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20 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms to Drive More Traffic

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

The business marketing and promotional strategies keep changing for every business but one strategy that works for all is word of mouth influencing. When you hear from a legend or industry professionals or your friends and acquaintances about the goodness of a certain product, your heart starts believing it and either you purchase or at least consider purchasing that specific product or brand. This is what influencer marketing is and there are several influencer marketing platforms. For example, InflueNex is an influencer marketing platform that can help you find, analyze and manage YouTube influener.

If you are planning to step into this space, join the influencer marketing platforms to ensure your business gains more traffic and profit. An influencer marketing platform allows brands to connect the Influencers on the platform directly to reach out their potential customers, and assists influencers to make money on the social media channels. Here are 20 best influencer marketing platforms that can take your business and products to the next level.

Try newly released InflueNex Influencer marketing platform from Wondershare

InflueNex is a powerful influencer marketing platform that helps you to find influencers, manage influencers, track effects, and contact influencers. InflueNex provides advanced filters to help you target influencers more accurately, and it also provides the email templates to help you contact influencers directly. The program will help brands to improve the collaboration success rate.

InflueNex YouTube Marketing Paltform

20 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms

1. Famebit

Famebit started out as the YouTube influencer agency with primary focus on YouTube but have expanded its horizon to other social networks as well. With this Influencer Marketing Platform, you can find YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr Influencers. It has a reach of about 1.9 billion people with 33,992 creators in the network. Till date, 7003 brands have used Famebit as its influencer marketing agency.

Price: Famebit has simple transparent pricing plans with free sign up and 10% service fees.

2. AspireIQ (previously Revfluence)

AspireIQ is a self-service platform that helps the brands to partner with the content creators. It is a balanced field, especially for the small agencies and companies. AspireIQ helps in analyzing over half a million influencers on the basis of their audience, type of traffic, demographics, and content. And there are Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest influencers on this Influencer platform and you can also find some bloggers on this platform as well.

It helps to find the right set of people and that is the reason which makes Revfluence a desired small influencer marketing agency. Apart from an easy interface and comprehensive database, AspireIQ’s AI algorithm works a step ahead to match the brands with the most relevant content creators.

The collaboration process is made easy with the Creator Collaboration Toolkit and it also tracks engagement and reaches of the audiences.

Price: This Influencer Marketing platform has 3 types of paid pricing basic, pro, and enterprise plans.


3. BuzzStream

Buzzstream influencer marketing agency systematically ranks influencers according to their priority and influencing strength by scraping the influencer’s social media profiles and contact information. It helps to track the outreach and also has a Google Chrome extension.

You may try the software under the trial period and take a tour of its features. Buzzstream is one of the best tools for building the relationship.

Price: This Influencer marketing platform has 3 plans Starter, Group, and Professional that can be tried free and then once the trial period is over, it becomes chargeable. Only the custom plan has no trial period.


4. Heepsy

Searching for free influencer marketing platforms is quite a difficult task but Heepsy is an exception. It offers a free option and lets you search using keywords in the bios of users. Although the free option is good, the advanced paid plans are more effective and useful.

By creating filters in Heepsy, you get more refined search results. For instance, you can get all the influencers in a particular city with followers between 5000 to 100000.

Price: Heepsy is a special Instagram influencer marketing platform that offers starter plan at $29/month, plus plan at $49/month, and pro plan at $99/month.


5. Julius

Julius offers over 50 filters for the search to segment the influencers and make it easy for the brands to search for influencers. The best part is Julius curates over one million influencer data points to find the best influencers for a successful campaign. And you can search Ins, YouTube, FB, Twitter, and Pinterst influencers as well as Twitch influencers.

Price: Julius is a paid influencer marketing agency.


6. HireInfluence

HireInfluence offers high-quality creative support to strengthen the reputation of the brands. In order to transform your vision into digital content, the campaigns of Hire Influence taps into the skills and creativity of the Influencer to produce some of the best user-generated content that can keep your audiences engaged.

Price: It is a paid influencer marketing platform uniting brands and their digital viewers across the globe.

hire influence

7. Hypetap

The Hypetap is a curated influencer marketing marketplace for influencers, brands, talent managers, and agencies. With around 1240 influencers, the Hypetap reach of followers exceeds 136 million. It has one of the best technology funnels enabling both the brands and the content creators to create effective campaigns.

Price: Hypetap is a paid Influencer marketing platform which offers curated influencers for a high-level engagement with monthly $50 service fee.


8. NeoReach

Another influencer marketing agency connecting the brands to the influencers, NeoReach uses a special algorithm that connects to your web page to track the indexes and data through your platform. It has helped NeoReach in finding over 3,000,000 influencers. Targeted for medium to small companies, NeoReach has a customized annual subscription charge between $50K to $500K for the clients. On this Influencer marketing platform, you will see influencers in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pin and even Snapchat.

