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How to Write Amazing Podcast Descriptions (With Examples)

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 05, 22, updated Jul 22, 24

Before writing the Podcast description, ask yourself this question.

"Why would a listener choose your podcast over the thousands of others?"

And the answer would be to create a description that will captivate the reader as soon as he pays attention. You must be thinking, "How can we do that?"

This article will show you how to write a podcast description. And tips to pique the reader's interest to the point where he cannot skip through it. So, let's begin with the basics.

In this article
  1. What Is a Podcast Description?
  2. Why Does a Podcast Description Matter?
    1. The length of the description should be ideal
    2. Repetition of the content can bore the reader
    3. The language style should be engaging
    1. Self-introduction
    2. What to be expected
    3. Target audience
    4. The ideal length of the podcast description
    1. Office Ladies with Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey
    2. Morning Cup of Murder
    3. Pod Save America
    4. TED Talks Daily
    5. The Guilty Feminist
    1. How To Make A Good Podcast Trailer
    2. How to Record a Podcast Effortlessly | A Step-by-Step Guide
    3. How to Design an Awesome Podcast Cover Art: an Ultimate Guide

What Is a Podcast Description?


A podcast description is like a book summary, giving readers an idea of the book. Also, the podcast description usually highlights keywords and some takeaways for listeners.

Critical points of a podcast description

  1. A podcast description, also known as a podcast summary, can be viewed in the Podcast's RSS feed.
  2. A podcast description remains the same for every Podcast and it's usually about the hosting site in general.
  3. On the other hand, the show notes or podcast episode descriptions are more focused on describing what to expect in the latest episode.
  4. A podcast description is like the face of the Podcast, acting as a determinant of the success of your channel.

You might think, "There's an intro in the Podcast itself. Why would I need a podcast description." If there's any other query related to the Podcast's importance, clear it here you go.

Why Does a Podcast Description Matter?

Usually, the title of the Podcast alone is not enough, and a description is needed, so the listener gets to know what the Podcast is about.

podcast description

A podcast description functions as a key to the lock. Just as there is no knowing what lies in a box without opening it first, a listener cannot decide without reading the podcast description first.

A podcast description acts as an icebreaker for prospective listeners. A new listener frequently lacks dedication to your channel and hesitates about whether your Podcast is worth his time. Besides, a well-written podcast description often ends up enticing the straying audience.

A podcast description matters because of the following elements:

●      It gives the listener an insight into the podcast

podcast listener

Most importantly, a podcast description gives the listener insight into the show and what they may expect from your podcast. It includes relevant keywords, although it is not significant for search engine optimization.

●      Grasps the interest of the targeted audience

podcast target audience

The podcast description should be written keeping in mind the reader's psyche. Therefore, although a brief description is ideal, it should still be adequate for the reader to form an opinion about the Podcast.

For instance, if your podcast channel focuses on comedy show reviews, it must be highlighted in your description. Again, this will aid in drawing the attention of the target audience.

●      Serves as the identity of your podcasting channel

podcasting channel

Self-introduction is the most important aspect of giving your podcast its unique identity. It also aids in forging a bond between the audience and the host. It enables the listeners to relate better to your content. It also paints a far more vivid picture in the listeners' minds.

Your next thought would be, "How can I write the best-fitting description that will make the reader want to hit the play button almost instantly?"

To comprehend the crux of making the podcast description distinctive and stand out, proceed to the next section of this article.

What Makes a Podcast Description Stand Out?

A podcast description that would guarantee the reader's full attention should be comprised of the following:

1.    The length of the description should be ideal

A podcast description can often vary from 150 to 250 words in total. Some podcast genres, like true crime, may be a little longer, but they should be concise, to the point, and accurate.

2.    Repetition of the content can bore the reader

There should be no unnecessary repetition of the topic. It would be best if you always remembered that a podcast description is like a business card for all listeners worldwide. So, prepare a decent one for no matter newcomers or familiar faces so that makes your show stands out.

3.    The language style should be engaging

Finally, the language should be catchy and appealing to imprint the reader's mind. I know this standard is the most subjective one, but please try to be as fun as possible whenever you engage with listeners.

Tips & Tricks for Podcast Description

●      Self-introduction

"Who is hosting this particular podcast?" is the most common query of almost every listener.

Thus, the most vital step for a podcast description is introducing oneself since the audience is curious to know whom they're listening to.

Source: A Very Fatal Murder

a very fatal murder

A small introduction of David Pascall, "as the OPR correspondent," can be seen in this description.

●      What to be expected

After you've introduced yourself, the next thing you should focus on is selecting the format for your Podcast.

As your listeners would be curious to know what format your podcasts would follow. Whether it would showcase an interview or it would be a solo podcast?

Source: The Combat Jack Show

the combat jack show

This podcast description indicates that the Podcast follows the conversational format.

●      Target audience

Our audience can vary depending on the content presented in the Podcast. One way to determine the target audience would be to pose a statement, and those who agree to it would be able to relate to your Podcast easily.

