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Subforsub Review? Is it safe to use for increasing YouTube Subscribers?

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 23, 21, updated Feb 29, 24
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YouTube streaming service is a beehive of activities. Promoters strive for a higher number of subscribers to boost their content. Several ways are available for you to increase the number of subscribers and visitors to your site. YouTube sub for sub is one common practice for this noble cause. In this practice, a person subscribes, in anticipation of the recipient subscribing back as well.

However, the practice may not give your channel that genuine growth. The subscribers may not even watch your videos or care much about leaving comments or other engagements. All in all, the aim is to hit a certain number of subscribers so that you can get into the recommended territory and probably start earning. But are there other options to increase YouTube subscriptions apart from Sub4Sub? Be genuine and use real avenues to rise to the top. This article corresponds adequately on the matter by giving you alternative ways to gain real subscribers who will stick around to grow your channel.

youtube sub4sub

What is sub for sub?

Subforsub means a subscription for a subscription. In this practice, there are subscribers and subscriptions. Those who subscribe to you on YouTube are the subscribers while those whom you subscribe to, are the subscriptions. Both video makers’ subscribers are, therefore, increased equally and doesn’t give each other a competitive advantage against the other member. Sub for sub was founded in Germany, 4 years ago. It is easy to use and free platform that takes only about 5 minutes to contact a subscriber and complete the initiative. To get started, a user signs up and creates a new account on the home page. You can then reach out to other members for a subscription.

How does sub for sub work?

With YouTube sub for sub, you market your YouTube channel to get more subscribers. Simply sub to one another’s channel and they sub back.

You can do this on different channels such as YouTube live videos, among other channels. But again, these subscribers are not so much concerned about getting the real subs. What matters is that you get 1,000 subscribers to enable you to monetize on YouTube. However, YouTube also has its measures in place, and manipulating the matrix is one of which they don’t advocate for. But in most cases, subforsub participants operate fake YouTube accounts and you can find one person corresponding up to 5 accounts to gain subscriptions. This isn’t good for your rating as you don’t get real subscribers but you only boost the number of subscribers. And since they don’t watch your videos, neither will they share them with other viewers.

Tips & tricks to use sub for sub

Subforsub isn’t genuine and all you get is bot subscribers who don’t engage. However, you can use available tricks to gain popularity.

- Using fake accounts

youtube sub for sub - use fake account

A user should only run one genuine YouTube account. However, the trick that most subscribers use to gain more subs is by creating other additional fake accounts to gain more subs in return. But again, it is not a guarantee as some subscribers may not sub back to all the accounts.

- Subscribers don’t watch the videos

Perhaps there is no time for subscribers to watch the potential sub videos before subscribing. Your mission is to gain as many subs as possible even if your watch time doesn’t go up. This doesn’t bring any positivity to your channel rather an increased number of subscribers.

- Reach out to friends

youtube sub for sub - reach out to friends

You can also boost your sub for sub by reaching out to friends to inform them of your channel and ask for subscriptions in return for theirs as well. This, however, could be a slow process as not all your friends will be attracted to what you do.

- Don’t do subforsub for followers

A subforsub may not give you followers parse. So, don’t get into it for genuine followers. Those who sub to your channel won’t follow you in most cases. Rather, they might unsubscribe after a short duration of time.

- Use channel branding

This trick will glue viewers to your channel. These can include banner art to welcome everyone who clicks into your channel.

Additional thoughts - Should we rely on subforsub to get more subscribers?

You should not rely on subforsub as it doesn’t give the real figures but manipulates the outcome. Nonetheless, you need real subscribers to climb the YouTube ladder. That’s the best way to push the YouTube algorithm. There are genuine aspects of gaining subscribers to grow your channel.

Get to social media platforms

youtube sub for sub - look for subscriber on social platform

These include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other sites. Introduce your YouTube channel to your followers and remind them to subscribe. Likewise, demonstrate why your channel is worth subscribing to.

Upload content consistently

Ensure your upload schedule is consistent and you’ll see viewers having a reason to subscribe to your channel. Once you introduce your channel with the first video, post a second and third video to build more momentum on your potential subscribers.

Incorporate YouTube stories

take advantage of youtube stories to get more subscriber

Stories can be a good starting point for those who have not subscribed to your content yet despite watching. Short video stories will attract viewers’ attention and want to get more from your channel.

Use Calls to Action

cta to get more youtube subscriber

Ask your audience to subscribe after watching your videos. A great idea is to use animation or graphics to attract the viewers’ attention instantly. Other free options like green screen are also available for use.

Make it easy for viewers to understand your channel

You can make it easy by giving your viewers a guided tour. By this, they’ll know where to find important sections like comments. You can also create a channel banner that tells your audience what you do. They’ll soon familiarize themselves with your channel and be friends in no time.

Build a relationship with your audience

It is good to connect with your audience in various aspects. Expressing yourself probably in front of a camera has a deeper impact. You can also use illustrations to bring out your points for a quick understanding. Engaging them in the process is the best way to make them feel like they belong and eventually turn into subscribers.

Focus on the video that’s working for you

You should know which video is working and which is not. Judge and put more emphasis on the video that’s working for you. Check out which videos turn viewers into subscribers as that’s your main aim. More so, be creative and innovative.

A video editor is worth a try – Filmora

Since creativity is paramount, engaging a video editor tool will make you achieve your goal in a few clicks. Filmora Video Editor will transform your videos into magical content. It comes with powerful editing tools to make your video stand tall from the rest. You will also manage to import and export your videos in various formats for easy access on different platforms and devices. Whether you wish to create a tutorial for learning or promotional purposes, Filmora will give you exceptional results. The steps are as easy as 1-2-3 and the process is effective. Check out its key features to help you produce quality videos.

filmora video editor for high quality video
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Key Features of Filmora Video Editor

  • 4K editing support: Quality and sharp videos are attractive to viewers. Filmora lets you edit and export your videos at high resolutions of up to 4K.
  • Noise removal: Make your videos noise-free by removing unwanted background sounds. Viewers won’t be destructed and can concentrate more on the important aspects of the video.
  • Speed control: There are important sections of your video that you may wish to emphasize more. You can slow down the speed in such sections for your viewers to understand them in detail. Nonetheless, you can speed up certain parts that don’t require too much emphasis.
  • Reverse: What about being creative using this feature. Simply flip your clips and play them backward with this feature.
  • Preview frame by frame: Focus on precise editing by using this feature. It lets you move to any section of the frame at a time to ascertain that the final product will be the best.
  • Audio separation: Do it in a few clicks. Detach audio from video and put any other background music depending on the theme of that moment.


You may gain subscribers from the YouTube sub for sub but you will be violating YouTube’s terms of service. Additionally, the YouTube algorithm will eventually notice that your subscribers are not watching your videos. It will presume that you are buying subscribers, which is illegal in the long run. Be smart and engage the Filmora video editor. It works in simple steps to create wanting videos that will upsell your brand. Editing isn’t a worry either as it presents you with numerous stunning effects to transform your video to a compelling piece of art.

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