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Unleashing The Power Of ChatGPT: 10 Must Try Conversation Starters

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Apr 24, 23, updated Jul 18, 24

Welcome to ChatGPT, where you may ask anything and anything that comes to mind! As you engage on this path of discovery, you will discover that ChatGPT is more than simply a chatbot. ChatGPT has access to much information and expertise thanks to its robust GPT-3.5 design, making it the ideal partner for all your inquiries.

ChatGPT is here to give an ear (or rather, an algorithmic brain) whether you want to learn about the newest technological trends, debate the complexities of quantum physics, or have an excellent talk. So, unleash your curiosity and question away - you never know what unique insights and answers await you on the other side!

In this article
  1. Part 1: What Can You Do Using ChatGPT?
  2. Part 3:10 Best Things Users Can Ask ChatGPT?

Part 1: What Can You Do Using ChatGPT?

The real question should be what you can't do using ChatGPT. ChatGPT is a treasure bank of knowledge and information, ready to answer any query, thanks to its superior AI technology. ChatGPT is always up for a challenge, whether you want to learn about the history of your favorite sport, seek help with a tricky math problem, or even explore the meaning of life.

It may also assist you in improving your writing abilities, generate innovative ideas, and entertain you with clever banter. The options are limitless! So, whether you're an interested student, a committed learner, or just seeking an excellent talk, ChatGPT has you covered.

chatgpt user interface

Part 2: How Can You Write Good Prompts Using ChatGPT?

Allow me to assist you in creating successful prompts using ChatGPT! ChatGPT can help you generate fascinating prompts to ignite your creativity and encourage you to develop captivating tales, essays, and articles using its powerful AI technology. To begin, evaluate the issue or topic you want to investigate and solicit recommendations from ChatGPT.

For example, if you want to write about the future of technology, you may ask ChatGPT for ideas on futuristic technologies, how technology will affect society in the next few years, or even what life will be like on a colonized planet. ChatGPT can also help you come up with intriguing characters, narrative twists, and settings for your stories.

However, it is critical to offer clear instructions and specific rules for your prompts to ChatGPT. The possibilities for creativity are limitless with ChatGPT as your writing buddy!

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Filmora now offers a ChatGPT plug-in to provide a more inspirational copywriting experience.
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Part 3: 10 Best Things Users Can Ask ChatGPT

Are you tired of searching the internet for solutions to your burning questions? Look no further than ChatGPT, the ultimate knowledge and information source!

ChatGPT, a sophisticated AI language model, has access to many tools and resources, making it the ideal partner for all your inquiries. Here are some best things to ask ChatGPT to assist you in your search for knowledge:

Ask for Recipes for Food Items


You may ask ChatGPT for recipes for any food that appeals to you, thanks to its broad knowledge of cuisines worldwide. ChatGPT may help you find a traditional lasagna recipe, a vegan take on sushi, or a novel touch on an old favorite, like chocolate chip cookies.

Tell ChatGPT what ingredients you have on hand or the style of cuisine you prefer, and it will recommend meals that are sure to please your taste buds. You may also ask ChatGPT for cooking tips, methods, and hacks to help you improve your culinary talents. These are among the best things to ask ChatGPT.

Ask for Language Translation

ask chatgpt

Are you considering a vacation to a distant nation but are concerned about the language barrier? No worries, ChatGPT can assist you as well! ChatGPT's excellent language translation capabilities allow it to convert text from one language to another in seconds.

When obtaining helpful information, the best things to ask ChatGPT are straightforward and explicit. Enter the text to be translated, and ChatGPT will offer you an accurate and understandable translation. ChatGPT may also be used to learn new languages and enhance your existing ones. Request vocabulary items, grammatical rules, or even practice activities to help you become proficient in your chosen language.

Ask to Write a Cover Letter

ask chatgpt

Writing a cover letter might be difficult, especially if you need help knowing where to begin. But don't worry; ChatGPT is here to assist! Tell ChatGPT the job title and firm you're applying to, and it will write a cover letter that best showcases your abilities and experiences.

You may also ask ChatGPT for advice on how to make your cover letter stand out, such as utilizing strong action verbs, emphasizing your accomplishments, and tailoring it to the position you're applying for. You'll be one step closer to finding your ideal job with ChatGPT's assistance!

Ask to Write Pun-Filled Birthday Messagesr

ask chatgpt

Looking to inject some fun into your birthday greetings? ChatGPT has got your back! ChatGPT, with its creative wordplay and witty sense of humor, may assist you in creating pun-filled birthday greetings that will surely make your loved ones grin.

Provide ChatGPT with the person's name and any unique interests or hobbies they have, and it will write a personalized birthday message complete with puns and jokes. You may also ask ChatGPT for advice on composing hilarious messages for any age group, from children to adults.

Ask for Help Translating the Meaning of Specific Quotes

ask chatgpt

Quotes or sayings might be challenging to grasp, especially from another language or culture. However, with ChatGPT's extensive knowledge base and language translation skills, you can quickly ask it to assist you in translating and comprehending the meaning of any quotation or phrase.

