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Creating Compelling Video Scripts with ChatGPT: The Power of AI-Generated Content

Max Wales
Max Wales Originally published Apr 19, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Writing a creative script for the videos might be difficult. But with the advanced Technology and the AI power of a ChatGPT, you can fetch all kinds of information with a single mouse click. Modern Technology and the advancement in artificial intelligence is dropping human creativity.

With the help of ChatGPT, you can create any script by typing in the keyword in the search box and looking for a possible response. ChatGPT script is so perfect that you cannot deny its creativity. The AI tool is Free to use and easy to access. If you want to learn more about ChatGPT, stay tuned.

landing page of chatgpt
In this article
  1. How Does ChatGPT Work as A Video Script Writer?
  2. How to Create AI-Generated Videos Scripts with ChatGPT?
  3. Power of AI tools in Script and Video Creation

How Does ChatGPT Work as A Video Script Writer?

ChatGPT has the potential to generate scripts on any topic. In many cases, people use charge GPT to create scripts for movies and captions for YouTube videos. All you need to do is type in the title of your video, and it will generate a response that you can directly use.

The Built-in software is powered by ChatGPT-3 to generate AI script. It has the potential of creating long scripts for movies and screenplays. Despite generating the response, you can also share your feedback that can be useful for other people. AI Technology developed its skills in fetching the results. However, it is very easy to generate a script or caption for the videos with the help of ChatGPT. Now you don't have to pay writers to write suitable scripts for your videos. ChatGPT does it all for you.

ChatGPT is Now Available in Filmora!
Filmora now offers a ChatGPT plug-in to provide a more inspirational copywriting experience.
Wondershare Filmora 12

How to Create AI-Generated Videos Scripts with ChatGPT?

You need to understand how the software works to generate AI scripts for the videos. The simple interface of ChatGPT makes your access smooth. Creating a video with the help of ChatGPT is very simple. All you need to do is follow the simple process of opening and accessing the ChatGPT AI software. Follow each step thoroughly to avoid any errors.

Step 1Visit the official website of ChatGPT where you will find information about how AI generate script. The website is visible with the name "Open AI."

landing page of openai

Step 2Below the instruction, you will find a small "Try ChatGPT" icon with the arrow. Click on that icon to open AI chat.

go into chatgpt

Step 3Clicking on Try ChatGPT will redirect you to the "AI chat" interface. Now you can type in your keyword and click on the send button.

user interface of chatgpt

Step 4It will generate responses to your queries and provide variable solutions and detailed information about the topic.

Step 5You can paste the final script into your video.

Step 6 Review the content generated in ChatGPT and whether the description fits your script. You can also change the script after pasting it into MS Word.

Step 7Finally, with the help of this chat box, you can easily generate scripts for your videos by writing short descriptions about the video.

That's how you can generate any script for your videos or captions with the help of ChatGPT. You can generate content of different lengths and styles. You can generate a perfect script by addressing the correct parameters of the script in the chat box with proper sentence framing. Now you can utilize your time in generating quality content with the advanced Technology of AI generated video scripts.

Note: There may be a possibility that it constantly generates similar responses for your queries. To get additional information about your query, you need to type in the precise information in the chat box.

Power of AI tools in Script and Video Creation

Filmora is a video editing software that helps us to create and edit good quality videos with AI Technology. Nowadays, people use Filmora AI and ChatGPT to create content rapidly. But there is good news for creators: ChatGPT and Filmora are working together.

Video - Revolutionize Your Video Editing with ChatGPT: Now Available in Filmora
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Free Download
Free Download

When editing the video in Filmora, you can add AI generated script in videos. You can directly generate scripts in Filmora AI Copywriting without referring to other AI websites. There are four entrances to open and use AI Copywriting in Filmora, respectively, on the startup page, the title customization panel, the export setting page, and the export completion page.

You can ask questions in the available area and click "Submit" to receive a complete answer. Now follow the steps to enjoy the Filmora AI copyrighting tool.

Access 1Launch Wondershare Filmora and Access AI Copywriting

To begin, open the latest version of Wondershare Filmora 12 on your computer. Select the "Create Project" option from the left panel. Click the "AI Copywriting" button on the resulting screen to open a new window.

Launch Wondershare Filmora and Access AI Copywriting
Access 2During Video Editing

In addition to starting a new project, you have two alternatives for using Filmora's AI Copywriting. You can utilize the "AI Copywriting" feature before creating a new project or modifying the Text in the Timeline. A customization panel will appear when you double-click the Text element in the Timeline. Tap the AI icon in the top right corner of the Title tab.

Access 2: During Video Editing
Access 3The Export Setting Page

You may also produce a video on Wondershare Filmora and save it in the "Export" window. In such circumstances, AI Copywriting can optimize video names and develop social media titles for your videos. Thus, click "Export" to open a new window after finishing a video.

Access 3: The Export Setting Page

In the "Export" window, click the "AI" button next to "Name." This launches the AI Copywriting tool, where you can ask a question about the video title and click "Submit."

exporting interface
Access 4Use AI Copywriting While Exporting Movie

After clicking "Export" and finishing your movie, you can still use the AI Copywriting tool to write a title and description for social media. The window to ask questions opens when you pick the AI Copywriting option on the video exporting screen.

Access 4: Use AI Copywriting While Exporting Movie


AI technology is reducing the effort of developing content scripts. Now with the help of AI-Generated video script it becomes easy for users to develop big scripts. At the same time, AI Technology reduces the human effort in developing and thinking of writing scripts. There are always limitations to such software.

AI indeed reduces the time and resources to develop scripts or content, but on the other hand, it lacks customer connection. Sometimes AI generated scripts of ChatGPT produce common content due to the lack of updates. It makes the content boring and looks similar every time. AI reduces the flexibility of creativity in developing scripts or content.


  • Which is the best AI Video generating Software?
    Many AI tools, like Deep Brain AI, Pictory, and Filmora, have enhanced your experience in developing and editing videos. Air Technology reduces your effort and provides the best creative option to make your video appealing.
  • Is the ChatGPT AI application available for mobile?
    Yes, the latest ChatGPT is available for Android and IOS devices. The application is free to access, and you can generate good content on your mobile phone.
  • Why is ChatGPT Script not Reliable every time?
    Due to the advanced AI technology, no update is given in the ChatGPT software. Therefore, it cannot access more details and data that result in similar content every time.
  • Is it safe to generate articles from ChatGPT?
    The words used in the AI software contain repeated information. Technology is useful for getting information, but if you provide the same content in blogging or articles, there is a maximum chance of getting Plagiarism. Additionally, the content generated by AI does not connect with the audience.
  • Can we access Filmora storage for Free?
    Filmora software is available for PC and mobile. You can access the trial version of the software for free. But notice that the only limitation of the free trial version is that your output files have watermarks.
Max Wales
Max Wales Mar 27, 24
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