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How to Add a Logo to Videos in iMovie?

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Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

Including a watermark in the video makes them personalized and unique. This logo could be your company logo, brand name, or company name, etc. Even most of the big corporate in the world deliver videos with their exclusive watermark, like FOX News, NBC News, CNN, etc. As you may have known, these logos could be not only images, but also videos or even texts.

So here is our ultimate concern: how to add a logo to videos? Generally, it's pretty straightforward if you have the right video editing software. And, for Mac users, iMovie is a good choice.

So, whatever your reasons are for using logos or whatever nature your logos have — be it a video, text, or an image, you’ll learn exactly how to do that. So, we’ll quickly discuss putting a logo on a video in iMovie as follows without any further ado.

Part 1: Add a Logo to Videos in iMovie on Mac

With iMovie (video editor for iOS and Mac), you can do basic video editing without stressing too much. For example, splitting, merging, adding/changing titles, or background music is simple but basic.

Today, we'll see how to make a moving logo in iMovie, similar to a logo that moves throughout the video.

Remember not to get too fancy with the placement of the logo, as it should be stable and must be at the proper position in the correct size.

Step 1: Get your logo ready

Firstly, you need to import the logo into a photo editor or make a new one.

Check the video properties you want to add the watermark to using any good file explorer to consider its dimensions. For instance, 1280*720 is a 720p video. The same dimension should be there with the logo in the photo editor as 1080p (1920x1080).

Change the logo's background and locate where you want it to be on your video, which is an essential editing skill. Ensure that the background is transparent or the other color of your desire when you finish.

And, remember that the logo should be in a PNG format/container.

Step 2: Add the watermark to iMovie

Drag the logo above the timeline/filmstrip at the point you want it to locate, and choose Cutaway from the pop-up window.

You can set the duration of this logo by dragging the project browser's edge or from the Preferences tab. Now, please put it to time equal to the video's length, which is the whole idea of how to add a logo in iMovie.

Adjust Opacity to make it transparent, and use the Fade manual slider to reduce the watermark spontaneous repetition effects. So, this is how to make the iMovie logo transparent.

After placing your logo on the timeline and modifying the duration, hit the watermark on the timeline and choose the Picture in Picture. Drag the dots in the four corners of the logo to adjust position and size. Then review or play your new logo in the video.

Here, we conclude the section on how to add a logo in iMovie on Mac.

Part 2: Easily Add Logo to Videos on Windows & Mac with iMovie Alternative

One of the most important requirements of video producers is to prevent their creations from being copied online.

Various valuable video editors help in incredible video creation plus the adjustment of watermarks. Wondershare Filmora is a famous option for you all due to its renowned editing functions and classic interface. What's more, Filmora is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Download Filmora Win Version Download Filmora Mac Version

Most of the software uses static watermarked images or popularly known as logos. Still, Filmora has a unique property of working on video watermarks that you can exclusively design with the inbuilt picture in picture effect.

Follow the steps to add a logo to videos with Filmora given below.

We're assuming that you've downloaded Filmora by clicking the Try It Free button above, following any of the steps given below.

Step 1: Add your logo and video files to Filmora and then drag-n-drop them to the timeline.

Note: You should place the watermarked logo in the video track right above the video clip.

Step 2: Double-click this logo or watermarked image in the timeline.

Now, go for some essential adjustments for the ultimate logo placement, customize in terms of size, shape, position, and motion effect.

And, you're all done with adding a logo to videos with Filmora, just export it. You will get the self-explanatory export instructions after the modifications.

Part 3: Add a Logo to Videos in iMovie on iPhone

This section will now ultimately describe how to put a logo on a video in iMovie on iPhone. Make sure to follow the steps given below!

Step 1: Open the iMovie and import the video to add a watermark or logo.

Remember to put a file name on the project to be easier for you later on.

Step 2: Now, it's time to import the image you want to use as a logo. For this purpose, first, tap the plus icon.

Then, select Photos and choose one which you want to use. After selecting a photo as a logo or watermark, tap those three dots and select the Picture in Picture option.

Step 3: Drag the image imported in Step 2 to the whole of the timeline bar.

Step 4: Select the Move icon and drag the watermark or logo to the position where you want it to be. Here, you can also zoom in and zoom out to adjust the size of this logo or watermark.

So, you’re now all done in adding a logo to video with iMovie via iPhone.

Part 4: FAQs about Adding Logo to Videos

1. Can you add a watermark in iMovie?

iMovie offers numerous title templates to add to the video titles. You're only required to select a title template and put in your watermark information. That's it. However, you can't make many adjustments with your title watermark or when iMovie puts the logo on the video. You even can't change the position of titles.

2. Why can’t I add a PNG to iMovie?

It is a problem with the iMovie Library itself. In iMovie, go to File > Open Library > New...

Create the new library, copy over the project you had executed, and you will once more be able to import PNGs. It is pretty valuable if you've to go for logos in PNG format.

3. How do I add a logo to iMovie on iPhone?

The process of adding a logo to iMovie on iPhone is described wholly in our last section mentioned above. You can go and follow through with each step to insert the logo in iMovie on iPhone.

4. Where should a logo go in a video?

Keep it short, sweet, simple and locate it in the bottom or top video’s corner.

Remember: the intro is not about flashing off in a big way – it's about immediately attracting plus your audience.

5. How do I overlay pictures in iMovie?

The two images should be one above another if you want to use the overlay function. The background image should be below the image of the watermark.

You can then use the Green Screen effect or Picture in Picture effect to remove the background of the top pic if the file doesn't have a transparent background.


So, this is how to add a logo to iMovie on Mac and iPhone via the steps mentioned in detail. We've also described how you can use a better alternative to iMovie, our all-time favorite Wondershare Filmora, to have a more professional stance at adding logos or watermarks to your video projects. Here, we have the concluding words that you should not overlook on watermarking your professional works, as it's a great practice that becomes even greater if done with an ideal tool.

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Marion Dubois is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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