Price: You can get started for free with limited features on this Influencer marketing platform .


9. Scrunch

A strong software that allows brands to search for the most specific influencers matching their requirements by filtering. You can search influencers covering from YouTube, Twitter, Fackbook to Insta. They are easy to be organized by creating bookmarks and lists.

Price: Scrunch Influencer marketing platform offers free plans for the small companies. It also has pro plan at $99/month and power plan at $299/month, respectively.


10. Traackr

Traackr focuses on brands earning lasting influence apart from offering deep analytics and huge influencers network. It listens to the influencers, allows brand engagement with the influencers and their viewers, building a trust and familiarity between them.

Price: It is a paid influencer marketing platform. And you can find Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr influencers and even blog writers.


11. Grapevine Logic

The YouTube influencer agency, Grapevine Logic builds a bridge between agencies and brands with the YouTube content creators. It is a marketplace that lets the YouTubers submit a pitch to team up with the agencies and brands. The clients can monitor the results from the data dashboard provided by Grapevine Logic.

Price: A service fee is charged and is a paid Influencer marketing platform .

grapevine influencer marketing platform

12. TapInfluence

The search function of TapInfluence allows you to find the influencers according to your interests and demographics. It also lets you find the influencer’s performance data history and approximated per engagement cost. You can find Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest influencers and even blog writers.

Price: TapInfluence is a paid influencer marketing agency that allows influencer outreach, influencer search, campaign management, and analytics.

tapinfluence  influencer marketing platform

13. Open Influence

With Open Influence, the brands may track the return on investment from the influencers using the proprietary technology.  The influencers are selectively chosen for being a part of the Open Influence influencer marketing platform.

Price: There are paid service plans in the Open Influence.

open influence  influencer marketing platform

14. Hollyfy

The brand marketers are connected to the entertainment influencers through the Hollyfy platform. This is one of the influencer marketing platforms that uses machine learning, predictive analytics, and algorithmic matching to create opportunities for new media and effective brand entertainment.

Price: Hollyfy is a paid brand integration platform that also offers a free trial period.

hollyfy  influencer marketing platform

15. Influencer

The Influencer is a UK based influencer marketing agency that is dedicated to producing quality more than quantity. Prior to adding any influencers, their content, engagement metrics, and followers trend are all evaluated in order to avoid any fake likes and followings. It has robust analytics for tracking influencer’s campaigns.

Price: This Influencer marketing platform offers both paid and free brand plans.

Influencer  influencer marketing platform

16. IZEA

The recent launch of IZEA is the Augmented Sponsorship service. Through this influencer marketing agency, the 3D assets can be sent to the influencers for producing sponsored content.

Price: It has both paid and free trial option and consist of a team of creative professionals to help the brands with the content and ideas.

izea  influencer marketing platform

17. Upfluence

Upfluence consist of 2 products. The first one is Reachr, where the brands search for the influencers to create content The second one is the Publishr platform where the companies can go beyond the content marketing strategies and explore the native advertising world.

Price: It is a paid influencer marketing agency.

upinfluence  influencer marketing platform

18. CreatorIQ

From discovering top influencers, celebrities, and micro-influencers to managing relationship and tracking and monitoring key metrics, CreatorIQ is one of the best influencer marketing platforms in the recent times. It helps the advanced companies in learning, managing, and endorsing brand sponsorship through an enterprise system of record.

Price: CreatorIQ is a paid influencer marketing platform.

creatoriq  influencer marketing platform

19. Mavrck

The Mavrck influencer marketing agency is one of its kind offering workflow automation, end to end relationship, advocacy referral, integrated influencer measurement, and loyalty marketing programs. Change your brand perception, drive signups, increase viewability, and generate revenue with Mavrck.

Price: It is a paid Influencer marketing platform .

mavrck  influencer marketing platform

20. Markerly

For genuine affiliation of your brand and for connecting with real people, Markerly influencer marketing agency offers a great platform. Use Markerly’s CRM influencer tools and campaign management for creating your own marketing network while the influencer marketing solution assist you in recognizing and enlisting the correct influencers.

Price: Markerly is a paid influencer marketing agency.

markerly  influencer marketing platform


The above influencer marketing platforms are the great tools and also an essential for every company’s success. It is reliable and also a popular form of marketing. Why don't you pick up one platforom to increase your traffic now?

If you want to edit social media video, Filmora is a powerful tool that you can't ignore. As one of the best video editing software for YouTube, Instagram and Facebook channels, see how Wondershare Filmora video editor can help to be more creative.

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