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Best Way to Use Zoom for Skype

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jul 28, 22, updated Jul 12, 24

Tools for video conferencing may improve the effectiveness of your personal and business communications while also saving you time and effort. Of course, assuming you choose the appropriate tool to utilize. With a new Zoom-In function, zoom for skype, Skype screen sharing has improved, making it simpler for everyone in a video conference to see small print on the shared screen. The Skype team included a variety of zooming options, and doing so won't end the connection or let the other participants know that the function is being utilized. It's crucial to have a reliable video conferencing solution on hand while you and your newly remote staff navigate this new environment so you can keep in touch, communicate clearly, and create a solid remote work culture. Here is how to use zoom for skype plugin for remote teams to aid you in making an educated selection.

Therefore, learning how to record video calls using zoom for skype plugin is a useful skill to have, and when utilizing the top video chat applications, you'd be shocked at how frequently it comes in handy. The term "Skype" may have become a verb due to its prior prominence, while use of the actual product has decreased. Zoom, a well-known corporate calling program, has recently soared to the top of download charts throughout the globe as individuals who use it for work use it more often and begin using it for personal purposes as well. Recording the meeting utilizing zoom for skype business is one of the finest methods to do so, whether you want to capture a presentation to review later, share what was on your screen with a coworker or friend who wasn't there, or just save certain portions of the meeting to your computer. Let’s dive in to learn easy ways to use Zoom for Skype hassle-free.

In this article
  1. How to set up Skype and Zoom
  2. How to Start a Zoom meetings in Skype
  3. Related FAQs

Part 1. How to set up Skype and Zoom

Microsoft offers the Skype software, which enables simultaneous communication between many users. Through it, you may voice call, video call, and send instant messages. One of the most widely used video conferencing and chat programs is Skype for Business, although Zoom is also quite popular. Bots are commonly employed in the corporate world and have various benefits.

Most likely for this reason, Zoom's engineers developed a special Skype for Business plugin that enables you to launch a new Zoom conference right from the Skype for Business main window. This plugin, which was formerly known as the Zoom Plugin for Lync, enables you to start Zoom Client for Meetings instantly and start a new meeting without having to move between apps or launch new ones.

Step1 Get Skype for Business installed. For Skype for Business/Lync Integration, click the Login link.

install skype for business

Step2 From the Zoom Download Center, download and install the Zoom Lync Plugin. Select "Account Settings" from the Zoom Web Portal's menu. The plugin won't show up till Skype for Business is restarted.

zoom plugin for skype business

Step3 After downloading and installing the Zoom Client, now, turn on (blue) the option under Meeting (Advanced) that permits the Skype for Business client to join Zoom meetings.

zoom client intergration

Part 2. How to Start a Zoom meetings in Skype

Either the web app or the desktop version of Skype may be used to plan a Zoom conference. There are various ways to use the new zoom function in Skype. Users that attend a webinar using Skype for Business or Lync will participate as panelists. These are the procedures.

Step1 Log into Skype for Business by opening it.

login skype search

Step2 Open Lync or Skype for Business and choose Contacts. then decide to do a contact search. Click the user whose video conference you wish to start on the right-click menu.

start zoom meeting on skype

Step3 To begin a Zoom meeting with your contacts, choose Join a Meeting or consequently, you can use the Sign in to Zoom Meeting to do the trick as shown below:

zoom cloud signin

Step4 The conference will begin with an automated opening of Zoom.

Part 3. Related FAQs

Does Zoom work with Skype?

You may now zoom inside of Skype. Although it may be hard to read, we're not referring to a competing application. One benefit is the simplicity with which people may be invited to the Zoom conference immediately from Skype. Conveniently, you may utilize the two aforementioned clips concurrently with this plugin and swap between them as needed. After being installed, the plugin adds additional items to Skype for Business' right-click menu. As a result, starting a new Zoom meeting won't be too difficult. Please be aware that Slype for Business must be restarted in order for the changes to be visible.

Is Skype Zoom free?

Skype was created to make it possible for individuals to interact with one another for free, no matter where they are. By installing the app on your smartphone and making an account, you can access the app. Unless you wish to contact them on their landline or cellphone, in which case you may purchase a premium membership, Skype is free. You may now join a call on Skype as a guest, eliminating the need to register for an account. Zoom, on the other hand, is a more recent invention. The 2013 debut of the cloud-based video conferencing application has witnessed a significant surge in use. According to Skype, because the meeting links have no expiry date, you may make them in advance and invite participants at any moment. Whether you started the call or are only a participant, you may start it as long as you have the link. Once you have a link, you may use it whenever you wish to join the conversation. Links can be used again in the future.

How do I open Skype Zoom?

One-on-one conversations can be made using Zoom as well, but you may prefer Skype since it's simpler to use and has less security concerns. If security is your first concern, you may want to stay with Skype unless you're planning to set up a call for a large group. However, you might use Zoom if the advantages it has to offer simply make things simpler. You must go to the Meet Now page on Skype in order to begin a call using your browser. Share the provided URL after selecting the "Create a Free Meeting" option.


As Microsoft has concentrated on enhancing Microsoft Teams for business users and consumers, Skype has gradually lost ground. Despite the fact that Skype and Teams share many capabilities, such as customizable backdrops. However, the reality of video conferencing software like Hangout Meets and others is a combination of misunderstanding. As a result, we've provided easy methods for setting up Zoom and Skype meetings on Mac and PC. Follow the guide above to learn how to use Zoom for Skype plugin without diving into the technical aspects. Hope you find it helpful enough to use it hassle-free.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 12, 24
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