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Top 10 Impressive SRT Converters for Mac and Windows

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 25, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Let's say you want to watch the global phenomenon "Squid Game" by Netflix. But it is not in your native language. Decades ago, this would have seemed problematic for most, but now it's different. Technological solutions like subtitles customization have made this more accessible. For this, an SRT Converter is a suitable tool to use.

So many videos to SRT converters exist that it may be hard to narrow down your options. To help you make your choice, here is a list of seventeen sites you can use to convert subtitles for movies, including a brief description and some pros and cons of each option.

In this article
    1. Batch Subtitles Converter
    2. SRT Converter
    3. Wondershare UniConverter
    4. Subtitle Edit
    5. Jubler
    6. Subtitle Workshop
    7. DivXLand Subtitler
    8. Kijio – Subtitle Editor
    9. Aegisub
    10. Easy Subtitle Converter
  1. The Best Subtitle Editing Tool for both Windows and Mac
  2. Summary: What to look for in a SRT converter for Computers

Best 10 Software to Convert Subtitles between Different Standard Subtitle File Formats

Multiple SRT Converter online or software options are available for Mac and Windows users. The following are 10 of the best alternatives we found while researching for the best in the market. Learn about them before trying them out.

1.    Batch Subtitles Converter

When it comes to the best SRT converters, Batch Subtitles Converter is one of the best available in the market. Users can convert a wide range of subtitle formats using this, and make changes to the font style, look, and position in the video.

batch subtitles converter


  • Choose between multiple formats like SRT, XML, etc.
  • Manually adjust encoding.
  • Set the FPS for the conversion.
  • Adjust the font type and size easily.
  • Customize font look, color, position, and other such choices.
  • Pre-set effects are available.
  • Multi-language support is there.
  • Each license works per device.
  • Premium benefits are available in high-cost plans.

Supported converting formats: SRT, STL, S, XML, TXT, etc.

2.    SRT Converter

One top-level SRT file converter you should try out is this one since it allows various types of formatting options to users. It works well with a variety of media player types. You can drag your file, drop it into the editor, and decide which kind of subtitle format to try.

srt converter


  • Simple to change customization settings for the output format.
  • Robust conversion ability.
  • Drop the file and convert it to another subtitle format with some taps.
  • The software allows some non-standard SRT varieties.
  • It supports many types of subtitle formats.
  • Converts subtitles suitable for different media platforms/formats/apps.
  • Consistent customer support.
  • It cannot work with picture-centric SUB files.
  • It does not convert text files that were originally DOCX or Excel documents.

Supported converting formats: TXT, SMI, SAMI, SSA, SUB, SRT, ASS, SCC, etc.

3.    Wondershare UniConverter

This software comes with a wide range of conversion benefits, including video to SRT transformation. When we tried it out, we found the usability of the software straightforward- just adding the file and choosing out of multiple format options. Then, with some clicks and adjustments, get the final version in seconds.

wondershare uniconverter


  • High-quality toolkit with benefits like GIF maker, metadata editor, and video compression.
  • Add new custom subtitles to views.
  • Multiple formats for videos and subtitles are available.
  • Download or share files easily.
  • Expect zero loss of quality with the converted files.
  • Text to subtitle generation is available.
  • Batch conversion of different media files is possible.
  • Not a huge variety of subtitles are present.
  • Premium subtitle generator benefits fall under a paid plan.

Supported converting formats: SRT.

4.    Subtitle Edit

Subtitle Edit as software is a top-level choice when converting any subtitle to SRT. We found it very simple to make subtitles using this software and change the language, especially with the integration of Google Translate.

subtitle edit converter


  • Easily sync the position and display time of subtitles.
  • Google translate-based fast language conversion.
  • Create and edit subtitles.
  • You can rip subtitles present in decrypted DVD files.
  • Supports more than 32 language types.
  • Compatible with 300+ formats for conversion.
  • Open-source benefits.
  • Users with at least some technical knowledge can use it.
  • Complex learning curve.

Supported converting formats: SRT, TS, XML, SON, SMI, JSON, etc.

5.    Jubler

As a video to SRT converter, Jubler is one of the best choices in the market, with simple features and multi-format support for captioning. You can adjust the style and size of already built subtitles and correct spelling errors. Additionally, it is possible to translate text into new subtitles automatically.

jubler converter


  • Change and fix pre-existing subtitles.
  • ASpell integration helps with constant spelling correction.
  • Multiple pre-set editing styles are available.
  • Translation mode for subtitle text.
  • Simple to use.
  • Open-source benefits are present.
  • Get consistent updates.
  • All Mac devices do not allow Mplayer-centric conversions.
  • XQUARTZ installation is necessary for Mplayer compatibility issues.

Supported converting formats: SRT, TS, SCC, XML, ASS, SMI, etc.

6.    Subtitle Workshop

While trying out different software options for subtitle conversion, give this free, open-source option a try. You can customize the style of the previews and make multiple changes and corrections whenever necessary.

subtitles workshop converter


  • Access to Subtitle API library for extra features/tools.
  • Easy to use automated time/text adjustment features and tools available.
  • Customize the entire screen/preview mode of the subtitles.
  • Users can see and change timing pauses.
  • Free software to use.
  • Make corrections and redos at multiple levels.
  • Get subtitle file details and customized data.
  • No specialized website or native desktop app is available.
  • Suitable for more experienced users.

Supported converting formats: SRT, TXT, XML, SML, TTXT, etc.  

