting cool background images for websites from Pexels. The website hosts millions of professional photos from global photographers under the Creative Commons and Pexels license. In addition, you do not need an account or acknowledge the photographer to download photos. Keep reading to find out how to search for cool photos on

In this article
    1. Vintage
    2. Negative Space
    3. Cultural diversity
    4. Flat lay
    5. Retro
    1. What is a collection on
    2. How to search for a collection
    3. What’re the best cool collections on Pexels
    1. How to follow a photographer
    2. What are the best photographers that upload cool photos
  1. FAQ

Part 1: Search for cool photos or wallpapers is a free online resource for stock content. It contains millions of stock photos and videos from contributors globally. In addition, it works similarly to google search, meaning you can identify specific photos using keywords and tags. Below are the top keywords to get cool photos on

Top keywords to get cool photos on

1. Vintage


Vintage editing of stock photos is a popular choice for lifestyle websites and blog posts. In addition, you can apply the finish using most video and photo editing software, including Adobe Lightroom and Filmora. Here is an example of a cool stock photo from with a vintage finish.

Free Download
Free Download

2. Negative Space

negative space

Another top keyword to get cool background images for websites on is negative space. Using the keyword allows you access to various stock images featuring all subjects such as human faces, abstract photos, and nature.

Stock photos with negative space are popular because they offer the freedom to input your text messages without adding too much noise to the image.

3. Cultural diversity

cultural diversity

How do you make your commercial messages more appealing? First, try using stock photos that represent diversity. For example, you can include blended families or images that show gender equality. In addition, cool photos on that feature subjects from different races are the most popular.

Organizations that cater to multiple audiences are the main users of these images since they make the messaging more relatable.

4. Flat lay

flat lay

Are you familiar with flat lay stock images? These are images where you shoot your subjects from a bird’s eye view. In addition, your subjects need to be in a systematic order to prevent any confusion in your target audience. For example, you can arrange your photography equipment on a table to show the diversity required to shoot photographs.

Typically, cool photos on under the flat lay keyword feature inanimate subjects such as food and equipment. Furthermore, flat lay stock photos are the best choice for social media posts on Twitter and Instagram. This is because they do not require much editing if taken correctly.

5. Retro

Feeling nostalgic, you can also get some cool photos on using the retro keyword. Typically, these stock photos feature green and orange as the lead colors, with patterns and hard lighting combined to enhance the imagery further.

Most retro stock photographs feature a 70 or 80s look, which best articulates the hard light and bold color schemes. In addition, you will find these images featured in ad campaigns depicting food, home décor, and fashion, where you need to focus more on the subject details.

Part 2: Search for collections

Using keywords to find cool background images for websites on also gives you access to different collections. The platform uses bubble tabs to present you with related photos to your primary keyword. However, these are not ways to refine your results. Instead, they give you alternatives to other stock photos that you can use to spread your message. Here is more information on collections of cool photos on

1. What is a collection on

collection on pexel

A collection on is a grouping of photos and videos based on your keyword, photography style, or inspiration. Typically, the platform’s search engine uses your primary keyword to identify other creative assets within its library that may be suitable to your taste. For example, typing vintage on the search bar will bring you bubble tabs that can include vintage cars, vintage houses, and vintage videos.

In addition, collections are often attributed to a single verified user of Therefore, you need to register an account before accessing the photos. However, you can decide to make your collections private or share them with other users. Keep reading to discover how to search for cool photo collections on

2. How to search for a collection?

Here are the most common ways of searching for a cool photo collection on

a) Using Keyword Search

  • Type in your device browser and hit the Enter
  • Then, enter the keyword you desire in the search box, followed by the word collection, and hit search.
  • The results will include all photos, videos, and users who feature the keyword in their files. For example, typing vintage photo collections in the search box present you with over 53,000 vintage photos and videos from different users.
  • Furthermore, you can identify more photo collections by clicking the Explorebutton from the search bar.

b) Access your custom collections

Alternatively, you can create your custom collections using different cool photos from the library. Follow these steps to begin collecting photos.

