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Generate Legit content with ChatGPT: understand how to approach ChatGPT

ChatGPT prompts are the special taglines that can generate valuable content for users to fulfill their requirements. So, what makes a good ChatGPT prompt? Let’s discuss.
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Apr 20, 23, updated Jul 12, 24

ChatGPT prompts are the special taglines that can generate valuable content for users to fulfill their requirements. People search for various forms to develop responses from ChatGPT. But somewhere ChatGPT doesn't understand the requirement of the user, which leads the AI to generate average content.

chatgpt ui

Therefore, instead of searching performs online, you should understand how ChatGPT works. Also, you need to be precise with your requirements and make a stable language statement in a chat box that generates valuable content. To opt out of excellent results from ChatGPT, you should focus on creating a suitable prompt.

ChatGPT is Now Available in Filmora!
Filmora now offers a ChatGPT plug-in to provide a more inspirational copywriting experience.
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In this article
  1. Advantages of ChatGPT to Make Video Scripts
    1. Job Skills Tutorial
    2. New Manager Training
    3. Accessibility Awareness
    4. Soft Skill Explainer
    5. Data Security Compliance Training
    6. New Hire Onboarding
    7. Annual Report Highlights
    8. Company Values and Culture
    9. Customer care study

Advantages of ChatGPT to Make Video Scripts

Many AI tools can create a script, but they possess robotic language. ChatGPT is the smartest tool that responds excellently to the user in words that look familiar and are easy to understand.

Besides ChatGPT, Wondershare Filmora, an excellent video editor with user-friendly interface, has powerful AI Copywriting feature to create the script. Users can directly insert the script in the video. However, the AI copywriting tool of Filmora is powered by ChatGPT. So, there will be no compromise with the quality of content generated by Filmora.

The content user generated by ChatGPT can be driven to any other videos or project. It increases the accessibility of users after generating the script by AI.

Top 10 ChatGPT Prompts to Make Video Script

There are millions of categories in which users can generate a response for videos. Before inserting the keyword of your script in the message box, you need to brief the content so that ChatGPT can understand your thoughts. Check out the top 10 categories of Script prompts with suitable examples.

1. Job Skills Tutorial

Creating a video on jobs skills tutorial requires certain guidance and direction. If you want to create a video to showcase your skills online, then ChatGPT can be your scriptwriter. But you do understand what the best way to generate good content from ChatGPT is.

chatgpt job skills tutorial
  • How can I submit my task on time?
  • How do I communicate with my colleagues?
  • How can I impress my boss?
  • How to make a creative presentation?
  • Tell me about the necessary Job Skills.

2. New Manager Training

Guiding a new manager about the company can be a tough process and will take a lot of time. You can explain your company in a video description. Therefore, check out the best ChatGPT prompts for new manager training.

chatgpt new manager training
  • What are the key skills required in a company's manager?
  • How to train the manager in various sections of the company?
  • Write a script for a video about manager training.
  • Write a script on new manager goals.
  • How to assist a new manager regarding his job?

3. Accessibility Awareness

In the fast-developing world, many people cannot achieve a similar platform as normal human beings. It is mostly due to a lack of opportunity and awareness in the people considering employees with physical disabilities. Therefore, you can guide a mass audience with the video script generated by ChatGPT regarding accessibility awareness.

chatgpt accessibility awareness
  • How can we connect with people with physical disabilities?
  • How can people with physical disabilities benefit our company?
  • What measures should we take to create accessibility awareness?
  • Is it beneficial to give a job opportunity to a disabled person?
  • How can we help people with disabilities?

4. Soft Skill Explainer

Describing the soft skill of an individual with video can create a great impact on developing industries. People need to understand how to develop soft skills that can help in working at any company. Get the soft skill explanation script from ChatGPT to create your video with the best prompts.

chatgpt soft skill-explainer
  • How can I manage my working time?
  • How to adapt to a new company?
  • How to initiate healthy communication with the company's employees?
  • How can I assist my seniors in a problematic situation?
  • Advantages of teamwork.

5. Data Security Compliance Training

With a world full of hackers and unlawful organizations, people don't understand the importance of data security. You can create a video with the help of a script generated by ChatGPT to spread the importance of data security. Find out the best prompts regarding data security training.

chatgpt data security compliance training
  • What is the importance of data security in a company?
  • What are the important laws to grow a company?
  • How can data security help in company development?
  • What are the basic norms and rules in an IT company?
  • How to manage a company's private data?

6. New Hire Onboarding

Generally, people describe the details of the company and the process of their work. Instead of following a hectic process, you can create a script with the help of ChatGPT and share it with your new employee. Now every company has a different process and structure of work. So you can create a common script with ChatGPT prompts and make changes accordingly.

chatgpt new hire onboarding
  • How can I explain my company to new employees?
  • What is the basic strategy for working in a company?
  • Write a description of an IT company.
  • How to create paperwork for new hiring?
  • What are the documents required for new hiring?

7. Annual Report Highlights

Guiding the employees about the annual report is essential to maintain the company record. You can create a video and tell the employees about the importance of an annual report. It becomes easy with the ChatGPT script to address how annual reports help the company to grow.

chatgpt annual report highlights
  • What is the importance of an annual report?
  • How can I manage my annual report?
  • What part of the work should I mark in the annual report?
  • How would an annual report help in a company's growth?
  • How can I improve my annual report?

8. Company Values and Culture

Addressing the company values and culture is very important to the employees as it maintains the company's curriculum. Every company has different ethics and culture in work production or team management. So, you can create a video script by ChatGPT about the basic company values and culture.

chatgpt company values and culture
  • What is the importance of company values and culture?
  • Why do we need rules in a company?
  • How would following the culture of a company create an impact on employees?
  • What are the basic values and culture of a company?
  • How do company rules help in my paycheck increment?

9. Customer care study

To grow a company, it is important to understand customers' requirements. Therefore, you should take care of customer care services and research how to communicate with customers. You can create a video to spread awareness about customer care studies with the help of ChatGPT prompts.

chatgpt customer care study
  • How to initiate a conversation with customers?
  • How to grow customers rapidly?
  • What is the best pitch to impress the customer?
  • Why do we need a customer care study?
  • How to connect with customers globally?
ChatGPT is Now Available in Filmora!
Filmora now offers a ChatGPT plug-in to provide a more inspirational copywriting experience.
Wondershare Filmora 12


GPT is the smartest tool that can create a script for your videos in no time. But before typing a lengthy keyword or statement in the chat box. Focus on your requirement and particular keyword in a precise way. It is the way you can generate excellent results from the ChatGPT to create videos.

Out of millions of prompts, we got you the best ChatGPT prompts for making videos. Consider these prompts before writing in ChatGPT.


  • Q1. Why do we need to understand the ChatGPT Prompts?
    ChatGPT works on powerful AI to understand precise information to generate good-quality content. If you give an unusual command, the AI won't understand your requirement and will respond incorrectly. So you need to understand how to address the keyword to ChatGPT to generate the required results.
  • Q2. How can Filmora help in creating a video Script?
    Filmora is a popular AI video editor and scriptwriter. Users can add the script directly in the video with the help of Filmora AI Copywriter. Since ChatGPT powers the AI of Filmora, you can get excellent results with Filmora.
  • Q3. Why do we need ChatGPT to write a script?
    chatGPT can create a long script referring to your keywords in seconds. It becomes hard if you create your script and address it in the video. Despite this, you can take the help of ChatGPT to create a script for you regarding your information, and you can edit it later.
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 12, 24
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