7.    DivXLand Subtitler

Among the options available for SRT converter online, this is very simple for professional-level editing experts and new users. Moreover, the software works with many types of languages and format options that you can choose while preparing captions/subtitles.

divxland subtitler converter


  • Prepare subtitles directly from the clipboard and text file data.
  • Automatically corrects and sets caption.
  • Embed subtitles in videos (AVI format only).
  • Instant preview after changes takes place.
  • Supports over 30 different types of formats for subtitles.
  • Many languages are compatible.
  • Use spell check on subtitles.
  • No native app version in Microsoft Store or Mac App Store.
  • Mainly works with Windows OS.

Supported converting formats: SRT, AVI, WMV, TS, XML, TXT, etc.

8.     Kijio – Subtitle Editor

Kijio is a compact program that users can carry in a zip file format on different devices for on-the-go subtitle editing work. You can avoid excessive installations and efficiently use the in-built timeline to customize subtitles and captions for videos.

kijio subtitle editor


  • Edit the subtitles in a built-in timeline.
  • Add the files to any device, like USB flash drives.
  • Drag and drop functionality for adding elements.
  • Alter the FPS while editing.
  • Portable program.
  • Small app size.
  • No excess installation is necessary.
  • Not available for Mac users.
  • Limited intuitive features.

Supported converting formats: SRT, TS, XML, TXT, etc.

9.     Aegisub

This tool is one of the best options for Windows users looking to easily convert subtitles to SRT for videos and blogs. While not many languages are available in this software, it does come with many editing functions and format support.

aegisub converter


  • Available in a git folder directory.
  • Embedded type of video player support.
  • Multiple formats of subtitles are available.
  • Wide range of editing tools.
  • Open-source.
  • Thorough documentation is available.
  • Relatively small app size.
  • Not many languages are supported.
  • Not best for extreme newcomers.

Supported converting formats: SRT, XML, TXT, etc.

10. Easy Subtitle Converter

This software is a simple tool for converting subtitles without significant steps or complex techniques. It supports many formats like SUB and SRT and requires no installation. Instead, you can activate the portable program on a removable device and execute the file on a PC to make subtitle edits.

easy subtitles converter


  • Back up all source files for future editing.
  • Allows batch processing of subtitle files.
  • Force all the extensions after editing completes for easy management.
  • Customize the output file format.
  • Lightweight software that is simple to use.
  • Single-click integration is available.
  • Simple for beginners to learn.
  • The file saves in the same source root- you cannot choose where to save it.
  • Some registry keys can alter while using this.

Supported converting formats: SRT, SUB, TXT, TS, XML, SCC, etc.

The Best Subtitle Editing Tool for both Windows and Mac

Now, you can use one of these listed tools to convert videos to SRT for videos. But you have to merge them separately with the video you want, which can turn complicated. The Filmora video editor is better since you can do both here.

The app, available in both Mac and Windows versions, allows users to edit stunning videos with advanced features like motion tracking, chroma key, pre-set effects, and speech-to-text. Using the latter, it is effortless to translate videos to SRT for the outcome.

Free Download
Free Download

How to use this?

Step1 Install, register, and launch the Filmora software.

Step2 Open the application and click "New Project" on the home interface.

click on new project

Step3 Tap the "Click here to import media" option > Insert one or more videos.

tap click here to import media

Step4 Drag the video to the editing timeline.

drag video to editing timeline

Either choose with a shortened size or crop the file size in the editor.

Step5 Click on Tools > Audio > Speech to Text from top taskbar. Or, press the "Speech-to-Text" button just above the editor.

click on tools

Step6 Next, choose the amount of the video to translate (clip or full) and the language. Tick the option for automatic transcription alignment for line-by-line subtitles.

choose a amount of video to translate

Step7 Press OK. The transcoding process will start.

press ok

Step8 After transcoding, the file will upload into the video.

upload file into video

Step9 Click on Export after the subtitle is added > Local > Format of choice and settings. Press Export.

Summary: What to look for in a SRT converter for Computers?

The subtitles are an essential component in videos that help with comprehending the content to a better quality. Multiple formats of it are available that work on different media players, like srt,.txt,.vtt,.smi, and others.

The best SRT converters provide editing benefits to users in this regard, making it easy for one to personalize the captions as per preference. You should choose the one to use carefully, after considering various points first to know which are acceptable.

Using experience

For more reliable subtitle editing, one can load the SRT files generated by other applications into Filmora or use the STT function to create new subtitles automatically. In addition, this free, user-friendly software makes it simple to convert subtitle formats and change them if necessary.

Additionally, other options like Subtitle Edit would be helpful software when clips are not in sync with the subtitles. Here, one can also set the end and beginning times for editing. Plus, some of these converters come with multi-language support. These factors determine the user experience of operating this software- you should consider them carefully.

Format supported

Many different subtitle codecs are available at Filmora. With this tool's help, video fans may add SRT subtitles to various movie formats, including MP4, MOV, FLV, MTS, MPG, and VOB. Like this, all best SRT converters should support multiple formats of videos and subtitles, so check that as well.


The best subtitle editors provide strong performance and rich functionality with their service and acquire proper licensing. It is the case for both open-source platforms and native software like Filmora. With a user-friendly interface, drag & drop editing, and a wide variety of advanced customization options, it enables professional video editing simple.


Multiple helpful software is available for Mac and Windows users to make changes to videos and edit subtitles. You can use options like Batch Subtitles Converter for complete subtitle customization or video editors like Filmora to directly add customized subs to videos. Whatever your requirements are, it is best to learn about all the varieties first.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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