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10+ Best Image to Video Makers Online [Free & Paid]

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Over the course of the last couple of decades, the rapid development of Smartphones and digital cameras has made taking photos simpler than ever before. As a result, we all have much more photos stored on our computers and phones than we could possibly publish on our social media accounts.

Creating a short video from the photos you’ve taken can be a great way to share all of your favorite moments from your journey abroad or your child’s birthday with your friends. Moreover, you don’t have to be a skilled video editor to create a video from photos, because there are a lot of online images to video makers that enable you to create a new video in just a few easy steps.

So, in this article, we are going to take you through ten best free and paid online images to video makers you can use to create social media videos your friends are going to love watching.

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As shown above, Filmora is an easy-to-use video editing software to create professional look videos, you can totally use this tool to create a video from images with text and titles, filters, transitions, overlays, elements, and effects, and share the video on YouTube or Vimeo directly or save in different formats. 

Besides, you can import images to make a video in different aspect ratios, whether landscape or portrait, without any concerns about the black bar issue. In Filmora X, you can set up Crop to Fit or blur the background.

(p.s. Noticing worthy, this program is totally free-to-use, which would be a great option for users who just like to create a slideshow once in a while.)

 Add Blur background in Filmora9

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10+ Best Free and Paid Online Image to Video Makers

Despite the fact that online images to video makers aren’t as powerful as photo and video editing software products such as Filmora, you can still use this online image-to-video maker to create videos effortlessly. However, in order to save time you should prepare all the material you want to use in your video in advance so that you can just upload it to the platform of your choosing and have the video ready in a couple of minutes. Let’s have a look at the image to video makers you can use to create captivating social media videos.

2. Image to Video

Price: Free

 Image to Video online maker

This website offers a bunch of different tools you can utilize to produce videos from your photos, trim videos or add 3D transitions between shots. Keep in mind that the maximum number of photos you can use in a single video is limited to thirty. Once you arrive on the home page of this platform you just have to upload the photos and rearrange them in any way you want.

You can also add, text, music, or your company’s logo to the video and then just follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. You can preview the video after the platform generates it, and decide whether you want to download it or start from the beginning in case you didn’t like the result.

3. Kapwing: Image to Video Tool

Price: Free, Paid to Remove watermark

 Image to Video online maker

This online video editing platform enables its users to perform a number of basic video editing actions like trimming videos, adding text to them or resizing them. The Image to Video tool can be quite useful if you are looking for a quick way to convert an image to a video and then select an aspect ratio that fits the requirements of the social network to which you would like to upload that video.

4. Picovico: Instant Photo to Birthday Video Maker Online

Price: $9.99, Free version available

 Image to Video online maker

Turning your or your children’s birthday photos into charming videos you can share on social media is easy with Picovico. However, in order to start using the free or paid version of this image to video maker, you first have to create an account and make sure that you are signed in. In addition, if you opt for the free version of Picovico, all videos you create are going to be watermarked, and their quality and duration are going to be limited. So, in order to produce full HD videos that can contain several songs, you must purchase the Birthday Bash subscription plan.

5. Pholody

Price: Free

 Image to Video online maker

Besides creating videos from your photos, Pholody also lets you use the Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas or Around the World templates. If you choose to create videos from your own photos, you can save the project you’re working on, and then load it whenever you want to continue working on it. You can import the sound or music files from a hard drive on your computer or you can use the YouTube link to import any audio file you want into your project. Publishing your videos to social media networks requires you to be signed in to your account on Pholody.

6. Mp3Care Photo to Video

Price: Free

 Image to Video online maker

This web-based app makes converting JPEG files into MP4 video files a simple two-step process, that just requires you to upload photos and then choose the amount time between two images. The maximum number of photos you can use in a video is limited to just twenty, while the maximum duration of each image in the video can’t exceed the 20-second mark. Adding transitions between pictures is also on the list of options this platform provides, but Mp3 Care Photo to Video lacks any other video editing features. Despite some obvious downsides, this online photo to video maker is still a great option if you want to convert your photos into videos quickly and free of charge.

7. Kizoa

Price: Free, Subscription plans start at $29.99

 Image to Video online maker

Kizoa is an online video editor that lets you turn your photos in your videos, so you just have to choose the images you want to use in your project and upload them to the platform. Furthermore, even the free version of the app lets you store up to 1GB of photos and videos, which makes accessing your footage even easier. Nonetheless, the free version of Kizoa only allows you to export videos shorter than two minutes and you must purchase one of the available subscription plans in order to be able to export videos that last more than ten minutes or to create 4K videos. 

8. Movie Maker Online

Price: Free

 Image to Video online maker

If you don’t already have the photos you want to use in your video, the Movie Maker Online is an excellent choice for you, because the platform offers a rich selection of royalty free images. Additionally, you also use Movie Maker Online to search for free music you can use in your videos without having to worry about the copyrights. The platform’s interface, however, is far from perfect and it may take you some time to get used to it and figure out how to add text to the photos you’re using in your video or how to choose for how long a photo is going to be displayed on the screen. 

9. Slideshow Photos

Price: Free

 Image to Video online maker

You can create professional slideshows with this web-based app in a few easy steps, as you just have to select one out of four available templates and then upload at least 27 photos. Once you finish uploading the images, you can proceed to add text to your slideshow and then click on the Create a Slideshow button. The platform will then ask for your email address and it will send you an email that informs you that your video is going to be ready in 11 hours unless you want to pay $4 to speed up the delivery time.

10. PhotoShow

Price: Free version available, subscription plans start at $2.49 per month

 Image to Video online maker

PhotoShow lets you create slideshows in three easy steps. After you upload the photos you want to use in a slideshow, you can preview the results and customize them in accordance with your demands and then you can share the slideshow. However, you will have to install the latest version of Adobe’s Flash Player in order to use this platform, so make sure that this software is updated before you start creating a new slideshow with it. If you choose one of the subscription plans, you will be able to enhance each photo you include in your slideshow, before you export it to social media.

11. Adobe Spark

Price: Free, Available through Adobe Creative Cloud Plan for $52.99 per month or as a stand-alone app for $9.99 per month

 Image to Video online maker

In order to start using Adobe Spark, you will first have to use your Google or Facebook account to sign in to your Adobe account. Furthermore, the free version of Adobe Spark offers only a limited amount of photo and video editing options. If you would like to gain access to premium features such as adding a logo or choosing the font of the text you would like to use in your slideshows, you will either have to purchase Adobe Spark as a stand-alone app or as a part of the Adobe’s Creative Cloud Plan. Creating a slideshow with Adobe Spark is remarkably easy since you just have to insert the text, pick a template and upload the photos you would like to add to the slideshow.


Turning your photos into awe-inspiring videos has never been so simple because you no longer need to have access to expensive professional video editing software products to create videos. Instead, you can produce videos from photos using the online image to video makers that enable you to generate videos in just a few easy steps. 

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