Tell ChatGPT the statement or saying you're having trouble understanding, and it will give you a clear and short explanation of its meaning. You may also ask ChatGPT for comparable quotations or sayings that express similar themes, helping you better understand diverse cultures and views.

Ask ChatGPT to Name Healthy Food Names to Maintain Diet

ask chatgpt

Maintaining a healthy diet may be difficult, especially when looking for fresh and intriguing meal ideas. However, with ChatGPT as your guide, you can effortlessly request healthy meal selections that meet your dietary needs and taste preferences.

ChatGPT can provide several tasty and nutritious alternatives, whether you're searching for low-carb meals, vegetarian or vegan meals, or heart-healthy dishes. You may also use ChatGPT to seek advice on meal planning, healthy cooking techniques, and strategies to eat more fruits and veggies.

Create Workout Plan Using ChatGPT

ask chatgpt

One of the things to ask ChatGPT is to create a personal workout plan. Creating a fitness schedule may be difficult, especially if you need help knowing where to begin or what activities to include. With ChatGPT's fitness and health knowledge, however, you can develop a customized training plan that suits your fitness objectives and degree of experience.

Tell ChatGPT your fitness level, training preferences, and any specific body parts you wish to target. It will provide an entire workout plan with exercises, sets, and reps. ChatGPT may also advise on sound technique, warm-up and cool-down regimens, and how to adjust exercises to suit any injuries or physical restrictions.

Make Songs or Poems

ask chatgpt

Are you an aspiring songwriter or poet seeking ideas? ChatGPT can assist you in realizing your creative potential! ChatGPT's extensive lyrics, rhymes, and poetic language collection may help you create songs or poems that reflect your ideas and feelings.

Tell ChatGPT what topic or feeling you want to communicate, and it will produce rhyming words, metaphors, and other creative ideas to assist you in developing your article. You may also ask ChatGPT for advice on song structure, chord progressions, and lyrical methods, which will help you to hone your skill and elevate your writing.

Aside from the several jobs ChatGPT can help you with, there is another tool you could find helpful: Filmora AI Copywriting. This unique technology employs artificial intelligence to assist you in quickly creating high-quality marketing copy, product descriptions, and other material.

Enter your ideas and criteria, and Filmora AI Copywriting will develop professional-grade copy that will captivate and engage your audience. Filmora AI Copywriting is a must-have tool for anybody trying to up their content game, whether you're a business owner or a creative professional.

Ask ChatGPT to Act Like a Tutor

ask chatgpt

ChatGPT may be your instructor if you struggle with a particular subject or topic! ChatGPT has an extensive knowledge base and the capacity to teach complicated subjects simply and lucidly, whether mathematics, physics, or literature.

Tell ChatGPT about the subject you're struggling with and any specific areas you need assistance with, and it will supply you with step-by-step explanations, examples, and practice problems to help you master it. You may also ask ChatGPT for more resources and study advice, which will help you improve your knowledge and confidence in the topic.

Ask to Make Itinerary For Your Trip

ask chatgpt

Travel planning may be time-consuming and stressful, but with ChatGPT as your travel assistant, you can quickly construct a customized schedule that meets your interests and preferences.

Tell ChatGPT your destination, dates, and any specific activities or places you wish to include, and it will provide a full itinerary with transportation, lodging, and activity ideas. You may also ask ChatGPT for restaurant ideas, local traditions, and travel tips, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the local culture and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Bonus – What You Can Do With ChatGPT in Video Creation?

We all know that it is a video era. While ChatGPT can assist you in all the things which have been listed above, it can also help you in video creation. But do you wonder how?

Here's when Filmora's AI copywriting, which is connected to ChatGPT, comes in handy. Filmora is a sophisticated video editing program allowing you to make professional-looking videos easily. With its AI copywriting tool, you can swiftly produce attention-grabbing titles, descriptions, and even scripts for your videos.

The AI copywriting function analyzes your video footage and generates title, description, and script suggestions based on the keywords and subjects you supply. It can save you time and effort throughout the video creation process, enabling you to concentrate on the more creative components of your material.

To see the exact steps, please watch the video below!

Video Tutorial - Using ChatGPT to Make AI Videos in Minutes! | Filmora Creator Tips

Wondershare Filmora


ChatGPT is a diverse and effective tool that can help you with everything from cooking to fitness to travel and education. Its extensive knowledge base and natural language processing skills make it a great partner for anybody looking for assistance and direction in their everyday life. With the help of this article, you know the best things to ask ChatGPT. You'll be astounded by the countless possibilities it can open up for you!


  • Can ChatGPT Assist Me With Multilingual Translations?
    Yes, ChatGPT can translate text from one language to another. Give ChatGPT the source and target languages and the text to be translated, and it will return the translated text.
  • How Reliable is ChatGPT in Terms of Producing Exercise Plans?
    ChatGPT can create a training plan depending on your fitness level and goals. However, it is crucial to remember that ChatGPT is a machine-learning model and may not be as knowledgeable as a qualified personal trainer. Before beginning any new fitness plan, it is always best to speak with a specialist.
Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Jul 18, 24
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