Source: All Fantasy Everything

all fantasy everything

This description specifies the target audience. All those interested in either pop music or fantasy movies would definitely want to listen to this podcast.

●      The ideal length of the podcast description

The length of the podcast description varies from 150 to 250 words. What should be kept in mind is that it should not be too wordy, or it will fail to fulfill its purpose, i.e., to catch the reader's attention.

Now, look at some trending podcast descriptions to put our theory into practice.

Samples and Templates For Writing A Podcast Description

This section presents a few podcast descriptions from some famous channels as a sample. It would help us to understand how to efficiently summarize all the essential elements discussed above in minimum words

●       Office Ladies with Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey

Office ladies are the number one comedy podcast among the teen audience.

Their podcasts usually focus on reviews of the TV series "The Office."

office ladies podcast

Podcast Description of Office Ladies

"The Office co-stars and best friends Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey are doing the ultimate The Office re-watch podcast for you. Each week Jenna and Angela will break down an episode of The Office and give exclusive behind the scene stories that only two people who were there, can tell you. We're not the experts on The Office, you are! If there's anything we missed, or if you have any burning questions you wanted to be answered about upcoming episodes, please send them to with the episode title in the subject line."

●      Morning Cup of Murder

Morning Cup of Murder is among the top ten most popular crime podcasts in the united states.

morning cup of murder podcast

Podcast Description of Morning Cup of Murder

"Ever wonder what murder took place on today's date in true crime history? If so, sit back and grab a cup of coffee as you enjoy your daily dose of TC goodness. Your host, Korina Biemesderfer, guides you through history with tales of murder, abduction, serial killers, crimes of passion, cults, and more in this short-form daily true crime podcast with over 600 episodes and counting."

●      Pod Save America

Pod Save America is among one of the best political podcasts in the united states.

podcast save america

Podcast Description of Pod Save America

"Pod Save America is a no-bullshit conversation about politics hosted by former Obama aides Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer, and Tommy Vietor. It cuts through the noise to break down the week's news and helps people figure out what matters and how they can help. They're regularly joined by journalists, activists, politicians, entertainers, and world leaders. You can listen to new episodes twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays."

●      TED Talks Daily

TED Talks Daily is the most popular platform offering a wide variety of content.

Their podcasts cover almost all the trending issues and are popular among different age groups.

ted talks daily

Podcast Description of TED Talks Daily

"Every weekday, TED Talks Daily brings you the latest talks in audio. Join host and journalist Elise Hu for thought-provoking ideas on every subject imaginable -- from Artificial Intelligence to Zoology, and everything in between -- given by the world's leading thinkers and creators. With TED Talks Daily, find some space in your day to change your perspectives, ignite your curiosity, and learn something new."

●      The Guilty Feminist

Lastly, The Guilty Feminist is one of the best podcasts for women.

the guilty feminist

Podcast Description of The Guilty Feminist

"I'm a feminist but… one time, I went on a women's rights march, popped into a department store to use the loo, and got distracted trying out face cream. And when I came out, the march was gone.

Welcome to The Guilty Feminist, an award-winning podcast and live show hosted by Deborah Frances-White. We're a supportive forum to discuss our noble goals as 21st-century feminists and the hypocrisies and insecurities that undermine them."

After going through the above samples, you would be able to have a clear idea of how you can transform your podcast description, which would be absolutely irresistible. As a new podcast creator, you surely have a plethora of additional podcast-related queries. If so, then you should definitely check the bonus tips as well.

Bonus tips: Rock and roll Podcasts

A podcast description alone cannot guarantee the success of the podcast. To make your podcast stand out and connect to listeners, you also need to focus on how to create an attractive trailer and a cover for your podcast.

How To Make A Good Podcast Trailer

A podcast trailer is a short audio clip that serves as an introduction to the Podcast. Similar to a podcast description, a trailer must also be engaging. "How can you utilize your 2-minute trailer duration to get your audience hooked to your podcast?". To find this answer and more, read the article. 

How to Record a Podcast Effortlessly | A Step-by-Step Guide

To record a podcast, we first need to organize the content. Then, choose the co-host if necessary, and finally decide on the podcast's format, style, and duration. Do you want to become a pro at recording the Podcast? To learn all the tips and tricks required in filming a podcast, you should definitely give this article a read!

How to Design an Awesome Podcast Cover Art: an Ultimate Guide

A podcast cover is usually a logo or a picture relevant to the podcast title and should be catchy enough to draw the reader's attention. To learn how to design an appealing podcast cover, you should check this out.

We bet if you fully grab all of the knowledge we mentioned in these guides, you will rock your Podcasts.

Final Words

In short, a podcast description is like a cherry on top, making it distinctive and eye-catching. Conciseness, accuracy, and uniqueness make a podcast description stand out. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will also be able to create a description that will instantly pique the reader's attention.

Furthermore, following all the bonus tips mentioned here, you can quickly get your Podcast ranked among the best podcasts on Spotify and other popular sites.


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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 22, 24
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