  • Navigate to the website using your device’s web browser.
  • Then, identify the photo you want from the search results based on your keyword input.
  • Click on the + sign at the bottom right corner of the photo to begin adding it to your collection.
  • Once done, a pop-up box will appear, where you will click the Create Collection option.
  • Finalize the process by adding a title to your collection and selecting whether you want it private or public.

3. What’re the best cool collections on Pexels? features a leaderboard for photographers with the most views of photos and videos in the last 30 days. In addition, accessing the Leaderboard allows you to download the photographer’s shareable photo collections. Currently, these are the top 5 cool collections on pexels.

  • Anthony Trivet

Total views: 68.8 million.

Genre: Nature, wildlife, and urban landscapes.


  • Anna Savelieva

Total views: 8.8 million.

Genre: urban landscapes, cool stock photo guy & girls, and nature.

Followers: 575.

  • Stijn Dijkstra

Total views: 115.3 million.

Genre: Nature, abstract, and digital photography.

Followers: 1,700.

  • Kassia Melo

Total views: 20 million.

Genre: Vintage, Retro, Negative space, and cool stock photo models.

Followers: 426.

  • Jonathan Cooper

Total views: 40 million.

Genre: Landscapes, skateboarding, cultural diversity, nature, and flat lay photography.

Followers: 723.

Part 3: Bookmark Cool Photographers

Aside from offering a rich library of cool stock photos, also allows you to bookmark cool photographers. Follow these steps to bookmark your favorite contributors. Kindly note you will need to register and verify your account to activate the function.

1. How to follow a photographer?

  • Enter the URL on your device’s web browser and press Enter.
  • Use the search bar to identify cool background images for websites from the library. For example, you can type Flat Lay to view free stock images from contributors.
  • Then, click on your favorite photograph to access its metadata. Here, you will access different functions such as free download, collect,and like. In addition, you will have access to the contributor’s profiles, including their follow and donate
  • Tap the Followbutton to bookmark the photographer as one of your favorites. Then, you will be redirected to a page where you can select only to download the photo or become a pexels contributor.
  • Select the function you require to proceed to the log-in page. You can enter your details on the sign-up form if you do not have an account. In addition, you can also use your Facebook credentials to create a new account.
  • Repeat the process if you want to bookmark more cool photographers on

Bookmarking cool photographers on pexels gives you exclusive access to their portfolios, including personal collections. In addition, you also receive notifications when they upload new photographs and videos to the platform. As such, you can download unique images before everyone else to use for personal and commercial purposes.

2. What are the best photographers that upload cool photos?

So, what are the best photographers that upload cool photos on You can access them through the Leaderboard from the top menu or click the Explore button to discover the most popular searches. Below are some of the all-time best photographers that upload cool photos.

  • Eberhard Grossgasteiger

Total views: 4 billion.

Genre: Landscapes, nature, night photography, and portraits.

Followers: 25.1K.

Downloads: 21.3 million

Likes: 245.8K

  • Kelly

Total views: 2.5 billion.

Genre: Foliage, landscapes, and flat lay photography.

Followers: 55.8K.

Downloads: 22 million

Likes: 305.1K

  • Engin Akyurt

Total views: 1.8 billion.

Genre: Abstract, landscapes, flat lay photography, and nature.

Followers: 30.5K.

Downloads: 12.5 million

Likes: 194K

  • Markus Spiske

Total views: 1.4 billion.

Genre: Casual and everyday imagery.

Followers: 7.3K

Downloads: 5.8 million

Likes: 91.7K

  • Steve Johnson

Total views: 1.3 billion.

Genre: Abstract and digital effect images.

Followers: 8.8K

Downloads: 5.8 million

Likes: 87.4K


Are all cool photos on free?

Yes. Stock photos on are free to use for personal and commercial use. However, those under the pexels license require alterations to the original before using them.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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